Trip Report: Iberia | Airbus A320 | Geneva – Madrid

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The first flight of the ticket that will take me to New York. I’ve flown plenty of Iberia A320’s before so nothing too out of the ordinary for me on this sector!

As this was a Finnair ticket, selecting a seat wit Iberia was a little more difficult than it needed to be. As in, you couldn’t! Luckily I remembered the trick where you could use the Royal Jordanian site to select seats, and they stuck when it came to check in online, so it was all good.

I checked out of the hotel at 10:00. As it happened, there was a shuttle back to the airport within a couple of minutes so I arrived a little earlier than anticipated.


As is nearly always the case with automated gates at security, I wasn’t able to access the fast track.

Geneva Airport

Which is a little frustrating as it’s a published benefit of OneWorld Emerald status. What made things more frustrating was that the queue for the standard security line was pretty long. However, it was very efficient and I made it through in less time than at Heathrow earlier in this trip.

I had intended on using the British Airways lounge, however it would appear that the refurbishment is underway already.

British Airways

I knew it was due, but didn’t know it had already started. So instead, I made my way to the DNATA lounge instead.

DNATA Lounge

The DNATA lounge looked an awful lot like a former Swiss lounge with the décor. Although being a third party lounge catering to many airlines, it was absolutely packed when I arrived.

DNATA lounge

There are two extra sections that were opened up during my visit. One was much like the main lounge, the other resembled an art gallery.

DNATA Lounge

I had planned on getting some breakfast in the lounge. Whilst I wasn’t expecting gourmet dining, I was still a little disappointed at what was on offer here.

Lounge dining
Lounge dining

At the gate

Like my previous flight with TAP, the FID’s showed go to gate. As I wasn’t able to track the incoming flight on FlightRadar24, I assumed everything was running to schedule. Wrong.

I arrived at when I anticipated boarding would start, only to find the incoming aircraft hadn’t arrived yet.

Iberia Gate


Boarding began but there didn’t appear to be any real order to the proceedings.

Iberia A320

Having been on quite a few Iberia A320’s previously however they had either been unrefurbished or I’d been sat at the front.

Iberia A320 Seating

Towards the rear, the aircraft are fitted out with the seemingly standard Recaro slim lines.

Iberia A320 seating

As is seemingly always the case with Iberia flights, boarding took an absolute age. Luckily, there was an entire row free in front, so as soon as the doors were closed, I made my move. By the time we pushed back, we were ten minutes behind schedule. Flight time was given as 1h35.



I guess one thing with airlines being buy on board is the almost total lack of interaction with the crew if you’re not buying.

In my case on this flight, shortly after departure I got to work on one of my YouTube videos. I had my head down and my headphones on. By the time I was done, the crew had passed through the cabin and descent had started.


As such, I couldn’t possibly comment whether they were any good or not! I’m sure they were just fine though. Likewise for the food too.


In the captains welcome speech, he mentioned there was a chance of a hold up on arrival due to traffic in Madrid. Nothing was confirmed but it did appear that we were in descent for longer than usual. We also made a few long turns, meaning that we likely were in a hold.

Iberia Approach

We touched down a few minutes late on probably the furthest runway from where we were due to park.

Iberia A320 Landing

Once we were on stand, it turned out to be a non Schengen stand, meaning a bus ride over to the Schengen arrivals.

This meant my connection was down to just under two hours, but that’s a story for the next part of this trip!

My thoughts

Bit of a struggle this one! The flight was a few minutes late, the seats were standard European short haul and I didn’t really have any interaction with the crew. Not much more to be said.

Apologies for the rather brief report on this flight. But truth be told, there wasn’t too much to be said about this one!

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