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Welcome all to the second part of my latest series following my trip to Thailand, Dubai and Muscat. The first part can be found here:
Arabia & Thailand 2013 1: LHR-DXB-BKK EK A380/77W
As I had a spare day in Bangkok before heading back to Dubai, I was looking around for things to do. I looked at things locally, but one thing that was making more noises than most was a bit of regional Asian flying. Although I had wanted to see a bit of Bangkok, I decided to explore options anyway. Where to go though? Kuala Lumpur? Nope, going there already. Singapore? Possibly but I want to visit there in its own right rather than as a tag on to another trip – plus flight timings weren’t great. Vietnam? Hmmm didn’t really appeal. Phuket? Well maybe? I checked out Air Asia, but prices didn’t seem all that great, plus public transport links to Don Muang didn’t seem to be very good either. Bangkok Airways? Again, prices weren’t great plus much like Air Asia, it would be a pair of A32X’s. Nok Air? Not bad prices and great livery, but again not an interesting enough option to warrant reaching for my wallet. Finally I looked at Thai. Well the prices were reasonable, but I still felt like I wanted to explore Bangkok a little more. I made a random status update on Facebook and a fellow a.netter made a comment that Thai actually operate A300’s and 747’s on that route… do they?!?! I immediately took a closer look at the TG website, and indeed they were correct!
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 photo hktactype.png
Well that was enough to get me reaching for my wallet!
 photo thaibooking.png
A few moments later the booking confirmation was in my inbox and my already short stay in Bangkok got a day shorter!
Check in was made the day before on my iPad:
 photo IMG_0122.jpg
 photo IMG_0123.jpg
 photo IMG_0124.jpg
As I had a few hours to explore Phuket, I booked a car – for the grand total of £27 for the day.
My alarm went off at 06:00, I got ready and headed downstairs to grab some breakfast.
 photo IMG_20130507_003612.jpg
I then made my way on the busy metro to Pattya Thai station to connect to the airport train.
 photo IMG_20130507_004706.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_005643.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_011411.jpg
I arrived at the airport at just before 08:00. I then made my way to zone C to grab the boarding pass I couldn’t get yesterday.
 photo IMG_20130507_015934.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_020103.jpg

All on time… I think?
 photo IMG_20130507_020502.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_020606.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_020721.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_020748.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_021200.jpg

I was seen to very quickly, and then made my way down to domestic security. This was probably the easiest security experience I’d ever had – the whole process took as long as it took my bag to pass through the X-ray machine!
 photo IMG_20130507_021945.jpg
It was then a long walk down to gate B1, through some pretty dark corridors, where I would find HS-TAX waiting. This particular aircraft is one of the newer A300’s around, having entered service in 1998.
 photo IMG_20130507_024012.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_022218.jpg
 photo IMG_0448.jpg
 photo IMG_0451.jpg
There were a few views to be had from inside the holding pen:
 photo IMG_0450.jpg
 photo IMG_0452.jpg
Once in the holding pen, it seemed the flight would be pretty busy – mostly with Indians with a select few Aussies thrown in.
Boarding started on time at 09:30, and as usual everybody seemed to be in need of some assistance.
 photo IMG_20130507_033108.jpg
General boarding was announced a couple of minutes later.
 photo IMG_20130507_033327.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_033348.jpg
 photo TGlogo.jpg
7th May 2013
A300-622R / HS-TAX Thepsatri
Seat: 35A / Economy
Scheduled: 10:00/11:20
Off Stand: 10:22/11:44
On Stand: 10:53/12:05

