Where Is Teruel Airport?

Over the weekend of 28th-29th March 2020, it was all but confirmed that 5 British Airways Boeing 747 aircraft would be transferred to Teruel airport.

But where is Teruel?

Teruel is an airport located between Zaragoza and Valencia in Spain, East of Madrid.

Initially the site was the Caudé aerodrome, which was used significantly during the Spanish civil war.

Opened in 2013 in its current guise, the airport was never destined to be a commercial airport. Instead, think of the more well known Mojave storage facility in the USA. Teruel airport is intended for aircraft storage and demolition.

It is currently the largest MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) facility in Europe.

It features a single runway with space for up to 250 aircraft to be stored.

Teruel overview

The size of the airport isn’t an issue. According to the airport website, it can handle aircraft up to class E. Which is the size of a Boeing 747 or an Airbus A340. And from looking at the pictures on their website, it would appear there have been a few 747’s there over the years.

What Else Is At The Airport?

According to FlightRadar24.com the airport has seen an Iberia A340-600, KLM 747-400 and an Etihad A330 arrive recently. In the case of the Iberia A340, it has gone for scrap. With KLM now retiring their Boeing 747 fleet, its likely that this aircraft wont be leaving any time soon either.

Following the collapse of Transaero in 2015, a number of their fleet was sent to the airport.

Transaero 777 at Teruel

As to why British Airways eventually decided against sending their Boeing 747’s to Teruel, I couldn’t say. Initially it was unknown whether the five scheduled to be heading there would come back again. British Airways have scrapped some of their previous 747’s at the airport previously. Although more recently, they have sent them to St.Athan, near Cardiff in Wales.

With a number of airlines parking up their fleet, space at airports the world over will be at a premium. British Airways currently have the majority of their short haul Airbus fleet parked up at Bournemouth. In the coming days, a handful of Boeing 747 aircraft will be joining them. However there will become a point where there’s no more space there.

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