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With a night stop in Stockholm after arriving from Japan but before heading back to London, I initially planned on staying at the Clarion at Arlanda airport. However when I sat back and thought about it, I realised that I didn’t really need to be staying at the airport.

Therefore I looked to the city. Luckily, the prices weren’t anywhere near the one and only other time I had stayed in the city.

There are a pair of conveniently located Radisson hotels near the central station. Although from looking just a little further there were a pair of Marriott properties. The first was a Courtyard, which I have been impressed with whenever I have stayed in one. The second was a Sheraton. The Sheraton was a little more, but also a lot nearer, so that’s what I went with.

The only other Sheraton I’ve stayed in was back in 2012 when I had an unexpected stay at their Milan Malpensa airport property.

This Trip:

Check In

Check in was a little on the slow side, but this wasn’t really anything to do with the hotel. One agent was taken up with a seemingly awkward customer. The other was occupied with a very chatty guy. Not really what I needed after having left my previous hotel 19 hours ago, but not much could be done.

Once I was seen to, I was processed pretty quickly. Much like my stay in Oslo on this trip, only 1SEK authorisation was taken – again, around 10p. One thing I’ve not been asked at a hotel before was whether I preferred a bath or a shower in the room. Good to be given the choice!

The Room

My room was located on the 5th floor.

Upon entering, it was your standard layout – bathroom on the left, wardrobes on the right.

The bathroom contained the usual appliances, along with the usual amenities.

Sheraton Stockholm

The main room was of a decent size. Even with a king sized bed, there was still more than enough room.

Sheraton Stockholm
Sheraton Stockholm

At the far end was a lounge area.

Sheraton Stockholm

Along the front wall was a small work area, along with a decent sized TV.

Sheraton Stockholm

Provided in the room was tea and coffee making facilities, along with a minibar.

Sheraton Stockholm


Whilst the Sheraton Stockholm was a little on the older side, it was perfectly fine for the night. Or perhaps even longer. The room was of a decent size. And the location was about as good as it was going to get. It was a few hundred metres from Stockholm Central Station, nearby the shopping district and a not too strenuous walk from the Old Town.

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