Once onboard, I was pretty impressed with how clean the cabin was. Being an older frame, I was expecting it to be worn and falling to bits for some reason!
 photo IMG_20130507_033418.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_033430.jpg
Although there were still some signs of the age of the design.
 photo IMGA0633.jpg
 photo IMGA0634.jpg
I took my assigned seat of 35A.
 photo IMG_0454.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_034413.jpg
35B however seemed to be a game of musical chairs. First of all, one person sat there, then was moved by the crew. Then a second person sat there, only to move themselves. Finally somebody settled there.
 photo IMG_0455.jpg
A few moments past our scheduled departure time, the captain was on the PA, first speaking in Thai, then English. He welcomed everybody on board, gave our routing and a weather update before finally announcing a flight time on an hour and five minutes. He then mentioned that due to ATC delays we wouldn’t be pushing back until 09:30… And then following up with a further announcement saying he meant 10:30. As it was already 10:10 by the time this announcement came, I figured he meant 10:30 anyway.
 photo IMG_0456.jpg
At just after 10:20, we finally pushed back. Good thing too as it was getting a little warm onboard, due to the lack of air conditioning nozzles in the overhead.
 photo IMGA0641.jpg
 photo IMGA0642.jpg
We made a long taxi out to the furthest runway. It seemed that the airport had gone down to single runway ops, as we had to wait for quite a while for both arriving and departing aircraft, whilst nothing seemed to be using the other runway.
 photo IMGA0644.jpg
 photo IMGA0647.jpg
 photo IMGA0649.jpg
 photo IMGA0650.jpg
 photo IMGA0652.jpg
When we finally reached the end of the runway, there was a bit of a wait for a Bangkok Airways A320 to land, and then it was our turn.
 photo IMGA0656.jpg
At around 10:50, we pulled on to the runway, the engines started to spool up to N1, and we started to roll but we didn’t seem to be gaining any speed? Hmm. After rolling for around a couple of hundred meters or so, I started to get the feeling of déjà vu from a few of my trips last year (Nice, Amsterdam, Madrid…) After a further hundred meters or so I was almost certain that we wouldn’t be lifting off on this attempt, and shortly afterwards we exited the runway to the right.
 photo IMGA0661.jpg
 photo IMGA0663.jpg
 photo IMGA0664.jpg
 photo IMGA0665.jpg
 photo IMGA0666.jpg
 photo IMGA0669.jpg
 photo IMG_0462.jpg
A few moments later, we were back on to a remote stand by the side of the runway. The captain came over the PA and said that there was a hydraulic problem – and that he would update us further a little later.
 photo IMGA0671.jpg
At least our new parking position had a better view of the movements, although undortunately this aircraft had the type of windows that made taking pictures pretty difficult.
 photo IMG_0457.jpg
 photo IMG_0466.jpg
 photo IMG_0467.jpg
 photo IMG_0468.jpg
 photo IMG_0472.jpg
 photo IMG_0473.jpg
 photo IMGA0676.jpg
 photo IMG_0475.jpg
 photo IMG_0476.jpg
 photo IMGA0678.jpg
 photo IMGA0681.jpg
A couple of vans pulled up to our aircraft but not a lot seemed to happen.
 photo IMG_0459.jpg
Also the flaps were still extended, so that would probably go some way to explaining our issue.
The crew jumped up shortly afterwards and distributed some water.
 photo IMG_0464.jpg
During which time I explored what was in the seat pocket.
 photo IMG_0465.jpg
 photo IMG_0463.jpg
Some fifteen minutes later the captain was on again saying that the engineer was working on the problem and that the job should be finished in 15/20 minutes. By my estimation, that would mean nearly a two hour delay by the time we get going. I was hoping we would get going again soon, due to it still being pretty warm onboard.
 photo IMG_0469.jpg


A further few minutes later, and it sounded like one of the engines were starting. Promising. After a few more moments, the flaps were retracted and then extended again after which the engine was shut down. Around five minutes later the cabin crew were asked to arm the doors once more and we appeared to be off again.
We once more pushed back and made our way out to the runway, although this time in the opposite direction.
 photo IMGA0682.jpg
 photo IMGA0683.jpg
 photo IMGA0686.jpg
Upon reaching the end of the runway there was a bit of a hold for a Vietnam A321 to depart.
 photo IMGA0690.jpg
The captain came over the PA once more, first in Thai, then in English, saying that we were still having hydraulic issues and would return to stand once again. We did a 180 degree turn and made our way back once more – what was going on?!
 photo IMGA0692.jpg
 photo IMGA0693.jpg
 photo IMGA0694.jpg
 photo IMGA0695.jpg

