Virgin Atlantic A340 gets (small) reprieve [UPDATED]

Update March 2020

Currently there are now just three Airbus A340-600 aircraft on Virgin Atlantic’s books.

  • G-VNAP
  • G-VWIN
  • G-VFIT

However, it would appear that all three are being used very sparingly in the fleet. G-VNAP last flew on the 15th February between Barbados and London Gatwick. G-VWIN last flew on 29th February, also between Barbados and London Gatwick. The final A340-600 flight for the airline took place on 2nd March between Lagos and London Heathrow.

A RUBBISH picture of G-VWIN heading out at Heathrow to position to Gatwick, 28 Feb 20

Currently, two are parked up at Gatwick. With one at Heathrow. mentions that the type will be flying until at least the end of May 2020. Tentatively, the type is scheduled to operate flights to Atlanta, Boston, Delhi, and Washington.

Where as rumours from within the company suggest that the type could stick around for a further 2 years. Although my opinion is that it’s a little unrealistic that the airline could keep a small sub fleet of ageing aircraft for so long.

However with the current downturn in air travel, the situation behind any airlines operations are difficult to predict beyond a few weeks. With Virgin Atlantic suspending flights to Shanghai indefinitely, they have at least one spare 787 hanging around. Something they haven’t had the luxury of for a good couple of years now.

Both G-VWEB and G-VRED were retired from the fleet in November 2019 and are now in storage in Tarbes.

Original Article, Published September 2019

According to, the Virgin Atlantic A340 fleet operations have been extended by around six weeks to December 2019.

The fleet was originally due to leave at the end of the summer 2019 season. However with a slight delay in delivery of the airlines Airbus A350 fleet their retirement has been extended.

Virgin Atlantic will send their remaining A340’s to Delhi for a short period between 29th-31st October. They will also be found on various flights to New York JFK 27th October – 8th December.

Virgin Atlantic was the launch customer for the Airbus A340-600 back in 2002. At their peak, there were 19 in the Virgin Atlantic fleet. The airline also operated 11 of the smaller -300 variant.

Currently, the airlines’ A340 fleet comprises of 5 aircraft, all built between 2005-2006. They are found on the London Heathrow – New York JFK and London Heathrow – Lagos routes.

The remaining Virgin Atlantic A340 registrations:
  • G-VFIT
  • G-VNAP
  • G-VRED
  • G-VWEB
  • G-VWIN

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