Swiss CSeries trip report: Geneva – Zurich

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After a morning in Geneva, I headed back to the airport a little earlier than really needed. Although after the rush to get back to JFK a few days previously, it was welcome to actually have a little more time on my hands than needed.

Geneva station

Arrival was just a few minutes later.

Swiss check in, Geneva

Unlike at the beginning of this trip, the regular security line wasn’t too busy – where as the priority line was a few people deep. Unfortunately, due to the layout of the priority line, you don’t know this until you’ve already passed through. It was still reasonably efficient though.

After this, I made my way straight up to the recently refurbished Swiss Senator lounge.

Swiss lounge entrance

Swiss Senator Lounge, Geneva

This lounge was refurbished around a year ago. Although unlike the lounge in Zurich (which I will visit later), this one keeps the same basic layout as before. As you enter, the Senator lounge is to the right, where as the First Class lounge is to the left. The business class lounge is in a separate area completely.

Upon entering, the buffet and bar area is immediately to the left.

Swiss lounge buffet

The rest of the lounge is mostly seating, with the lounge type area to the right and dining/work area to the left.

Swiss lounge
Swiss lounge
Swiss lounge
Swiss lounge

There are no printing facilities in this lounge however, which was a little annoying as for once, I did actually need to print something.

After a couple of hours catching up with some trip report writing for this site (very fast internet here), I made my way down to gate A5.


Boarding began on time, 30 minutes before departure. The load didn’t appear to be that high. In fact, most on board appeared to be crew hitching a lift back to Zurich. Interestingly, none were in business class. Even the ones in pilot uniforms!

Gate area


We had to wait for the last couple of passengers to turn up, before the door was closed behind them. Pushback had started while they were still messing about in the aisle with their bags.

Swiss Cseries cabin
Swiss Cseries seating
Swiss series seating
More gadgets on this one compared to the Delta example

Despite this, we still pushed back a few minutes early. We were given a flight time of 25 minutes. I’ve flown this route a few times now, but I don’t recall it being under 30 minutes before.


We pushed back and made a very quick taxi to the runway. Probably only a couple of minutes before taking off into the clear skies.


Onboard service 

Swiss has an interesting concept when it comes to onboard service. For flights out of Zurich, you get a snack and a drink – as before. Where as flights that originate in Geneva get water. That is unless you’re on a “classic” ticket, in which case you’re handed a bag with a sandwich and a drink in it.

However, on this short flight, neither applied and it appeared that everyone was handed a bottle of water and a Swiss chocolate.

Swiss catering


Within just ten minutes of departure, the seatbelt sign was switched back on and the crew were told to prepare for landing.


We made firm contact with the ground around twenty minutes early.


Despite being allocated a bus stand, transfer to the terminal was made quickly.

Swiss Cseries

My Thoughts

A very short flight, but the crew carried out the service with the minimum of fuss. The Cseries (Yes, I know its an A220, but Swiss still refer to it as a Cseries)is one of the more comfortable planes to fly on within Europe with great seat width and pitch.

The refreshed Swiss Senator lounge at Geneva isn’t too bad although I’d imagine it’s a different story when its busy.

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