World’s tallest control tower.
 photo IMGA0700.jpg
Back to the same stand once again

 photo IMGA0701.jpg
Upon pulling on to stand, the captain updated us once more, saying we would now be going on a different plane. Upon announcing this, almost the entire cabin was up. Despite the crew telling people to take their seats as we wouldn’t disembark for a while yet, although nobody listened.
 photo IMG_20130507_061310.jpg
However, I could see we wouldn’t be going anywhere any time soon, due to both the steps not being attached and no coaches available. It was at this point I was having doubts about continuing this trip. With a 19:00 departure back from HKT, I had plenty of time at this point… But would I have any time to do any of the things I wanted to whilst I was there? I didn’t really fancy going down there, only to turn around and rush straight back again, especially as I had an early flight out of BKK the following morning. I didn’t want to risk getting stranded in Phuket and missing my flight back to DXB. I made a deal with myself that if I was still in BKK at 15:00, I would abandon.
 photo IMG_0478.jpg

A6-EDG – The A380 that flew me LHR-DXB just a few days earlier.

Eventually, around thirty minutes later a line of coaches appeared to take us to gate B8.
 photo IMG_20130507_062225.jpg
 photo IMG_0480.jpg
A few minutes later we were given the instruction to disembark.
 photo IMG_20130507_063146.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_063207.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_063324.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_063355.jpg
It was then off on the third tour of BKK for the day, although this time it was on something a little less interesting.
 photo IMG_20130507_063701.jpg

Farewell HS-TAX
 photo IMG_20130507_063750.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_063755.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_063851.jpg
First sighting of the new RBA livery
 photo IMG_20130507_063941.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_064017.jpg
Wouldn’t mind a go on this down to HKT

A few moments later we arrived at the bus gate and made our way in.
 photo IMG_20130507_064228.jpg
As I was entering the gate area, I glanced at the computer screen in front of the ground staff and noticed it said “330 as the type. The staff were bombarded with all sorts of questions, however mine was the most important – what type of plane will it be?!. Something was a little lost in translation, as the answer I got was that the plane is broken… But what about the new one? Yes you’re getting a new one. Ok, I’ll try a different approach – will I have the same seat as before? Yes sir. Well that’s at least some promising news – being in an A seat almost guaranteed a window no matter what we would be flying on.
 photo IMG_20130507_064314.jpg
 photo IMG_0482.jpg
 photo IMG_0484.jpg
The new departure time was 13:15. That was better than I had expected actually. Upon looking out of the window, I couldn’t actually see any A300’s around – only 744’s and A330’s, so now it was a waiting game to see what I’d actually end up on. With a 744 scheduled for my return, if an A300 wasn’t available, I was hoping for an A330.
 photo IMG_0483.jpg
 photo IMG_0485.jpg
Some moments later, I saw a few buses turn up – so figured boarding would be soon.
 photo IMG_20130507_070053.jpg
I pulled myself away from the window and went a little nearer to the podium so I could hear the announcement’s, as things were getting a little rowdy:
 photo IMG_20130507_070859.jpg

What was the need for this? Boarding was near anyway, and the gate agent can only do so much

Boarding for the second time was called at 13:25, and it was pandemonium. It wasn’t really a case of waiting your turn – rather just going with the flow. Eventually though, I was on my third… Or was it fourth tour of BKK of the day. Now it was a case if seeing what I end up on. We headed down to the maintenance area on the bus and along the way there were a few A330’s, a few 744’s and a couple of 777’s around – so take your pick!
 photo IMG_20130507_072900.jpg
Eventually though, there was an A300 hiding at the end of the line – phew! Boarding was via the front or rear stairs – so I chose the rear, grabbing a few pictures along the way> luckily nobody seemed to mind.
 photo IMG_20130507_073045.jpg
 photo IMGA0705.jpg
 photo IMGA0706.jpg
 photo IMGA0707.jpg
 photo IMGA0708.jpg
 photo TGlogo.jpg
7th May 2013
A300-622R / HS-TAZ Srisubhan
Seat: 35A / Economy
Scheduled: 10:00/11:20
Off Stand: 13:53
On Stand: 15:16

 photo IMGA0709.jpg
 photo IMGA0710.jpg
The legroom etc was identical to the previous jet, as was the crew.
 photo IMG_0488.jpg
We finally pushed back just after 13:50, and made the long taxi out to the runway.
 photo IMGA0713.jpg
 photo IMGA0717.jpg
 photo IMGA0718.jpg

