Trip Report: Delta Airlines First Class | Boeing 717 | Chicago – Detroit

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With an 06:15 alarm set, this would be the earliest start of the trip. Although I was still waking up reasonably early anyway, so wasn’t too painful!


I was on a train to O’Hare by 7am, arriving around 40 mins later.


As is the norm on this trip, I had checked in online so bypassed the check in desks.

Delta airlines check in

I passed through security, and for the first time ever I was asked (or more specifically told) to take all food out of my bag. That was a new one to me.

ORD airport

As my SkyTeam status is with Delta Airlines, this meant no lounge access for me today. Instead I took a walk around the terminal, although as I’d not stuck to my two hour rule I didn’t have too long to kill.

Delta airlines 717
My very first 717!


Boarding wasn’t quite as punctual as with American Airlines, although it was only a minute or two later than advertised.

Delta Airlines Gate

Once on board, the crew were pretty quick in taking drink orders.

Drinks service

The boarding process was slowed down a little by the age old problem if there not being enough room for everyone’s carry on bags. It seemed to figure itself out quickly enough however.


Pushback came a few minutes ahead of schedule. We made a pretty slow taxi over to the active before making a pretty fast takeoff.

Almost straight after departure, there was a pretty sharp turn to the left.

Delta Airlines liftoff

Today’s routing would take us to the North, before heading towards Detroit.

Onboard service

The service began shortly after departure. As this was a shorter flight, there wasn’t any meal. Just the snack basket. Compared with American Airlines, there was a pretty small selection. Cheese crackers, biscoff cookies and a cereal bar.

Delta Airlines breakfast

Once the initial run was completed, the crew member serving the First cabin wasn’t seen again until clearing up for landing.

Delta airlines wing view


There were no personal screens fitted to this aircraft. Instead, entertainment was provided by streaming to your device.

WiFi was also provided. Free messaging is provided. I did find the service a little patchy though, so couldn’t actually see the prices.

Delta Airlines WiFi


As this was one of the shorter flights I’d be taking on this trip, descent started around 30 minutes after departure. As it was a little cloudy, there wasn’t too much to be seen on approach.

Delta airlines 717 cabin
Cloudy arrival

We touched down and made the short journey over to the terminal. Arrival was made just under ten minutes ahead of schedule.


My thoughts

I must admit, I wasn’t overly blown away with this short flight.  I had heard so many good things about Delta Airlines over the years, but in all honesty, they didn’t seem all that much different to American. Don’t get me wrong, they were far from awful – they just weren’t as great as I was expecting.

The crew member serving the first cabin was friendly enough though, and for the first time on this trip I actually had a flight not only leave but also arrive on time too.

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