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Around mid 2013, after the success of the meet in MAN, it was decided that a further meet would take place in October in Zurich. As I wasn’t able to attend the meet in Manchester due to being in the USA at the time, I was glad that the dates chosen would work for me and I’d finally get to meet a few of you that had I had got to know online. There were a few options to get me to Zurich, including quite a few direct flights – although it would be sacrilege to attend my first meet using a standard BA/LX A320 return from LHR route! Although BA had some pretty attractive fares in Club to be had… There were quite a few other direct options, including a Helvetic F100 from BHX which really appealed. However due to it departing at 08:50 meant it was pretty difficult – and catching a train up to Birmingham the night before then staying in a hotel would cost more than the flight itself! That was most definitely on the B list. In the end, I found a nice schedule from LCY routing through GVA with LX on their RJ100’s and back on LH through FRA, with the ZRH-FRA sector being operated by one of their classic 737’s. Perfect.
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Another bonus would be that I got to depart LCY for the fist time. I’d flown into there before, but was yet to fly out of there. There was also an option of selecting which type of seat you wanted in the flight preferences. If you’re not able to select your exact seat, this is a great compromise and I wish more airlines would do it!
 photo swisspreferences.png
Check in was made 24 hours before departure and my request had been fulfilled, however I had been allocated seat 7A – which is a row with a missing window. I moved back to 8A later on.
 photo LXflights.png
 photo abadc9a1-16f6-489a-8a03-5292b1fe659d.png
 photo LXbp.png
The following morning, I set off a little earlier than needed, as I had to pick up something important:
 photo ZRH001.jpg
It was then on to the train for the thirty minute or so journey to London Waterloo. As I was running early and the weather was pretty good, I took a walk up the Thames walkway:
 photo ZRH002.jpg
 photo ZRH003.jpg
 photo ZRH004.jpg
I then took the boat to the O2 Arena, in order to catch a train to LCY. This definitely wasn’t the quick option, but a million times more scenic. The journey from The London Eye to the O2 took around an hour or so.
 photo ZRH005.jpg
 photo ZRH006.jpg
 photo ZRH007.jpg
 photo ZRH008.jpg
 photo ZRH009.jpg

(Very) Slowly edging towards the Docklands area.

I finally arrived at the O2 where I could pick the train up – and I was starting to feel a little on edge as boarding was less than an hour away, and I still had to make two train journeys to reach the airport!
 photo ZRH010.jpg
 photo ZRH011.jpg
I arrived at the airport at 11:30 – some 20 minutes before boarding. I grabbed a souvenir boarding pass, passed through the very quick security check and had a brief look around.
 photo ZRH012.jpg
 photo ZRH013.jpg
 photo ZRH014.jpg
 photo ZRH015.jpg
 photo ZRH017.jpg
As I reached the end of the terminal, my jet was pulling in – HB-IYV, in the Star Alliance scheme.
 photo ZRH016.jpg
Almost immediately, the gate was opened and I made my way down to the holding pen, and perched myself on one of the toadstools. I like how I can turn up so late, and yet still be here in plenty of time.
 photo ZRH018.jpg
Boarding was called at 12:00 and I made the walk across the Tarmac.
 photo ZRH019.jpg
 photo LXlogo.jpg
October 2013
Avro RJ100 / HB-IYV
Seat: 8A / Economy
Scheduled: 12:15/14:55
Off Stand: 12:18
On Stand: 14:45