 photo IMGA0719.jpg
 photo IMGA0721.jpg
 photo IMGA0726.jpg
 photo IMGA0727.jpg

Finally, at 14:15 – some four and a quarter hours later than planned, we lifted off, and I was treated to some of those Asian clouds I’d heard so much about, but hadn’t yet experienced.
 photo IMGA0731.jpg
 photo IMGA0732.jpg
 photo IMGA0733.jpg
 photo IMGA0734.jpg
 photo IMGA0736.jpg
 photo IMGA0737.jpg
 photo IMGA0740.jpg
 photo IMGA0741.jpg
 photo IMGA0743.jpg
 photo IMG_0489.jpg
 photo IMG_0490.jpg
 photo IMG_0491.jpg
 photo IMG_0492.jpg
No less than ten minutes after departure, the crew sprang into action.
 photo IMG_0494.jpg
 photo IMG_0495.jpg
It was then pretty overcast outside, so not a huge amount to be seen. Of interest was that the flight crew made no announcements on this flight. I guess they figured we had heard enough of them by now!
 photo IMG_0498.jpg
Eventually the captain did get in touch – apologizing for the delay, giving a weather update, mentioning that we were cruising at 34,000ft and an estimated time of arrival of 15:20 – so giving me around ninety minutes in Phuket. Pretty annoying as I’d planned to see a couple of things, but I guess now it’s an excuse to pay another visit.
There was then time for a second drinks run – which impressed me, as on a UK domestic, once the initial service has been completed, that’s generally your lot.
 photo IMG_0499.jpg
Around this time, descent started. It was very scenic – ill just let you see for yourselves. My seatmate leaned over me a couple of times to take some pictures too – I didn’t mind though as she cleared my tray table for me while I was taking pictures earlier!
 photo IMG_0501.jpg
 photo IMG_0503.jpg
 photo IMG_0504.jpg
 photo IMG_0507.jpg
 photo IMG_0510.jpg
 photo IMGA0751.jpg
 photo IMG_0513.jpg
 photo IMG_0515.jpg
 photo IMGA0754.jpg
 photo IMG_0516.jpg
 photo IMG_0518.jpg
 photo IMG_0520.jpg
 photo IMG_0523.jpg
 photo IMG_0524.jpg
 photo IMG_0526.jpg
 photo IMGA0756.jpg
 photo IMGA0763.jpg
 photo IMGA0765.jpg
 photo IMGA0766.jpg
 photo IMGA0767.jpg
Touchdown was made at just past 15:10 and we made the short taxi on to stand. Interestingly the flaps were left extended?
 photo IMGA0768.jpg
 photo IMGA0769.jpg
 photo IMGA0770.jpg
 photo IMGA0771.jpg
 photo IMGA0772.jpg
 photo IMGA0773.jpg
 photo IMGA0775.jpg
We finally pulled on to stand and disembarked fairly quickly:
 photo IMG_20130507_091702.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_092055.jpg
It was then through to arrivals.
 photo IMG_20130507_092201.jpg
 photo IMG_0527.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_092334.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_092500.jpg
And then disaster number 2 of the day. When I got to the Avis desk, they had my reservation, but instead of wanting to charge me the 1200 baht (£27) as agreed, they wanted 20,000 (£430!)… Erm no thanks. It wasn’t even a pre-authorization either – they actually tried to take the money! Luckily, I tried to use my card I reserve for pre-authorizations, therefore it not only had a low limit, but had a chunk of it blocked off already or else it could have worked out pretty expensive. Already in a bad mood I walked away. A clever taxi operator saw all this and did me a “great” deal to take me where I wanted to go – just around the corner infact, for around the equivalent of £13. Expensive, but still cheaper than the car by a long way!
So I took a taxi to the beach – having to give instructions along the way – not that he understood – which left me feeling even more frustrated – as despite pointing which road to go down, and showing him on the map, he still wanted to take me where he felt like going…. Pa-Tong maybe?! I left him at the desired spot and agreed to meet him back there in an hour – fully expecting not to see him again!
 photo IMG_20130507_093620.jpg
I then wondered along the great beach. I slapped on the sun cream, took my shoes off and had a bit of a paddle, although not having any swimming gear meant I could only get ankle deep. Oh, there were a couple of departures to watch too, and that’s where disaster number three turned up – not only was my battery dying on my camera, but for some reason most of the shots were coming up massively under exposed. I expect it was a dirty sensor, as I had to turn it on and off a few times in order for them to come out correctly – and when you’re trying to catch something fast moving this isn’t ideal. Taking the lens off and attempting to clean it on a beach wasn’t an ideal option either. It would eventually turn out to be a faulty aperture, which would continue to plague me for the rest of the trip.
 photo IMG_0528.jpg
 photo IMG_0529.jpg
 photo IMG_0530.jpg
 photo IMG_0531.jpg
 photo IMG_0533.jpg
 photo IMG_0534.jpg
After a great hour on the beach, I reluctantly walked back to where I’d agreed to meet the taxi driver – and amazingly he was actually there waiting for me. We then made the short drive back to the airport, and he dropped me at departures.
Almost straight away there was a security check, however not as stringent as the full blown security around the corner.
 photo IMG_20130507_105542.jpg
It was then upstairs through a corridor that wouldn’t look out of place in the local hospital.
 photo IMG_20130507_105619.jpg
It was then to the Thai airways check in counter to grab my boarding pass – where it was actually pretty busy due to all the staff being trainees. There was an Australian girl in front and she mentioned that the staff were all trainees… however in all the noise I misheard her and thought she said they were all Chinese. I made a comment about not speaking Chinese, had a bit of a think and then realized she actually meant Trainees and figured that’s probably why she gave me the funny look. This was made all the more awkward by not only the fact she was on my flight, but also bumping into her continually for the rest of the evening.
 photo IMG_20130507_105839.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_110502.jpg
I was handed my boarding pass in the end however, and I headed straight to the gents to wash the beach off of myself!
Once I had freshened up, I brought a sandwich from the Thai Airways cafe then headed through security – this was as quick as in BKK earlier, due to the fact I was the only person there. It was shortly after this point I realized why – there isn’t an awful lot airside in HKT! Maybe I shouldn’t have been quite so hasty.
 photo IMG_20130507_111142.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_111329.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_111512.jpg
I grabbed a much needed drink to go with the sandwich and updated the trip report, then sat and waited for the next hour for boarding – hoping things would go more smoothly on this flight. I did do a few laps of the departure lounge too.
 photo IMG_20130507_111710.jpg
 photo IMGA0777.jpg
 photo IMGA0778.jpg
 photo IMGA0779.jpg
I then spotted a sign for an outdoor terrace, however it didn’t provide any views – and it was far too smoky for my liking.
 photo IMG_20130507_114006.jpg

