Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles Members Gain Free PressReader Access

Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles members have been given two months access to PressReader for free.

In an email sent out by the airline, Turkish Airlines said:

We have suspended our trips around the globe for now. We hope to continue discovering the world with you from where we left off.
Until we meet again on our new journeys in the skies, we would like to enrich the time you spend home with some new discoveries.

As a Miles&Smiles member you can view free for 2 months daily newspapers from all around the globe, as well as many most prestigious magazines on arts&culture, food, automobile and fashion on the PressReader app. 

Click the button below to instantly reach more than 7,000 digital publications. Looking forward to seeing you again on healthy days.

Turkish Airlines

There’s no mention of this offer being available to any specific tier of their Miles&Smiles frequent flyer program, so presumably it’s open to all members.

Turkish Airlines PressReader page

Those of you that have visited a British Airways lounge over the past year or so will be familiar with PressReader. It’s a digital news stand that offers many titles from all over the world. Despite offering a subscription service, many companies have hotspots which allow free access.

As previously mentioned, it’s available when logging on to British Airways WiFi in their lounges. Air Canada also offer this in their lounge at Heathrow. I have also been in a couple of hotels which offer access whilst connected to their WiFi.

This is a unique offering from Turkish Airlines. So far, some airlines have offered an extension of frequent flyer benefits, including Turkish Airlines (and some haven’t…). But this is the first time an airline has offered a free external service for their customers. At least that I’m aware of.





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