Review: British Airways Galleries Club Lounge, T5B

Lounge diagram

One of the better British Airways Club lounges at Heathrow is the Galleries lounge in T5B. On a recent visit, I took a closer look.


The lounge is found in the B satellite of Terminal 5 at Heathrow. The entrance is more or less in the middle of the concourse. The lounge itself is above the main departures area, and access is either by a lift or an escalator.

Main lounge entrance


This lounge can be accessed by those travelling in British Airways Club cabin (both Club World and Club Europe), First, OneWorld Sapphire and OneWorld Emerald card holders on flights departing from T5B.

Whilst it is possible to use this lounge if your flight departs from T5A, I generally wouldn’t advise it unless you’re completely sure on how to find your way back again.

The Lounge

Heading up the escalator, you are greeted with a pair of reception desks where your boarding pass is scanned.

Main entrance
The other unmanned reception desk

Once past the desk to the left, you’re immediately greeted with a small business area.

Business Area

Beyond this is the wine bar.

Wine bar

Along the edge of this area is a glass table, with high chairs, offering reasonable views over the concourse below and the apron.


Heading round in a clockwise direction, once you pass the washroom is the standard BA Union coffee stand.

Lounge coffee

Opposite this in the same area is the silver bar, consisting of a selection of spirits, wines, juices, beers and bar snacks.

Lounge snacks

In the centre of this area is the bar itself containing just wine and water.

Silver bar

The remainder of this area is lounge seating – consisting of a mixture of different designs from the Galleries lounge concept.

Galleries Club Lounge
Galleries Club Lounge
Galleries Club Lounge
Galleries Club Lounge

Towards the far end of this area is what’s labelled on the diagram above as the chefs gallery. Although in reality, you’ll be hard pushed to find a chef here. In reality, it’s a buffet. As I was here during the switch over from breakfast to lunch, initially there was a selection of cereals and porridge set up here. Once the lunch service started, this was swapped out to soup and sandwiches.

Seen as the lunch was being set up

Around the corner from this, is the other part of the chefs gallery a.k.a the buffet area. This is where the salads and hot food is set up. In the morning, you will find bacon rolls, beans, toast and hash browns.

Later in the day, there is a selection of salad, and a hot buffet. On the buffet when I visited was pasta, meatballs, chilli con carne, rice and mixed vegetables. More or less the same as what’s on the buffet in the Galleries First lounge over in T5A.

Galleries Club Lounge Buffet
Galleries Club Lounge Buffet
Galleries Club Lounge hot Buffet
Galleries Club Lounge Buffet

In this area is a selection of communal tables.


Beyond this is another business area, another Union coffee stand and an Elemis Spa.

Galleries Club Lounge Spa

What else is on offer?

Dotted around the lounge are tables with a selection of magazines and newspapers.


Also available is a luggage storage area.

Luggage storage

There are also universal power sockets at most seats – which appeared to be new.


Being the Galleries Club lounge concept, the walls have various works of art placed around, although the famous horse has yet to find its way over from the main terminal.

Galleries Club Lounge Art

My thoughts

This is one of the better – if not the best Galleries Club lounge that British Airways has at Heathrow. Even during busier periods, I’m yet to see it too crowded. Sure, the food and drink selection isn’t quite at the same level as the Galleries First lounge, but if you’re not up for a full meal, then this is a perfect place to wait for an hour or so

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