Want To Fly Longhaul Business Class For Under £1500? Read This!

After a cheap long haul business class fare? Then read on!

Over the last months, there’s been a lot of speculation as to whether flights would get cheaper or more expensive over the coming months. It could have gone either way. Cheaper because the airlines want to entice people back. Or more expensive as they try to recoup some of the losses they’ve made over the past months.

From taking a look at Google Flights, I’ve found more than a few flights in long haul business for under £1500.

The chances are there’s probably more offers out there. If you play around with google flights a little more, the chances are you can find something that suits you more if my examples don’t fit.

I should probably also mention that you should be cautious of you do decide to book anything – there’s no guarantees that you’ll be allowed to enter the country depending on the situation we find ourselves in currently.

So without any more waffle, on to the good stuff:

October 2020

London – Delhi: £1353, LOT
London – Beijing: £1424, LOT
London – New York: £922, TAP

If you’re willing to depart from Scandinavia, not only do things get cheaper, your choice of destination increases.

Stockholm – Singapore: £1095, Swiss/SAS
Oslo – Bangkok: £1141, Lufthansa/Swiss
Oslo – Dubai: £1142, Aeroflot
Oslo – Toronto: £1261, LOT
Oslo – Miami: £1461, TAP
Oslo – Chicago: £1453, Icelandair

November 2020

London – New York: £1054, TAP
London – San Francisco: £1466, TAP
London – Dubai: £1035, Ukraine International
London – Delhi: £1387, Aeroflot

And again, if we look at Scandinavia:

Oslo – Los Angeles: £1467, Turkish Airlines
Oslo – Toronto: £1278, LOT
Oslo – Johannesburg: £1238, Swiss
Oslo – Cape Town: £1216, KLM
Stockholm – Dubai: £835, SAS/Swiss
Stockholm – Shanghai: £1009, SAS/Swiss
Stockholm – Hong Kong: £1093, Swiss

Turkish Airlines business Class
Turkish Airlines Business Class

December 2020

London – Miami: £1500, TAP
London – Tel Aviv: £777, LOT
London – Dubai: £1253, Swiss
London – Delhi: £1395, Aeroflot

Again, looking to start things further North means you get a few more options

Oslo – Tel Aviv: £389, Air France
Oslo – Cape Town: £1167, Lufthansa
Stockholm – Seoul: £1357, Lufthansa
Stockholm – Bangkok: £1175, Austrian/Swiss
Stockholm – Singapore: £1095, Swiss
Stockholm – Hong Kong: £1093, Swiss
Stockholm – Nairobi: £1178, Swiss

Lufthansa Business Class
Lufthansa Business Class

Theres also many more good business class fares into 2021, and on various other dates in October, November and December 2020. But I’ve given you enough to feast on there! If you’re looking to grab a few Star Alliance miles before the end of the year, then you’re nicely set up there. Although if you’re a OneWorld person, you’re out of luck. It comes as a bit of a surprise that theres nothing from Qatar Airways at the moment… Normally they’re the first ones out there to have a chap business class fare.

Looking For First Class?

If you fancy moving a bit further forward, there are a few things around in First Class too:

This one is an absolute cracker of a deal:

Stockholm – Dubai: £1352, Swiss

Swiss First Class
Swiss First Class

Theres also a few fares around that aren’t too outrageous. You’ll still be shelling out over £2000 though.

Oslo – New York: £2504, British Airways
Oslo – Miami: £2337, British Airways

Unlike the business class fares above, starting in Scandinavia won’t help too much when looking for first class. This is many due to only a handful of airline offering it. The main one being British Airways, so it actually works out cheaper to start in London. And people swear by the ex-EU fares…

London – New York: £2420, British Airways
London – Tel Aviv: £1979, British Airways
London – Abu Dhabi: £2309, British Airways
London – Chicago: £2170, British Airways

British Airways First Class
British Airways First Class

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