Starhotels Metropole, Rome

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Starhotels Metropole, Rome
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For the weekend in Rome, Ideally I would have gone for either an IHG property or Marriott. However, whilst both had a few properties in the city, none were exactly central. Unless I wanted to pay a pretty high price. Which I didn’t.

Instead, I took a look at, which just happens to be one of the cash back partners on my Curve card

There were a number of places around that looked reasonable. I had read that properties in Rome were going very cheap since tourism there crashed. Well, I wouldn’t say they were very cheap. Maybe cheaper than usual though. About the best option looked to be the Starhotels Metropole, just a few steps from Termini Station. 

The price came in at £95/night – as I mentioned, the prices may have been cheaper than usual, but hardly in the bargain bucket. Although I should mention that this was for an upgraded room. The absolute cheapest room was in the region of £70/night.

Check In

Upon reaching check in, I was the only person there. Therefore it was a reasonably quick experience. First impressions of the hotel were good. The reception area was large and well looked after. 

Starhotels Metropole

I was assigned a room on the 7th floor.

The Room

Upon heading upstairs, it was immediately apparent that the regulations weren’t quite as tight in Italy as they were in Spain last time around. But this was of no real concern to me. The place looked clean, and seeing how bad Italy suffered from the Coronavirus earlier in the year, it would be commercial suicide for anywhere not to take cleaning seriously. 

On to the room itself, and upon entry, it was into a small lobby area complete with a stocked minibar and tea/coffee facilities. As mentioned, this is something that was absent in Spain.

Starhotels Metropole
Starhotels Metropole
Starhotels Metropole

Just off this area, was the bathroom. It was clean, modern enough, but otherwise nothing too spectacular. 

Starhotels Metropole

Basic amenities were supplied.

Starhotels Metropole

Moving forwards into the room itself, the first thing that greeted me was a rather large sofa. Most likely this could be doubled up as a sofa bed. 

Starhotels Metropole

Opposite this was a large bed, which took up most of the room. 

Starhotels Metropole

There was a large flatscreen TV, although I didn’t turn it on – so couldn’t comment on what channels were available.

At the far end of the room was a small work desk. Although with there being a table available at the sofa, this was the more comfortable area to use. Not that I spent an awful lot of time in the room. When you’re in Rome, why would you stay in?!

Starhotels Metropole


I’m generally a little reluctant to go off brand with hotels. I’ve been bitten too many times with over priced and low quality places in the past. Luckily, the Starhotels Metropole wasn’t one of them. I guess Starhotels is a chan, although not a massive one. 

Location wise, it was great. Just a few steps from Rome Termini station, which provides access to Rome Fiumicino Airport in a little over 30 minutes. 

As far as other areas of the city, its possible to walk to the colosseum. And in my case, anywhere else in the city. That’s for the next part of this series though…

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