When I reached my assigned seat, there was a guy already sat in it. I asked him to move and the reply was ‘you can take my seat, it’s 7F’. Well no that doesn’t have a window, so shift! He reluctantly moved with a few huffs and puffs.
 photo ZRH020.jpg
 photo ZRH022.jpg
 photo ZRH023.jpg
The engines started and we made the very quick taxi to the runway – taking about a minute at most. Then the engines powered up to full throttle before we went hurtling down the short runway.
 photo ZRH024.jpg
 photo ZRH025.jpg
 photo ZRH026.jpg
 photo ZRH027.jpg
During the climb, my seat mate got up and moved over to the spare window seat on the other side of the aisle. Suited me. With the generous legroom offered, I now had plenty of space!
 photo ZRH021.jpg
 photo ZRH030.jpg
 photo ZRH028.jpg
Around ten minutes after departure the service was started. The snack was a pretty small salami roll. There wasn’t a vegetarian option, and quite a few were actually handed back. Tasted pretty good although was a little on the dry side. The two crew members were like chalk and cheese. The purser had plenty of smiles to go around where as the other had a face like a slapped arse for the most part.
 photo ZRH029.jpg
 photo ZRH031.jpg
The famous Swiss chocolates swiftly followed.
 photo ZRH034.jpg
 photo ZRH032.jpg
 photo ZRH033.jpg
I relied on angry birds to keep me entertained for the remainder of the flight.
 photo ZRH035.jpg
The business class cabin on this flight seemed to be entirely LX crew heading back to GVA. The engines spooled back at 14:20 and we made a definite nose dive back to solid ground.
 photo ZRH036.jpg
 photo ZRH037.jpg
 photo ZRH038.jpg
The crew made their final checks before being seated for landing.
 photo ZRH039.jpg
 photo ZRH040.jpg
 photo ZRH041.jpg
We made a reasonably rough touchdown, before heading over to a remote stand.
It was then on to a waiting bus to clear passport control and head over to my next gate.
 photo ZRH046.jpg
It was a pretty long walk over to one of the satellites.
 photo ZRH047.jpg
 photo ZRH042.jpg
 photo ZRH049.jpg
 photo ZRH051.jpg
Once I reached my next gate, I was greeted with a very familiar sight.
 photo ZRH043.jpg
 photo ZRH053.jpg

Pretty busy Satellite – serving mostly U2 flights it seemed.

Boarding was called at 15:40, and I made a wet walk over to a familiar jet. In the last few years I’d been lucky not to get any repeat registrations… Now I’ve had repeats on my last two trips!
 photo ZRH045.jpg
 photo LXlogo.jpg
October 2013
Avro RJ100 / HB-IYV
Seat: 14F / Economy
Scheduled: 15:40/16:35
Off Stand: 15:50
On Stand: 16:39

The flight was pretty full, but the middle seat remained empty. There wasn’t quite as much room at the back of this jet, but the legroom was still pretty good.
 photo ZRH044.jpg
It would appear there had been a crew change between flights on this one. And once again there seemed to be quite a few LX crew positioning back to ZRH, but no familiar faces from my LCY-GVA hop just over an hour ago.
The flight time was announced as 35 minutes and we pulled away from our stand a few minutes late.
During taxi the flight crew came over the PA and said we were number one for take off – so not that busy at GVA today it would seem.
 photo ZRH059.jpg
We took off at 16:00 and made a U turn, passing GVA on the right before a complete white out.
 photo ZRH060.jpg
 photo ZRH048.jpg
A few moments after departure the seatbelt sign was switched off, and the drinks trolleys were rolled towards the front of the cabin. The choice was water and the Swiss chocolate or nothing. I went with the water and chocolate. I did notice however there were rolls handed out in business. Impressive – not only do LX offer a business class on a domestic flight, but also offer a decent looking service.
 photo ZRH050.jpg
There were no views to be had at all on this short hop until we reached the Zurich area.
 photo ZRH052.jpg
 photo ZRH054.jpg
 photo ZRH055.jpg
 photo ZRH056.jpg
 photo ZRH069.jpg
We made a smooth touchdown and made a pretty long taxi over to the stand at the A gates.
 photo ZRH070.jpg
 photo ZRH057.jpg
 photo ZRH058.jpg
I then made my way through arrivals and up to the service center where I met up with Eco, who had arrived on the KL flight just a few moments after my flight landed.
 photo ZRH073.jpg
We spent the next hour or so on the observation deck, courtesy of InfoDesk who had arranged free tickets for the group – thanks again!
 photo ZRH061.jpg

Useful FID’s

 photo ZRH062.jpg
Where the rest of the group were…
 photo ZRH063.jpg

Something more familiar heading back to LHR

 photo ZRH064.jpg
 photo ZRH065.jpg

My ride from LCY via GVA preparing to head off to HAM

 photo ZRH066.jpg

My only two RJ100’s in the log in one shot

 photo ZRH067.jpg
 photo ZRH071.jpg
 photo ZRH072.jpg
 photo ZRH074.jpg
 photo ZRH075.jpg
At around 18:30, we both made our way back downstairs to meet up with the rest of the group and head over to the Runway 34 restaurant for a great meal.
 photo ZRH076.jpg
 photo ZRH078.jpg
 photo ZRH077.jpg

Great tasting cheese dumplings

 photo ZRH080.jpg

In loving memory of PalmJet, who couldn’t attend.

