Renaissance, Amsterdam Schiphol

No flight reviews for this trip! There’s only so much to be said about an hours Euro hop in Economy. Plus the flights I took with Swiss and Lufthansa are airlines that I have looked at recently.

After routing London-Zurich-Amsterdam with Swiss, then carrying on with Lufthansa back to London via Frankfurt the following day, somewhere to stay for the night was needed.

Schiphol Airport doesn’t have a shortage of hotels. Previously I had stayed in the newly built Hilton directly at the airport and the Crowne Plaza around a 15 minute shuttle away. I had also spent a night at what can only be described as the awful Best Western. This time around, The Renaissance won my business. For a little over £70 for the night, it seemed like a solid option on paper.

Airport Shuttle

One thing to note is that the Airport shuttle doesn’t leave from the same area that the majority of hotel shuttles leave from at Schiphol. And where it does leave from isn’t all that well signposted either. The instructions are fairly clear on the website and state:

To take the hotel shuttle: follow the signs at Schiphol Airport to the hotel shuttle stop. Cross the road twice and our hotel shuttle will leave from stop C13/C15.

The main issue being that stop C13 isn’t signposted at all, and the sign for C15 is easily missed.

Basically wait at stop B18, and the shuttle will arrive in that general area. Just make sure to keep an eye out!

The hotel is a little over 5 minutes away from Schiphol.

Check in

I used the mobile app to check in online. However, I still needed to make a visit to the front desk in order to have my details checked, which rendered the whole process a little pointless in my opinion.

Around an hour or so later, I received a notification from my bank that €50 had been taken as a pre-authorisation had been taken. As usual, there was no mention of this whatsoever in the small print. Yes, I know it’s to be expected these days, but at least make it known that it will be occurring and how much will be held.

First impressions upon arrival at the hotel were good. It seemed to be brand new.

Renaissance lobby

There were more than a few seats and tables in the reception area.

Renaissance lobby

The Room

I was given a room on the first floor.


Upon entering, the first thing that caught my eye was an interesting looking rabbit…


Opposite this was a clean and modern looking bathroom.


The bathroom included a number of amenities and a good set of towels.


Carrying on through, there was a kettle and Nespresso machine.

Tea and coffee

On to the main room itself, there was a decent sized bed.

Renaissance room
Renaissance room

With PowerPoints nearby.


In the corner of the room was a lounger and foot stall.


Along the front of the room was a decent sized work desk, complete with power points.

Renaissance desk

And a large TV with a decent selection of channels. Which is much appreciated in an airport hotel with not too much in the local area.



Much like the last Marriott property I stayed in, I had to pay a visit to reception in order to get the WiFi working. Once I did, the basic speed was perfectly usable.


My Thoughts

The Renaissance at Amsterdam Schiphol was one of the better hotels I’ve stayed in actually. It seemed mostly new. As such, everything was spotless. The room was a decent size and there was more than enough on site to provide the basic needs of a night stop. There was both a bar and a restaurant, although I didn’t visit either.

The WiFi issue was a minor niggle, but not the end of the world. And it was sorted without too much fuss.

Renaissance bar
Bar area
Renaissance room
Renaissance room overview

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