Virgin Atlantic unveils first A350 flying icon

Virgin Atlantic has unveiled a new flying icon on its first Airbus A350. Previewed online earlier in the year, this is the first time any of the new nose designs has been seen in the real world.

Virgin Atlantic A350

The new flying icon decals will be applied to the Airbus A350 fleet. Nothing has been said about the Boeing 787’s receiving the new artwork however. And with the Airbus A330200/300’s, A340’s and Boeing 747’s all due to leave the fleet within the next couple of years, it’s highly unlikely they will receive the updated nose art.

The airline has also published a video on YouTube showing the process of installing the flying icon on the nose of its aircraft.

If you look closely at the pictures the airline has posted, it looks as if the team installing the decal may have scrubbed the body of the aircraft when installing the flying icon. There’s definitely a difference in the shade of the paintwork!

Flying Icon

Between now and when Virgin Atlantic’s first A350 is due to enter service, the aircraft will be undergoing a number of test flights. The type is currently scheduled to enter service on the London Heathrow – New York JFK route on 10th September, although the airline previously said this could come forward if the preparations with the new aircraft take less time than expected. 

Since its inception in 1984 Virgin Atlantic has mostly used the Varga Girl on the nose of its aircraft. There has been a couple of exceptions over the years.

The most notable of which was when Austin Powers appeared on the nose of Boeing 747-400 appeared on the nose of G-VTOP in 1999.

See “Austin Powered” on

Another notable exception is was the icon applied to the front of Airbus A330, G-VGBR. Rather than wear the traditional red dress, this one was dressed in a golden dress to celebrate the London Olympics in 2012.

See “Golden Girl” on

And finally, Virgin Atlantic’s first Boeing 787, G-VNEW, had a slightly modified Varga Girl on the nose to celebrate the airlines 30th Birthday.

See “Birthday Girl” on

To read more about the new Virgin Atlantic flying Icon, see here:

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