A few hours later, after many chats about all things aviation related, we made our way over to the Hotel Allegra.
 photo ZRH079.jpg
The rest of the evening (and maybe just a bit of the following morning) was spent in the bar with the rest of the group who were staying at the hotel – minus The777Man who headed off to bed after a LONG day!
The following morning, I made my way downstairs and checked out – and just happened to bump into RogerBCN who was having breakfast. MSS658 followed shortly after and we took the shuttle over to the airport. Marc went on his way and I took a train into the city for the next couple of hours.
 photo ZRH081.jpg

View from my rather chilly balcony.

 photo ZRH083.jpg

Our chariot for the ten minute or so journey.

Double decker trains are still a bit of a novelty as they’re non existent in the UK.
 photo ZRH094.jpg
 photo ZRH095.jpg
In central Zurich now.
 photo ZRH082.jpg
 photo ZRH084.jpg
 photo ZRH088.jpg
 photo ZRH089.jpg
 photo ZRH090.jpg

Autumn was definitely approaching after a pretty decent summer.

 photo ZRH091.jpg
 photo ZRH092.jpg
 photo ZRH093.jpg
 photo ZRH096.jpg
After a brief look around, it was time to head back to the airport.
 photo ZRH097.jpg
Of course, I had to grab a couple of souvenir boarding passes…. Especially since I’d forgotten to screenshot my mobile ones – and with no internet connection, it rendered them useless.
 photo ZRH100.jpg
 photo ZRH102.jpg
I met up with the rest of the group and made my way through security with luxair747SP, Emek96 and LH4532, who would also taking the Lufthansa flight to FRA.
 photo ZRH098.jpg
 photo ZRH099.jpg
It was then up to the Swiss lounge where SloAir guested me in – thanks for that, much appreciated!
 photo ZRH104.jpg
 photo ZRH105.jpg
 photo ZRH108.jpg
 photo ZRH103.jpg
 photo ZRH106.jpg
 photo ZRH117.jpg
The F&B selection here was pretty good:
 photo ZRH107.jpg
 photo ZRH109.jpg
 photo ZRH110.jpg
 photo ZRH111.jpg
 photo ZRH101.jpg
After quite a while in the lounge, we made our way down to gate A65 – where a ten-minute delay had occurred.
 photo ZRH112.jpg
We saw our jet, D-ABEA land and taxi over to the stand. At approaching 23 years old this one is definitely a classic!
 photo ZRH113.jpg
 photo ZRH114.jpg
Boarding was announced a few minutes behind schedule and we all made our way on board. As we boarded we were handed the in flight meal – which was a first.
 photo ZRH130.jpg
 photo ZRH115.jpg
 photo LHlogo.jpg
October 2013
Boeing 737-330 / D-ABEA
Seat: 14A / Economy
Scheduled: 14:50/15:55
Off Stand: 15:05
On Stand: 15:55

Boarding was soon complete, with the middle seat remaining free. With the three other guys sat in the row in front, I hope the guy in the aisle knew what he had let himself in for! Although he stayed buried in his paper throughout.
 photo ZRH121.jpg
We pushed back and made our way over to the active, making a pretty loud and bumpy take off a few moments later.
 photo ZRH133.jpg
 photo ZRH116.jpg
 photo ZRH118.jpg
There were then a few sharp turns to the right before being buried in cloud.
 photo ZRH119.jpg
 photo ZRH120.jpg
 photo ZRH122.jpg
 photo ZRH123.jpg
 photo ZRH124.jpg


