Review: Swiss Senator Lounge, E Gates, Zurich

Somewhat strangely missing from my top ten lounges list was the somewhat recently refurbished Swiss Senator Lounge at Zurich concourse E. After paying a recent visit, I’d forgotten quite how good it was! Access was by Star Alliance Gold.
Despite my flight departing from the main terminal, I was able to head over to the satellite area where this lounge is located anyway. The only drawback of this is that you have to clear passport control and then clear again on the return. On the few times I’ve done this however it has never been an issue. Once in the satellite, access is by a rather nondescript staircase with a small sign that could easily be missed.
Once on the correct level, you’re into the entrance hall of the lounge where your boarding pass is checked.
The Business Class lounge is to the left, where as the Senator lounge is to the right. Today we will be heading right. Upon entry you’re faced with a corridor with a few benches and a wall featuring the mountains of the Alps. Below this is a selection of magazines.
As you carry on down this corridor, there’s a booth to make phone calls with a selection of powerpoints.
As you reach the main area of the lounge, the first area you come across is a coffee bar, with three machines offering a wide variety.
Surrounding this island is a selection of other drinks, including a selection of spirits, beers and soft drinks.
Carrying on further round, there is a kitchen area with a live cooking station, complete with an a la carte menu. I ordered the soup and it was pretty good. The bread and dessert I had with it were of high quality and very tasty.
Also available is a buffet with salad items and desserts.
Next to this is an open plan dining area.
Carrying on around the lounge, you then reach the main lounge area which is decked out with the seemingly standard Swiss lounge furniture. This isn’t a particularly big area so I can imagine seating is at a premium at busier times, however I’m yet to see this lounge anywhere near capacity on any one of my previous visits.
To one side of the lounge is a sponsored area – so it turns out that BA isn’t the only airline to do this in their lounges!
Off the lounge area as a relax area, set out with around a dozen or so private-ish nap pods and a water bar as you enter.
Heading back around the lounge, there is by far the best feature of this lounge – a HUGE outdoor terrace overlooking one of the runways and half of the apron area.
Towards the end of the terrace and heading back inside is a whisky bar, featuring more varieties of whisky than I even knew existed.
There are the usual washroom facilities in each lounge and a shower suite which is shared by both lounges opposite the the entrance desk.
In conclusion this is a very strong lounge – which is to be expected as its probably the main international lounge at the airlines biggest hub. There is also a First lounge in the terminal, however the lions share of the airlines passengers will be using this lounge. Being recently refurbished, there are more than enough power points around – although not too intrusive. The one let down of the lounge, which is more of a Switzerland issue rather than a Swiss (the airline) issue is that you need an individual code to access the WiFi. When I entered the lounge in Geneva, this was pro actively offered when I entered the lounge. However both lounges I used in Zurich didn’t give me the access code. No big deal as I’m able to roam on my phone plan anyway.

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