The Savoy Hotel Tel Aviv Sea Side

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The Savoy Hotel Tel Aviv Sea Side
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➔ British Airways World Traveller Plus, Boeing 777, TLV-LHR


Tel aviv has a number of hotels. IHG, Marriott and Hilton are all represented. So how come I went off brand for this trip? I had fully intended on staying in the Renaissance at the beach. However, when I came to book, the price had gone up to a price that I wasn’t willing to pay. Hotel prices in Tel Aviv are a little on the high side anyway.

Through my Revolut Metal account, one of the perks I get is 10% cash back when using The off brand hotels were a little cheaper than the others. And with the cash back, this made up for losing out on any points I would have earned.

Having stayed in The Savoy in Marrakesh in 2019, I was keen to see how The Savoy Tel Aviv matched up. So that’s the one I went for.

Check In

Despite arriving at around 5am, checking in at this time wasn’t an issue. Although as I had booked from the previous night, it shouldn’t have been. Obviously there wasn’t anyone else around at this time, meaning I was seen to right away.

The Room

Seeing as The Savoy was a little cheaper than the other hotels in the city, I decided to upgrade my room here to a studio. My room was located on the third floor.

Being a studio, the layout wasn’t the standard hotel room layout. Upon entering, it was straight into the bedroom.

Savoy Hotel Tel Aviv

To the left was the bathroom, complete with hot tub.

The standard amenities were provided.

Back into the room itself, there was a small kitchen area to the left, complete with sink, microwave and Nespresso machine.

Savoy Hotel Tel Aviv
Savoy Hotel Tel Aviv

Next to this was a small wardrobe area, complete with ironing facilities.

Savoy Hotel Tel Aviv

Along the front wall was a desk area, along with a small tv attached to the wall.

Savoy Hotel Tel Aviv

Two bottles of water were provided.

Being a corner room, there were a pair of balconies.

Savoy Hotel Tel Aviv
Savoy Hotel Tel Aviv

And of course, a king sized bed.

Savoy Hotel Tel Aviv


Included in the room rate was breakfast. This took place daily in the reception area. Whist it was mostly Israeli themed, I managed to find things each day. There were a selection of breads and pastries, along with a couple of hot items.

Savoy Hotel Tel Aviv
Savoy Hotel Tel Aviv
Savoy Hotel Tel Aviv

During the day, tea, coffee, juice and light snacks were also available.

The Roof Terrace

Most nights, there was a happy hour on the roof. However, the one night it was taking place during my visit, it was a little on the cold side, so I didn’t take part! I did make a quick trip up there on one of the nights that happy hour wasn’t on though, and the views were pretty good across the city.

There was also a small lounge up there, although it seemed to me like it was more of a store room than anything.

A Bit Of History

When returning to the hotel one day, I noticed the following.

I looked further into it and it seems as though this hotel has had quite an interesting past. I won’t go into all the details here, but they can be found on Wikipedia if you’re interested:


Bit of a tough one to call. The hotel was ok, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in. It didn’t appear to be particularly old, or in bad working order. I can’t quite place my finger on it really!

Maybe if it had been £100 less, I would feel a little differently.

But when I passed the Renaissance and the Crowne Plaza, I couldn’t help thinking “I wish I was staying there, they look much better”.

The Savoy Hotel Tel Aviv Sea Side

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