Qatar Airways/Air Berlin | B788/A332/B738 | SIN-DOH-BCN-TXL | Business

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Hi there, and thanks for taking a look at the eighth part of my series following my trip down to Australia that took place back in April 2014.
This part will focus on my return from Asia with Qatar Airways, and onwards journey to Berlin with Air Berlin. As I had a few days between arriving back in Barcelona and having to go back to work, I didn’t really fancy flying straight home from BCN. I looked at a few options and as I’ve been wanting to visit Berlin for a while that’s the one that stuck out the most. Since trying out their home airline last year, I was generally impressed with them so I turned to them to fly me there.
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There were a few flights throughout the day, but just the one would fit my schedule as I was due to arrive on QR at 14:15. Unfortunately, much like last year, the AB website didn’t recognise my BA status and wanted to charge me £9 to pre book a seat. No thanks.
 photo abseats.png
After a warm and wet few hours looking around the last few sights of Singapore, I headed back to the hotel to grab my bags before heading off to Changi.
 photo Oz8033.jpg
Around 45 minutes later, I was at T3 but as I was so early, check in wasn’t open.
 photo Oz8034.jpg
 photo Oz8037.jpg
 photo Oz8001.jpg
Never mind though, I headed up to the viewing deck instead.
 photo Oz8002.jpg
Although photography is a little difficult, viewing was good enough.
 photo Oz8003.jpg
At 17:30, check in did open, and I was seen to fairly quickly.
 photo Oz8035.jpg
I made my way through security.
 photo Oz8036.jpg
Instead of heading straight up to the lounge, I took a look at some of Changi’s other attractions.
 photo Oz8004.jpg
 photo Oz8005.jpg
 photo Oz8038.jpg
 photo Oz8006.jpg
 photo Oz8007.jpg
 photo Oz8039.jpg
Eventually, I did go up to the lounge.
 photo Oz8040.jpg
 photo Oz8041.jpg
 photo Oz8008.jpg
It wasn’t a massive lounge. The food options didn’t really appeal to me – I’d eaten in town, but as long as they had a steady flow of cool drinks I was happy.
 photo Oz8009.jpg
 photo Oz8042.jpg
 photo Oz8043.jpg
 photo Oz8047.jpg
 photo Oz8048.jpg
 photo Oz8049.jpg
 photo Oz8010.jpg
I checked out the business centre to see if I could print my boarding passes, and therefore keep my QR ones, but it was a bit of a fail.
 photo Oz8044.jpg
So I decided to do something I’d never done in an airport before – take a shower! After getting very hot and rained on walking the streets of the city, I felt it was a good time to make my debut. Unfortunately, there were remnants if the previous occupant. But other than that it was clean enough.
 photo Oz8050.jpg
 photo Oz8045.jpg
 photo Oz8011.jpg
By the time I was done, there was something on the food table that took my fancy.
 photo Oz8012.jpg
 photo Oz8046.jpg
Feeling very much refreshed and rehydrated, I made my way down to gate A10 where boarding would begin shortly.
 photo Oz8013.jpg
 photo Oz8014.jpg
 photo Oz8051.jpg
There wasn’t a priority line for security, which was surprising as there were 4 metal detectors/X-ray machines.
 photo Oz8015.jpg
I was though pretty quickly, and although I couldn’t actually see my jet, I could just about make out ‘CI’ on the nose wheel doors – meaning I’ll be on one of QR’s newer 787’s, delivered just a few weeks previously. As I sat and waited, I noticed a bit of a storm brewing outside. It didn’t seem to be affecting the movements all that much though.
Boarding was announced, and as usual there was the mass stampede towards the door. The ground crew did a great job at sorting it all out though.
 photo Oz8052.jpg
 photo QRlogo.jpg
April 2014
Boeing 787-8 / A7-BCI
Seat: 4A/ Business
Scheduled: 21:20/23:45
Off Stand: 21:32
On Stand: 00:28

For some reason, I thought that the QR Dreamliner seat was almost identical to the CX one I’d experienced previously, although I was more than pleasantly surprised to see it was much better.
 photo Oz8016.jpg
 photo Oz8017.jpg
 photo Oz8053.jpg
The captain announced a flying time of 7 hours 20 minutes.
 photo Oz8018.jpg
 photo Oz8019.jpg

Many seat positions

Ready and waiting for me was a pair of amenity kits and a menu.
 photo Oz8020.jpg
 photo Oz8055.jpg
One of the crew took my drink order – a lime and mint.
 photo Oz8021.jpg
Meanwhile the purser came and introduced herself and offered some pyjamas and a hot towel.
 photo Oz8057.jpg
 photo Oz8023.jpg

