Trip Report: British Airways Club Europe, LHR-NCL

British Airways, London Heathrow-Newcastle

I know, yet another trip report featuring basic British Airways return! I have something more interesting in the pipeline though, so stay tuned.

Looking for another trip where I burned some Avios, the aim of the game here was to try and find flights that allowed me to get the most bang for the buck – basically the longest flight for the 18,000 Avios budget I’d set myself.

So how did I end up going to Newcastle then?! Basically, availability. Whilst there were a few more exotic destinations available, the times really didn’t suit. Or the hotels were ridiculously priced. Or I just didn’t fancy visiting the city in question. In other words, Newcastle was the only trip that really worked for me.

The final itinerary and content for this report is as follows:

As I was departing on a Friday, parking at Heathrow was a lot higher than if I had travelled on the weekend. Although as usual the business parking was only around a pound or two more than the standard long stay, so that was what I went for.

As is nearly always the case with the business parking, there were two buses ready and waiting. Almost as soon as I hopped on, we set off on the five minute drive.

Car park



Upon arrival at the First Wing (accessed by BAEC Gold), the check in area looked reasonably busy. I was expecting the security lane and the lounge itself to be similar, seeing as it was a Friday evening but I was proven wrong.

First Wing

Whilst the lounge was a little on the busy side, I’ve seen it far worse. I won’t cover it in too much detail here, as I’ve reviewed it separately previously. I took a brief look over the buffet, but nothing there really took my fancy.

BA buffet BA Buffet BA Buffet

Nothing much on the buffet took my fancy, so I ordered the tried and tested burger  instead.

BA burger

I then headed out to the beach – a promotional area set up on the balcony.

BA terrace

British Airways A380 heading off to Johannesburg

Around 45 minutes prior to departure, gate A8 was displayed. Seeing as this is at the opposite end of the terminal to the lounge, I made my way down, but still arrived a little early. No matter, I’d had my fill of the lounge anyway.


Boarding began and for the second flight in a row for me out of T5, we were held on the jet bridge for 10 mins.

On Board

Once on board, I took my assigned seat of 1F. Boarding was completed in around 15 minutes or so.

BA seat

The flight time was announced as 45 minutes and we pushed back around ten minutes behind schedule. As it was a pretty busy evening, it was a good 25 minutes after we left the stand until wheels up.

Within a couple of minutes, the crew started the onboard service. As this is one of the shorter flights on the British Airways network, the on board food offering lacked choice somewhat. Either a small beef salad or vegetarian salad. I can’t help but think that since the Do&Co catering was introduced in September 2018, its gone downhill a little.

BA meal

This was finished with a cup of tea, which had to go down pretty quickly as we were well into the descent by then.

By the time I was done, we were well into descent. I browsed the inflight magazine as there wasn’t too much to be seen outside until we were on short finals.


We touched down at 22:20, and made a pretty slow journey over to the stand. With the delayed departure at Heathrow, we disembarked around 15 minutes behind schedule.



Being a domestic arrival, there weren’t any formalities to worry about, so it was a case of making the short walk to the on site Metro station, to head into town.


In conclusion

In all, a brief flight with British Airways. I don’t recall the Newcastle flights being so short before! The service was a little on the rushed side with around 8 rows of Club and just a single crew member to take care of everyone. I’m pretty sure nobody was left out though, so top marks there.

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