RUMOUR: Virgin Atlantic Planning Special B747 Send Off

Heres a good rumour I heard this afternoon.

Virgin Atlantic are planning to “give the Boeing 747 the send off it deserves”. In addition, G-VAST, their oldest aircraft is pencilled in to position from its current temporary home at Manchester to London Heathrow on Thursday 2nd July. So two weeks from the time of writing.

Whilst the rest of the recently retired 747 fleet has flown from Manchester to the scrapyard, it certainly is a little curious as to why the one aircraft isn’t.

For many years now, given their reputation, I have suspected that Virgin would have some sort of send off event for their Boeing 747. The type has been ever present in their fleet since their inception in 1984.

As to what this send off could be, who knows! It could be a staff only event. It could be a special livery – Virgin have had a few of those over the years, most notably G-VFAB being painted in a special Birthday Girl livery.

More recently, an Airbus A340 wore special “Thank You” titles after it was brought back from the brink, following the Boeing 787 engine troubles.

Could the special event be a promotional flight? Possibly. It would be a sure fire money earner. Looking at the number of people that booked flights with British Airways in 2019 when the 747 appeared in the schedule for an afternoon, the demand is definitely there. Although this could be a double edged sword. Sure it could earn a lot of money. But it could lose a lot too. And for an industry that is struggling at the moment, every penny counts.

In the age of social media, it could be a video tour of the aircraft? But why would they need G-VAST to be in London for that?

Of course, it could just be a good rumour… Either way, keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks.

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