Review: British Airways lounge, Amsterdam

One of the more recent additions to the British Airways lounge network is the offering in Amsterdam. Opening its doors in early 2015, this lounge features the most recent “British Airways Lounge” concept. Further lounges following this concept can be found in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London Gatwick, Singapore, Boston and San Francisco.

Date of visit

August 2019


As you clear passport control, remain on the upper level of the concourse.

Amsterdam Schiphol

Then, head left and follow signs towards lounge 40. The lounge can be found up another level, and the entrance is on the left as you leave the elevator or stairs. Along the same corridor is the much larger third party Aspire lounge,



Access to the lounge in Amsterdam follows the standard British Airways lounge access policy. Therefore entry is available to BA Executive Club Gold and Silver card holders, OneWorld Emerald and Sapphire card holders and Club Europe ticket holders.

Lounge entry

The lounge

The lounge itself is a rectangle shape with the entry area at one end. As you pass into the main lounge, you’re straight into the dining area.

lounge Amsterdam Dining

On the left is a number of tables and chairs.

Amsterdam Lounge dining

On the right is a light buffet area featuring two coffee machines and a range of snacks.

Lounge coffee

It should be noted that the snack selection has been upgraded substantially since my previous visit to this lounge in December 2017. Therefore, the pre-packaged cheese and fruit has now made way for fresh made sandwiches/wraps, soup, salad and fresher produce. Despite this, you still shouldn’t expect a three course meal here.

Lounge food

There is also a fridge with cheese, fresh cream cakes and sandwiches.


Also featured in this area is a bar with a wide range of spirits and bar snacks. Underneath the bar area, you’ll find a selection of soft drinks and beer in fridges.

Bar snacks
Lounge food
Dining area overview
Lounge dining
Dining area overview

After the initial dining area is the lounge area itself, separated by a partition with a TV attached to it.


On the right there is a small business area which consists of a table with power points, a couple of PC’s and a printer.

Lounge business area

The rest of the lounge is made up of arm chairs.

Lounge overview

Each seated area features a range of universal power points nearby.


The biggest feature of the lounge in Amsterdam is the floor to ceiling windows, which offer some great views over the apron.


There is WiFi offered and you can use the destination password of the month to access it. The speed was pretty good – faster than what’s on offer at Heathrow!


My thoughts

In conclusion, the British Airways lounge in Amsterdam isn’t the biggest lounge on the network by a long way. In fact, i’m almost tempted to say it’s one of the smaller lounges British Airways operate.

British Airways operate many flights per day from Amsterdam to Heathrow, Gatwick and London City. Therefore, if you hit it at the wrong time, you’ll struggle to find a seat. However, hit it during a quiet period and it can give a living room type atmosphere.

Also of note is that there are no washrooms or flight information displays in this lounge. However, there are washroom facilities outside, which are rarely too busy. The lack of flight information displays aren’t so much of an issue as the attendants announce the boarding of flights. Although I personally like to keep a check of things just in case…

As the lounge is a fair distance from the gates that British Airways use in Amsterdam. I’d advise leaving around 45 minutes before departure if you don’t want to miss the start of boarding.

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