All about the QR 787

 photo Oz8054.jpg
 photo Oz8024.jpg

Good amount of connectivity

 photo Oz8025.jpg

Not so good IFE controller. Way too complicated.

 photo Oz8058.jpg
 photo Oz8059.jpg
We pushed back a little behind schedule, and made our way out to the runway on the opposite side of the airport. It was a pretty slow process. We would inch forward, then stop, inch forward some more then stop again. We would eventually make a quiet takeoff some 30 minutes after push back. We did a 180 degree turn over the masses of ships in the harbour, before passing SIN and then disappearing into darkness.
 photo Oz8056.jpg
 photo Oz8022.jpg
 photo Oz8062.jpg
Soon after departure, my PJ’s were delivered.
 photo Oz8026.jpg
 photo Oz8064.jpg

Magazine rack at the rear of the cabin

 photo Oz8065.jpg
 photo Oz8066.jpg

Standard flower in the 787 premium washroom

When I’d got back from changing, I found the following waiting for me. I was impressed that the crew seemed to sense my liking for the lime and mint – and therefore kept bringing me refills! After a warm day in Singapore, all of them were very much welcome.
 photo Oz8027.jpg
I decided to watch an episode of Top Gear on the IFE.
 photo Oz8028.jpg
 photo Oz8063.jpg

Headphones and water in the armrest.

 photo Oz8070.jpg
A few moments later, dinner orders were taken. I skipped the starter and went for the duck for the main.
 photo Oz8029.jpg
 photo Oz8031.jpg
 photo Oz8030.jpg
Followed up with ice cream for dessert.
 photo Oz8032.jpg
After this, I put the seat into full recline, and fell fast asleep.
 photo Oz8086.jpg
I only awoke when the seatbelt sign came on for landing, so that goes to show how comfortable the seat was! It was a bit of a mad rush to get changed and ready for landing. A few moments later, we were on to finals and touching down into Doha.
 photo Oz8089.jpg
We initially braked a little hard before seemingly just rolling down to the end of the runway and letting the plane slow itself down. There was method in the madness though. As we had been assigned stand 1, it meant we could pull straight off the runway and on to stand.
 photo Oz8075.jpg
 photo Oz8076.jpg
I took a few moments to gather my things and I was last off.
 photo Oz8060.jpg
 photo Oz8061.jpg
It was then a tour of DOH, first stopping at the Doha arrivals terminal, and then the premium terminal. Once more, a couple of economy passengers managed to get on the premium bus, and were left a little red faced when they weren’t allowed entry to the premium terminal, and there was no bus to take them to the standard terminal.
 photo Oz8077.jpg
I cleared security, had a brief wander of the duty free shop before heading upstairs for a nice 8 hour layover.
 photo Oz8067.jpg
 photo Oz8068.jpg
 photo Oz8069.jpg
 photo Oz8078.jpg
 photo Oz8079.jpg
 photo Oz8080.jpg
 photo Oz8081.jpg
Around 2AM, I was approached by one of the staff saying the buffet was about to close so if I wanted anything to eat, I should grab something now. Not fancying anything from the buffet, I made my way to the deli instead, but I was informed that was now closed. Luckily, I wasn’t too hungry. I was now totally reliant on my iPad for entertainment…
 photo Oz8071.jpg
 photo Oz8072.jpg

Pretty empty at this time of night/morning.

 photo Oz8073.jpg
 photo Oz8074.jpg

A bit of Jack Dee later on.

It appeared everything would start coming back to life at 5 AM.
 photo Oz8082.jpg
Once the lounge did start waking up again, I ordered some breakfast.
 photo Oz8083.jpg
 photo Oz8084.jpg
 photo Oz8085.jpg

About the most I got to see of Qatar from ground level.

 photo Oz8090.jpg
At around 07:10, feeling like I’d seen enough of the lounge, I made my way downstairs as according to my boarding pass, boarding was due to start in 10 minutes. It was a little off however, as things were a little busy.
 photo Oz8096.jpg
Boarding finally did begin at 07:45, and it was on to a bus over to A7-AEG
 photo Oz8097.jpg
 photo QRlogo.jpg
April 2014
A330-300 / A7-AEG
Seat: 3K / Business
Scheduled: 08:20/14:15
Off Stand: 08:29
On Stand: 14:22