Happy New Year? Its May!
 photo IMGA0780.jpg
Still on time so far…

Although by 18:10, no aircraft had arrived, so I was having doubts that we would be boarding at 18:30. A few moments later however, the familiar shape of the 747 appeared through the sunset.
 photo IMG_20130507_121120.jpg
 photo IMGA0781.jpg
I’d like to say boarding was announced at 18:30 – but there wasn’t much of an announcement – more a case of somebody appearing at the desk and then a mass stampede. Suited me though, as it meant that we could get through to the gate area, and I could grab some better pics!
 photo IMG_20130507_124020.jpg
Due to boarding not officially being announced there was a bit of a hold up in no mans land between the gate area and the jet bridge. There were a lot of photos being taken of our jet in the sun during this time.
 photo IMG_20130507_124034.jpg
 photo IMG_0537.jpg
 photo TGlogo.jpg
7th May 2013
747-4D7 / HS-TGB Si Satchanalai
Seat: 64A / Economy
Scheduled: 19:00/20:25
Off Stand: 19:02
On Stand: 20:25

I was one of the first to board this full flight, of mostly Chinese (not trainees). As Win had mentioned at dinner the previous night, a few of the TG 747’s had been refurbished and they do crop up on the BKK-HKT route from time to time – and this was one of those occasions. I later found out that this aircraft had operated the LHR-BKK sector earlier in the day before heading down here. The load was pretty full – I had a pair of Chinese seatmates – in fact I’m pretty sure I crashed a Chinese school party as everybody in the rear section seemed to know each other.
 photo IMG_20130507_124533.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_124545.jpg
This one had a fairly good IFE, although I didn’t explore all that much of it.
 photo IMG_20130507_125042.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_125052.jpg
 photo IMG_0542.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_125110.jpg
 photo IMG_0541.jpg
Something a little more local next door
 photo IMG_0543.jpg
The downside of having IFE
 photo IMG_20130507_125542.jpg
Good footrest, however the IFE box made stowing anything more than a rucksack under the seat pretty difficult
 photo IMG_20130507_125718.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_125759.jpg

