Radisson Blu Airport Hotel, Oslo Gardermoen


With a reasonably late arrival and a reasonably early departure from Oslo Gardermoen, one of the many airport hotels was preferred but not essential. With the express train to the city, if there was somewhere more suitable in town, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Whilst the hotels in the city were a little cheaper, by the time I’d paid for the train, the price worked out pretty much the he same as staying at the airport. But with less hassle. 

On site are two hotels – both part of the Radisson group. The lower end Park Inn and the full service Radisson Blu. Although prices were more or less identical. I’d stayed in the Park Inn back in 2017, and it was fine. However as I had stayed there before, I opted for the Radisson this time around.

Access From The Airport

Location wise, the Radisson Blu is a far better option than the Park Inn. Being situated across the road from the terminal, it’s much nearer than the Park Inn. Both hotels are well signposted from the terminal.

This Trip:

Check In

Check in took longer than needed. When I arrived, there was a pretty long queue and just the one member of staff on reception. Eventually, a few more members of staff did turn up, but the whole process took a lot longer than needed. Not the best start…

Radisson Blu Gadermoen lobby

Despite having pre-paid, I was asked for a credit card, “just for any incidentals”. Of course, no mention of how much was going to be set aside… £50? £100? £150? Nope, none of the above. 1NOK – which translates to 9p in English. I can live with that, although I do have to question the whole point of taking such a small amount. 

In the reception area was the hotels bar, although it only appeared to have limited opening hours.

Radisson Blu Gadermoen lobby

The Room

Once I was checked in, I was assigned a room on the 5th floor. 

Radisson Blu Gadermoen

Upon entering the room, I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve found in the past that some Radisson Blu properties can be very long in the tooth. Where as others appear to be brand new. Luckily, this one was the latter.

Radisson Blu Gadermoen room

As I’d not only booked, but paid a premium for an airport view room, the first thing I did was make my way over to the window to check out the view that I had paid extra for.

Radisson Blu Gadermoen view
Radisson Blu Gadermoen view

Oh dear. Luckily, the rest of the room was of good quality. There was a comfortable bed, with USB and mains power nearby.

Radisson Blu Gadermoen room
Radisson Blu Gadermoen room

At the far end of the room was a pretty uncomfortable chair, along with a side table.

Radisson Blu Gadermoen room

Also featured was a decent sized work desk, again with more than enough power nearby.

Moving back towards the front of the room, there was a well stocked minibar, along with a Nespresso machine and two free bottles of water.

The Bathroom

The bathroom was a little clinical looking. But it was mostly clean and functional. 

It also had a good number of amenities, although unlike my previous stays in Radisson Blu properties, they were now own branded.

Although this is where I had to make my third grumble. Whilst there were wash cloths and hand towels, bath towels had been forgotten. Luckily I noticed this before I got into the shower. I tried to call down to reception to share my grievances, but the line was constantly engaged. So it was back downstairs. The few members of staff from when I checked in had mostly vanished, and the one and only staff member was once more dealing with the half dozen or so people that were checking in. 

So after waiting in line once more, I enquired as to whether I had been given the right room. They said I had, to which I responded that maybe they should re word their website – as it’s more than a little misleading. The staff member didn’t seem overly concerned by my issues though.

By the time I’d got back to my room, the maid was pretty much following me down the corridor with some towels, so at least that was sorted out quickly.


As you could probably tell, this was a bit of a frustrating stay! The hotel, room and even the price was fine but the service left a bit to be desired. Ok, technically I did have an airport view, but that wasn’t really what I was expecting. I wonder how many other people have had this issue?

The other two issues however were a little harder to excuse. Leaving just the one person to check people in, despite there obviously being other staff available was slightly bad planning.

And only putting half the number of towels in a room is sloppy housekeeping. 

Would I stay here again? Despite the issues, yes I probably would. The Radisson Blu was a major step up over the Park Inn, both in location and accommodation. Although I won’t bother going out of my way to book an airport view room again though…

Taking A Complaint Further

Unimpressed with the response I got from my complaint at the hotel, I later took to Twitter to vent my frustrations. As of the time I publish this, the hotel had reached out to me, saying:

I have seen that you had some feedback regarding your last stay with us.Would you mind sharing it with me so I can take a look at it?
Best wishes, 

Radisson Blu, Oslo Gadermoen

I did respond, however that was now a week ago. I am yet to hear anything further.


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