I turned left at the door and was immediately met by a very orange looking Spanish steward offering me a drink. I took the lemon and mint. I must admit, I preferred the lime.
 photo Oz8099.jpg
 photo Oz8088.jpg
 photo Oz8087.jpg
Amenity kits, headphones and a menu were already waiting on my seat.
 photo Oz8098.jpg
 photo Oz8108.jpg
 photo Oz8110.jpg
Just when I thought I’d got lucky, my seat mate showed up. Shortly after, hot towels were brought around.
 photo Oz8100.jpg
The French captain announced a flying time of 6 hours 30 minutes and a cruising altitude of 36,000ft.
We pushed back and made our way over to the active. We sat and waited for around ten minutes without moving, before finally lifting off over the bay.
 photo Oz8103.jpg
 photo Oz8104.jpg
 photo Oz8105.jpg
 photo Oz8106.jpg
 photo Oz8091.jpg
Around fifteen minutes after departure, the breakfast service began. First off was the smoothie – very refreshing.
 photo Oz8092.jpg
At around the same time, I decided to put a film on, Fargo. I’d seen it before, but not for a while. That was the theory. A system reset and a new pair of headphones later and I was good to go.
 photo Oz8093.jpg
Breakfast continued.
 photo Oz8094.jpg
 photo Oz8095.jpg
I then missed most of the film due to falling asleep.
To try and wake up, I went and cleaned my teeth and had a chat in the front galley about my trip. During which I was offered some fresh baked, straight from the oven cookies – well, I won’t say no!
 photo Oz8101.jpg
 photo Oz8102.jpg
I returned to my seat and I tried my luck with the taking of Pelham 1,2,3 instead. It was filmed in [url=]the museum I visited in September 2012[/url]
 photo Oz8111.jpg
During the film, the crew member looking after my side of the aisle came and placed another three cookies in the centre console.
 photo Oz8113.jpg
With around two hours of the flight remaining, the snack service started. I didn’t indulge though, as it was still feeling a little full. The Spanish crew member did his best to try and persuade me otherwise, but I just didn’t feel like it. Even when he brought my seat mates meal, he once again asked if I had changed my mind.
 photo Oz8107.jpg
 photo Oz8115.jpg
Around 35 minutes before arrival, the captain said we would shortly be starting our descent and gave a weather update.
 photo Oz8109.jpg
 photo Oz8112.jpg
The crew gave out yet another hot towel.
 photo Oz8120.jpg
We turned over the city to some pretty decent views.
 photo Oz8134.jpg
 photo Oz8135.jpg
 photo Oz8136.jpg
 photo Oz8137.jpg
 photo Oz8138.jpg
Touchdown came at just before 14:20, and despite only being a minute or two behind schedule the crew were very apologetic about the delay. We taxied over to our stand, which just happened to be next door to the EK A380.
 photo Oz8118.jpg
 photo Oz8114.jpg
There was then the usual scrum to disembark.
 photo Oz8119.jpg
It was then a case of following the signs to baggage reclaim.
 photo Oz8121.jpg
Once there, our belt was shared with no less than four other flights, meaning it took a good twenty minutes or so for the first of the bags to emerge.
 photo Oz8122.jpg
Once they did, mine was in the first batch off. It was then through customs and upstairs to start all over again!
 photo Oz8127.jpg
 photo Oz8128.jpg
I ventured outside to grab some fresh air, as I’d not really had any for a while!
 photo Oz8129.jpg
 photo Oz8130.jpg
When I came back in, the AB check in area was still setting up. They appeared to be having issues with their signs. They either both showed priority, both standard or the airport logo. Not one priority and the other standard.
 photo Oz8131.jpg
 photo Oz8133.jpg
Once everything was set up, the agent announced that the line I was in was for priority passengers only. Despite this nobody moved. Check in was a little slow due to the guy in front checking in 4 people without them being there. There seemed to be a bit of a discussion as to why they needed to be present, but in the end he gave in and moved.
I asked about lounge access, and the attitude seemed to be ‘guess you’ll just have to go and try it…’
After this, I headed through security which took only a couple of minutes, before heading off to grab a shot of the QR jet that brought me here.
 photo Oz8116.jpg
After this I made my way up to the lounge and was granted entry without issue.
 photo Oz8140.jpg
 photo Oz8117.jpg
 photo Oz8141.jpg
 photo Oz8142.jpg
 photo Oz8143.jpg
 photo Oz8144.jpg
It was basically the same as the non Schengen lounge, but the other way around. And not as busy.
I waited here for a while, until I spotted a blue tail out of the window. I recognised it as Aerolineas Argentinas, and immediately set off to investigate, as I’d not seen the new livery in the flesh before.
 photo Oz8123.jpg
I also took the opportunity to see what else was around.
 photo Oz8147.jpg
 photo Oz8124.jpg
 photo Oz8125.jpg
 photo Oz8126.jpg
Once I’d seen what I wanted, I took a wander down the B pier before heading in the direction of the C pier where my flight would be departing from. There was an AB 737 on stand, and I figured that would be my ride up to Berlin.
 photo Oz8132.jpg
In the mean time, I found a quiet area with a view and waited for boarding to begin.
 photo Oz8149.jpg
Boarding was announced at 17:20, and I was the third on board behind a pair of AB golds.
 photo Oz8150.jpg
 photo Oz8151.jpg
 photo ABlogo.jpg
April 2014
Boeing 737-800 / D-ABBG
Seat: 5F / Economy
Scheduled: 17:55/20:25
Off Stand: 17:47
On Stand: 20:15

