Why the change from my-tripreport.com?

Back in late 2011, I was a keen reader of the Trip Report section on airliners.net. Back then I was very much an armchair enthusiast. I’ve been into planes any flying for as long as I can remember, but never really flew more than the standard two weeks away every year purely for the fact I didn’t have anyone else to travel with on a regular basis. From reading the forum, I realised that quite a lot of the others travelled solo, so what was stopping me? I booked a simple return flight with British Airways to Frankfurt for March 2012 with an overnight stop at the Hilton Garden Inn at the airport, and I was all set. And of course, there was a trip report for the forum on airliners.net – which is probably still out there somewhere!
As I took a few more trips, I started messing around with websites, as web design has always been something that’s interested me. I started to post my trip reports on my own site as well as airliners. Rather than a standard blogspot address, I figured I’d pay a few quid for my own domain. I initially wanted tripreport.com, however that was unsurprisingly taken. It was suggested I should go for mytripreport.com instead, however that was considered a premium domain therefore ran into the thousands of pounds to acquire. Way too much for a simple project. Next up then was my-tripreport.com, which came in at a far more reasonable £10/year. Although being my third choice, the name never really sat all that well with me.
Over the following few years, the website would go through various designs until in mid-2015, with the trip report section on airliners.net dying a slow death, I figured I’d focus solely on the video side of things. They are far easier to put together and I find they bring back more memories of the trips for me.
The written reports did make a brief comeback on a new site in 2016, however as they followed a more template style, I didn’t feel they offered too much. Once again, my enthusiasm deserted me and I focused once more on YouTube.
In early 2019, I was starting to think of a new project. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve always enjoyed website design but if I wasn’t going to post trip reports any more, then what would I post? And more to the point, if I wasn’t going to focus on trip reports, then continuing to use the my-tripreport name would be a slight case of false advertising. I had a few ideas. Something generic like gateA7? Well, it meant something to me (it was the gate where that first flight to Frankfurt departed from), but it would be nonsense to anyone else. There were a few others I thought of, however they weren’t available across all platforms. One thing I did want was a consistent brand across web, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Luckily Inflight With James was available across all (with the exception of Twitter where it falls foul of the 15 character limit), plus as it wasn’t considered a premium domain, it didn’t cost an absolute fortune to acquire either. It is generic enough to cover a wide-ish range of topics, plus the majority of people will know at a glance what it’s all about. So welcome along!
RIP my-tripreport.com 2012-2019

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