Virgin Atlantic 747 Farewell Tickets Sell Out In Seconds

Back in June, it was rumoured that the newly retired Virgin Atlantic 747 would be given a special send off. Well, with COVID still a thing, any promotional flights were out of the question. However, there was a special event announced a few days ago. Earlier this morning, the tickets for Virgin Atlantic’s 747 farewell event went on sale. Or did they…

With only 50 available, getting hold of them was always going to be difficult. But by all accounts, it wasn’t just difficult. It was impossible.

My Experience

From the momen’t I turned on the computer this morning, I loaded the page. There was a placeholder with a password needed to access the page before 09:00. My suspicions were aroused somewhat by this.

Being used to getting gig tickets many years ago, I knew the drill when it came to getting tickets to popular events. Hit refresh from a few minutes before they went on sale and hope for the best. Which is what I did on this occasion.

The page went live a a few seconds past 09:00. Unlike when buying gig tickets, the page didn’t crash, so that was a good start. I was then able to get through and select what time I wanted. There was a mornin, afternoon and evening slot. The evening slot was showing as unavailable throughout. I selected the midday slot, and was put into a holding pattern for a few minutes. Things were looking promising!

In a second window, I attempted to grab tickets for the morning slot… just in case I was unsuccessful with my preferred slot. This came up as all three slots for the day being sold out. At just a few minutes past 9:00.

My luck ran out however, when the following message popped up in my queue window for the afternoon slot.

Virgin Atlantic 747 Special Event

So that was that! Again, going back to buying tickets for gigs in a previous life, I knew that on some occasions there would be a few returns. And that the odd ticket here or there might be available later in the day. Again, I refreshed the page every hour or two, but was out of luck.

Virgin Atlantic 747 Special Event

It’s A Fix!

Within minutes of tickets selling out, there were more than a few people saying it was a fix on Twitter. Understandable given their disappointment. But there appeared to be some weight to this.

First off, seemingly everyone had the same experience I did. Despite being online at 09:00 on the dot, everyone was put into a hold and then told that tickets were sold out. Even the official Virgin Atlantic Twitter account had much the same story from those who had missed out. And yet more people were mentioning this mysterious password that was needed.

So who did get those 50 tickets?

Well I’m yet to see any normal Joe Public mention on social media, or popular fan site V-Flyer that they were able to get their hands on these tickets that were rarer than gold dust.

The only people that have mentioned (and posted pics as proof) that they were successful was the more popular Instagrammers and social media influencers. Adding further fuel to the fire that there never were any tickets available to the general public in the first place.

Did they have early access via that password? Who knows for sure. The few who I have seen seem fairly adament that it was purely down to the luck of the draw. Although if you ask me, it seems like more than a coincidence that it’s seemingly the same group that have the luck in all these draws…

It would have been good to be a part of the official farewell to the Virgin Atlantic 747. Throughout the 90’s and up until 2015, I took more than 30 flights on the Virgin Atlantic 747. The only member of the fleet of 12 that I didnt manage to fly on was G-VROC Mustang Sally. At least I can say that I spent many hours on the aircraft. For some, this would have been their only chance to board a 747.

Header pic © Virgin Atlantic

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