As I boarded, the crew were handing out boiled sweets but I didn’t indulge as I’m not a fan of them.
 photo Oz8139.jpg
The flight seemed full, but boarding was completed quickly. So quickly in fact, that we pushed back a good ten minutes or so ahead of schedule.
 photo Oz8152.jpg
A flying time of 2h25 was announced. Normally I’m all up for longer flights, but this was the one occasion I wanted something a little shorter. I was starting to feel a little tired by now. We sped down to the runway and lifted off without hesitation.
 photo Oz8153.jpg
We made a couple of turns over the sea and then made our way through the thin cloud layer.
 photo Oz8154.jpg
Shortly after departure one of the crew members came through the cabin asking if anybody wanted the enhanced catering – basically a hot meal for around €10. And after this, the regular snack service. A choice of cheese or salami roll. But rather than the prepackaged option you get on LH, this was fresh in a paper bag.
 photo Oz8156.jpg
 photo Oz8157.jpg
 photo Oz8145.jpg
 photo Oz8146.jpg
Impressive! AB have a pretty decent model here – snacks for all and the option of paying for more if you want it.
 photo Oz8158.jpg
There’s not an awful lot more that can be said about this sector – there weren’t even any views to be had really.
 photo Oz8148.jpg
Descent started, and we landed into TXL.
 photo Oz8155.jpg
 photo Oz8164.jpg
 photo Oz8165.jpg
 photo Oz8166.jpg
 photo Oz8167.jpg
 photo Oz8168.jpg
 photo Oz8169.jpg
Annoyingly, we were given a remote stand. Normally, I wouldn’t mind this but I just wanted to get to bed now.
 photo Oz8170.jpg
Unlike my previous flights, the crew weren’t giving out chocolate hearts on disembarkation. Shame, as I would have taken them up on that offer! It was then on to a bus for the very short ride over to the terminal – that was more like a warehouse.
 photo Oz8171.jpg
 photo Oz8172.jpg
 photo Oz8173.jpg
There was a bit of a wait at baggage claim, but my bag was still the forth out. It was then on to a bus to the city.
 photo Oz8174.jpg
I arrived at my hotel, the Park Inn, and was told there was a problem… Due to the hotel being sold out, they would have to upgrade my room to a suite therefore it doesn’t have a window… Whatever, as long as it’s got a bed I don’t care!
 photo Oz8159.jpg
 photo Oz8160.jpg
 photo Oz8161.jpg
 photo Oz8162.jpg
 photo Oz8163.jpg
40 hours or so after leaving my hotel in Singapore, it was finally bed time. I surprisingly woke up pretty early though and made my way downstairs for breakfast.
 photo Oz8185.jpg
Following this, it was out to see the city.
 photo Oz8175.jpg
 photo Oz8176.jpg

My hotel with the Fernsehturm next door

 photo Oz8177.jpg
Berlin Cathedral
 photo Oz8178.jpg
 photo Oz8179.jpg
The Amplemann
 photo Oz8180.jpg
 photo Oz8181.jpg
And his very own shop.
 photo Oz8195.jpg
 photo Oz8182.jpg
Brandenburg Gate
 photo Oz8183.jpg
In the city
 photo Oz8184.jpg
Checking out the Ritter Sport shop
 photo Oz8196.jpg
 photo Oz8197.jpg
Luckily, the sun finally put in an appearance. Something of a rarity on this trip!
 photo Oz8186.jpg
 photo Oz8187.jpg
I decided to take a look at the pretty interesting (and packed) DDR museum.
 photo Oz8188.jpg
 photo Oz8189.jpg
 photo Oz8190.jpg
 photo Oz8191.jpg
 photo Oz8192.jpg
 photo Oz8193.jpg
 photo Oz8194.jpg
Much like my outbound flights, the service onboard Qatar couldn’t be faulted. The only complaint is that going from their latest J product to arguably their weakest was a bit of a shock. Although the A330’s are designated to mid haul routes so I guess it doesn’t make much sense for them to fit them out with full flat seats.
Air Berlin were fine too – a decent and tasty snack option and a cheerful enough crew. Just a shame about the terminal they use at TXL.
Look out for the final part of this series that will finish off this journey with a flight on Turkish Airlines over to Istanbul, before flying on BA’s 767 in Club Europe back to London.

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