A few moments later, the drinks service began, with three crew members blitzing the cabin.
 photo ZRH127.jpg
Pretty much as I took my last mouthful, descent started and the seatbelt sign was switched on.
 photo ZRH125.jpg
 photo ZRH126.jpg
 photo ZRH128.jpg
 photo ZRH129.jpg
We made a rattily touchdown at one of FRA’s older runways and made a pretty quick taxi over to a remote stand.
 photo ZRH131.jpg
 photo ZRH132.jpg
 photo ZRH136.jpg
It was then on to a bus, for a journey that seemed to take twice as long as the taxi in.
 photo ZRH137.jpg
I was under the impression that I had quite a while before my next flight, but Johannes pointed out the time to me and I realised that things were a bit tighter than I first thought! Luckily, the bus pulled up at the B gates, which just happened to be where my next flight was departing from – so things weren’t quite so rushed after all. I bid farewell to the guys, and made my way off to my next gate.
 photo ZRH140.jpg
 photo ZRH141.jpg
I took a bit of a walk through the terminal, grabbed a LH branded souvenir boarding pass, and my now traditional Ritter Sports (to make up for the melted ones from my last trip to Germany).
 photo ZRH142.jpg
Following this, I made my way to the gate, just as D-AIDJ, just over two years old, was pulling on to stand. So it would appear this flight was slightly late too.
 photo ZRH134.jpg
I took a seat at one of the café style tables and watched the goings on outside.
 photo ZRH135.jpg
Boarding was called at 17:00, and I managed to avoid most of the crush. There were two jet bridges attached to this jet – can’t say I’ve noticed this before. Felt odd boarding a narrow body and not having the flight deck immediately to the left though!
 photo LHlogo.jpg
October 2013
Airbus A321-200 / D-AIDJ
Seat: 35F / Economy
Scheduled: 17:10/17:50
Off Stand: 17:28
On Stand: 18:12

As it turned out, despite the flight being reasonably full, the middle seat remained free once more – in fact I don’t think I’ve ever had a seat mate on LH?
 photo ZRH138.jpg

Decent legroom, even down the back.

 photo ZRH148.jpg
 photo ZRH139.jpg
The captain came over the PA and announced a flying time of an hour and five minutes. This was actually my second female captain of the weekend after my GVA-ZRH sector yesterday. We pushed back around twenty minutes behind schedule and made our way over to the startbahn.
 photo ZRH143.jpg
 photo ZRH152.jpg
 photo ZRH153.jpg
As the previous departure was a LH A380, there was a bit if a wait until we were cleared for takeoff. We finally made it into the air around 35 minutes behind schedule.
 photo ZRH144.jpg
 photo ZRH145.jpg
 photo ZRH146.jpg
 photo ZRH151.jpg
The service was started shortly after departure. The sandwiches were dished out pretty quickly, however it took an age for the drinks to reach my row. By the time they did we had already started our descent!
 photo ZRH149.jpg
 photo ZRH150.jpg
 photo ZRH147.jpg

The new Airbus cabins are a good improvement over the older ones.

 photo ZRH156.jpg

Is this mood lighting or paint? I couldn’t tell.

During descent, the first officer came over the PA and announced that due to congestion over London, we would have to hold for fifteen minutes. I’m used to five minutes, but fifteen?!
 photo ZRH154.jpg
 photo ZRH155.jpg
After many laps north of London, we broke through the cloud cover and were treated to the scenic approach to 27L.
 photo ZRH161.jpg
On short finals, a pretty big gust caught us and the right wing dipped quite considerably. Yet the flight crew did a great job of catching it and still made a smooth touch down. Nice work!
 photo ZRH162.jpg
 photo ZRH163.jpg
It was then a lengthy tour of Heathrow as we made our way over to T1.
As I was exiting, the crew member manning the door said he’d noticed I was taking quite a few pictures during the flight – and wanted to know if I had taken any of the crew. I replied I hadn’t and I made sure not to take pictures of anybody. He was fine with that and I went on my way. See Flybe, that’s how it’s done….
 photo ZRH157.jpg
Following this, it was the usual walk to passport control, through customs – with not one person manning it – and through the tunnels to the central bus station. Of interest, the huge area with nothing in as your exiting passport control in T1 now does have something there – a pretty lonely looking Heathrow express ticket stand!
 photo ZRH158.jpg
 photo ZRH159.jpg
 photo ZRH160.jpg
Overall it was a great weekend being able to put faces to usernames. Although I’m still kicking myself for taking the later flights out to ZRH and missing out on the SR technics tour! On the plus side, I thought LX were pretty good – having only experienced them on a short MXP-ZRH hop previously. LH was also decent enough. Surprisingly, these were my only two flights with the airline in 2013 despite them being my joint most flown airline in 2012.

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