Titan to add Airbus A330 to fleet

Titan Airways will add the Airbus A330 to its fleet from April 2020. Initially on a 5½ year lease, the aircraft is intended to replace the airlines sole Boeing 767 aircraft.

The A330 will fulfil long haul requirements previously met by the B767, which we are retiring as we transition towards an all Airbus fleet.  We have selected this aircraft due to the very high standard of the cabin and the crew rest compartment, which will enable us to operate the aircraft to its maximum range. This should open up a wealth of new opportunities in the charter market.

Titan Airways

While it is not confirmed where the Airbus A330 will be coming from, it’s widely expected that it will be one of the former Avianca Brazil aircraft that are currently stored in Bordeaux.

Currently, PR-OCX and PR-OCG have been in storage at the French airport since April 2019.



The Cabin

The A330 aircraft will initially retain its Avianca Brazil cabin. This featured 32 lie flat seats in a 1-2-1 configuration in business class and 206 standard economy seats. All seats will feature touch screen entertainment and in seat power.

Titan Airbus A330 cabin
Titan Airbus A330 cabin
Titan Airbus A330 cabin
 Airbus A330 cabin

The Airline

Titan have been transitioning to an all Airbus fleet since taking delivery of its first A320 in January 2015. The airline currently operates a fleet of eleven aircraft. In July 2017, Titan took delivery of a former British Airways Airbus A318 to operate along side its two Airbus A320 aircraft and three larger A321’s.

Also operated by the airline are an older fleet of two Boeing 757 aircraft and a pair of Boeing 737’s dedicated to freight services.

The aircraft that the A330 will replace, the Boeing 767 has been in service with the airline since December 2009. Initially delivered to Skymark Airlines of Japan in 2003, it’s one of the later build 767 aircraft. Featuring the updated 777 style interior but a rather basic IFE system, the new A330 will be a big improvement.

Titan Airways Boeing 767, December 2012

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