Still No Status Extension From British Airways

A few moments ago, an email dropped into my inbox from British Airways. At first I thought it could have been a status extension for their Executive Club.

Seeing as more and more airlines are pretty much writing off 2020, they are instead looking to start status benefits up again from 2021. Its not just the airlines either. Hotels have started offering the same deals.

Previously, British Airways offered a reduction of tier points needed in order to retain status. But only if your year resets in April, May or June. Whether this is a reduction in tier points needed up until that point, or that’s point going forward, I was never too sure about.

Either way, it was one of the least generous gestures of good will out there.

I cracked open the email, in the hope of it being a years extension:

For only the second time in our 100-year history, (the first being during the Second World War), the majority of our British Airways aircraft have now touched down in London, leaving just a small fleet flying to bring people home to their loved ones and to deliver critical supplies to countries and people in need. 

As borders continue to close and the world comes to a temporary standstill, we wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks to you for your incredible support of British Airways and our crews, and to send our warmest thoughts to you and to those who may be suffering at the hands of this unexpected crisis. 

As difficult as it has been for our teams and our customers, we stand together. Our business stands on strong foundations. At its heart are many thousands of colleagues who care passionately about the airline, Britain and the nations and customers we serve. 

An incredible new global community has emerged from the situation we find ourselves in and that is something for us all to feel proud of. Hundreds of thousands of people have volunteered their services to help organisations around the world, so too have many of our own people, and for that we are proud and grateful. While many of our aircraft remain on the ground, we will take inspiration from the heroes who are working on the front line and we will continue to serve Britain as best we can.

Sadly, we know that now is not the time to travel. We don’t know when it will be, but we do know that when our aircraft are cleared for take-off once again, it will be epic. Families will be reunited, the wheels of industry will start turning again and when they do, we’ll be ready, to fly and to serve.

Until then, from our family to yours, thank you and we wish you well.

Thank you,

Alex Cruz

Erm… ok? I mean its good to finally hear from Alex Cuz after all these weeks. But I’m not entirely sure what he (or his PR team at least) is quite getting at?

Thanks for your loyalty? Well, you’re welcome, but it’s a two way thing. If I’m unable to retain any status with BA then my loyalty wont be quite as strong for the airline. I’m willing to bet I wont be the only one feeling the same way either.

Hardly any planes are flying from Heathrow these days? Again, I’d imagine most people know that. In fact I suspect most people would be surprised to see that any flights are taking off at the moment.

A number of BA employees have volunteered to help out with the current situation? Good for them… but I’m not sure why the CEO felt the need to email and tell me that.

Now is not the time to travel? Again, I’m fairly sure that most people are aware of this.

I’ll continue to wait for any potential status extension from British Airways then… In the mean time, I’ll attempt to figure out what this email was getting at.

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