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One for my YouTube followers. A quick rundown of some of the more common comments that pop up on my videos.

How can you afford to fly so much?

I wish there was some secret trick I could share with you all! This site would likely be a lot more popular than it is if I could. I know a lot of the other bloggers use their air miles to grab flights. I do too on the odd occasion. My trip to Istanbul with Turkish Airlines earlier in the year was paid for with miles. Unlike the others though, I don’t have what seems to be an endless string of credit card income to subsidise my flights. Therefore I’m left to fund my travels the old fashioned way.

Having said there’s no secret trick, I did cover how to get some good deals with British Airways a few weeks back.

To answer the question, where as most people seem to go out every weekend and buy clothes, go to the pub, go out to restaurants etc. I use my disposable income on trips. I wouldn’t say I earn a ton of money. I’d say I bring home an average wage. I just use it differently.

Why don’t you include music in your videos?

Including music is something I have toyed with. Nearly all of the videos I enjoy watching do include some form of music in them. I did make up a couple of videos earlier in the year with some music in them, however upon watching it back, it just didn’t seem like one of “my” videos.

Another reason is due to the fact that I want to be a little different to the others. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great trip report videos on YouTube. However what use is it if they’re all following the same format? Mix it up a bit!

One more reason for not including music is an issue I heard of not so long ago. Where someone had included music, the owner of said music suddenly decided that they wanted to retract the royalty free status, resulting in all the videos that were using their music being de-monitised.

Then there’s the case of my taste in music might not be quite the same as yours. I could make what I think is a great video where the music really works… only for you to watch it and switch off after 10 seconds because you can’t stand the music! Something I’ll admit to doing myself in the past.

Finally, my channel really started out as a bit of an #AvGeek channel. My oldest videos were simply takeoff and landing videos. It’s only once I started travelling a bit more did I decide I wanted to remember the flight and then the destination a bit more. So it really goes back to that. My videos these days are just an evolution of what I’ve always been doing.

Where it all began! My first YouTube upload from 2009.

Why don’t you tell us what you thought of the experience?

Initially, that’s what the written element of my trips reports were for. And I guess, as I get back into doing those, they will serve that purpose once more.

Although to be honest, I’ve always been of the opinion that flights can be so hit and miss that it’s not all that relevant what I think. The prime example being a pair of recent flights with British Airways. On a flight back from Lisbon, the flight was delayed, the boarding process was an absolute mess and to top it off there wasn’t any food loaded on to the plane. Sure, I could have (and it is mentioned in the video) gone off and said how awful BA are and you should never fly them. But from experience, that was a one off, so wouldn’t have been fair to the airline. By contrast, my most recent flight with them was absolutely great.

The same goes for Qatar Airways. I’ve flown with them more than a few times, and on each occasion its been a different experience.

Therefore I try to capture the flight for what it was on that particular occasion and let you come up with your own thoughts as to whether you think it’s worth flying with the airline or not.

Something that could be a real deal breaker with an airline in my opinion, might not matter at all to you. And vice-versa.

Can you fly XYZ airline?

One I’ve had a few times. As mentioned above, this is all funded by myself so there are limits as to who and when I can fly.

Not to mention the fact that being based near London, it won’t always be practical for me to fly REX in Australia. Although, having said that, if I’m in a certain part of the world and an airline / aircraft type looks interesting to me, it will be considered.

Are you sponsored or endorsed?

By the airlines? no.

However you may have noticed a couple of sponsors pop up more recently. Over the summer of 2019 I was approached by three companies regarding a collaboration. One dropped out but the other two came through. I wouldn’t call them particularly lucrative deals however. Back to the day job for me.

The only real money I make from this is through YouTube monetisation. Even then, I wouldn’t call it a huge amount, although it does help out towards paying for hotels, transportation etc.

I have also signed up to Patreon, ( ) although other than begging for money, I’m not entirely sure what its all about…

This is boring! Just 5 minutes of wing views!

As explained above, it’s how I got started!

Not all flights have an awful lot to show from the service or cabin, so in order to not put out a three minute video of nothing, sometimes needs must.

Besides, in my opinion, showing a great sunset, some cloud surfing or an aerial view of a city far outweighs showing a tray table.

I want to start my own YouTube channel. Any tips?

Be yourself! Take a trip and show the moments that you want to look back on. Don’t go in thinking “I need to cut out most of the takeoff roll because nobody wants to see that”. If you like watching the take off and climb, put it in there! You’ll be surprised at how many other people also are into that kind of thing.

Another tip from me is don’t expect instant success. If you do get it then great! But don’t expect to be getting millions of views in the first month. Or even the first year.

Also, don’t have big plans to make a career from this. I know a few people that have been able to quit their jobs and go full time YouTube, and good luck to them. But even they admit that it’s unlikely to see them though to retirement. Keep it as a hobby, then there’s no pressure to make things perfect. And no pressure to be successful.

So there’s a few questions answered! Hopefully most things are covered. If not, then fire some more at me and if I get enough I can come up with a second volume to this.

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