Not much overhead

Just before pushback, the safety video was played.
 photo IMGA0784.jpg
Pushback came a couple of minutes behind schedule, and we made the very sort taxi over to the runway – which had now shifted direction to earlier. The sun was just about setting too. We had to hold for a while at the end of the taxi way for the crew to secure the cabin.
 photo IMG_0544.jpg
 photo IMG_0547.jpg
 photo IMG_0548.jpg
 photo IMG_0549.jpg
Following this was a very powerful takeoff at 19:10 – if you can’t get the upper deck on the 747, sit just behind the wing – you can really feel the power back there!
 photo IMG_0551.jpg
 photo IMG_0552.jpg
 photo IMG_0553.jpg
 photo IMG_0555.jpg
 photo IMG_0556.jpg
Very shortly after take off, there was a dog barking in the cabin? I never knew dogs were allowed in the cabin?
And not long after that, the lunch boxes were given out. Slightly more substantial than earlier – they included a couple of sandwiches. Couldn’t say what was in one of them, but they both tasted good enough.
 photo IMG_0558.jpg
 photo IMG_0559.jpg
 photo IMG_0560.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_133050.jpg

Is this Thai’s way of saying not to take it home?

As it was too dark to really see anything outside, it was pretty much a case of just sitting back, watching our progress on the skymap and waiting to start descent, which occurred at 19:50
 photo IMG_0562.jpg
 photo IMG_0564.jpg
 photo IMG_0565.jpg
 photo IMG_0566.jpg
 photo IMG_0567.jpg
 photo IMG_0568.jpg
During descent, I noticed a few lightning strikes outside. These didn’t affect things too much though.
 photo IMG_0572.jpg
 photo IMG_0573.jpg
 photo IMG_0574.jpg
 photo IMG_0575.jpg
 photo IMG_0576.jpg
 photo IMG_0578.jpg
 photo IMG_0579.jpg
 photo IMG_0580.jpg
 photo IMG_0581.jpg
 photo IMG_0582.jpg
Touchdown was at 20:15, and we then made the way over to the gate.
 photo IMG_0583.jpg
 photo IMG_0584.jpg
 photo IMG_0585.jpg
 photo IMG_0586.jpg
 photo IMG_0587.jpg
 photo IMG_0590.jpg
 photo IMG_0591.jpg
 photo IMG_0592.jpg
 photo IMG_0593.jpg

Being followed
 photo IMG_0594.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_143255.jpg

I’m assuming this one was heading a bit further on its next mission, as everybody was shepherded out of the door on the jetway and on to the ramp, to catch a bus to domestic arrivals.
 photo IMG_20130507_143500.jpg
I purposely missed the first bus, so I could hang around for a few more minutes. Although despite it being night time, it was still very warm and sticky.
 photo IMG_0596.jpg
On the journey in, I noticed this mornings stricken jet still on the same remote stand looking a little bit sorry for itself.
Once the bus had arrived, it was a case of following the signs to the exit – and not everybody else who were connecting!
 photo IMG_20130507_144523.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_144651.jpg

You go that way, I’ll go this way.

I could bypass baggage reclaim and head straight for the train to the city.
 photo IMG_20130507_144837.jpg
I had wanted to stop by the Siam Paragon to grab some dinner, but by the time I was near there it would be getting near to closing time – so had to make other arrangements – in the way of some room service. I did have a brief look around a plaza near to my hotel, but nothing really jumped out at me. Plus after a pretty long (and slightly frustrating) day, I wanted to get back and relax.
 photo IMG_20130507_160101.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_160107.jpg
 photo IMG_20130507_164054.jpg

Didn’t look all that much, but was actually pretty good.

Once back at the hotel, it was dinner, a shower and then pretty much straight to bed as I had to be back at BKK in just a few hours time.

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