Vilnius: In Pictures

My second visit to Vilnius. And this time, I saw it in daylight! Although using the term daylight is a bit of a push. Like most places in the far North of Europe during the winter months, the weather was more than a little grey and miserable.

Much like my previous visit in late 2017, I saw most of the old town. Although unlike last time, I ventured over the river too. It must be said there wasn’t too much to be seen over there. A couple of high rises, a shopping centre… and that was about it.

One thing to be said about the city was that it was extremely cheap. I managed to eat out in a restaurant and paid less than £10 for a main, dessert and drink! The train from the airport was around 50p and an Uber back to the airport was around £5.

Now I’m thinking that I should make my third visit during the spring or summer!

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