Three British Airways Airbus A319 Have Been Retired

British Airways have retired a further 3 Airbus A319 aircraft.

Whilst the retirement of the type has been well underway for a while now, this sees the most number to go all at once. Whether this was the plan all along or the retirement has been expedited due to the current climate is unknown.

The three A319’s to leave the fleet, and their final flights into Heathrow were:
  • G-EUPE (Zurich)
  • G-EUOC (Belfast)
  • G-EUOD (Düsseldorf)

These aircraft join the five Airbus A319’s that have already left the British Airways fleet.

British Airways Airbus A319

All three aircraft are due to fly to St. Athan on Wednesday 11th March. Like every other aircraft that has flown there, it’s highly likely that they will all be scrapped.

In their place, the latest Airbus A320neo (G-TTNL) will be delivered later this evening, 9th March. Also due imminently is a further A321neo. Although it will be G-NEOZ rather than G-NEOY that will be handed over to the airline first.

Currently, a number of former bmi A319 aircraft find themselves back at Heathrow. These aircraft have spent the past few years at Gatwick, although over the past few months have migrated back to Heathrow. In their place, a number of native BA A320’s have replaced them at Gatwick.

The A319 joined the British Airways fleet in 1999. Initially they were based at Birmingham. However after 9/11, they moved to Heathrow to replace the Boeing 737-400 fleet which had in turn moved to Gatwick in order to replace the Boeing 737-200 fleet that had been retired.

The initial A319 deliveries are still in service to this day. The final A319 that was delivered to the airline in 2001 (G-EUOI) was retired in November 2019.

Following the acquisition of bmi by British Airways in 2012, a further 11 Airbus A319 aircraft were added to the fleet. These were newer builds, having entered service between 2005 and 2007. However, one of these aircraft was the first A319 to leave the fleet in March 2018.

This particular aircraft is now in service with Lanmei Airlines in Cambodia

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