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Airline: Qatar Airways
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Route: Doha Hamad – Stockholm Arlanda
Flight number: QR171
Seat number: 4A
Cabin: Business
Flight date: April 2016

Check In / Security
As I had already checked in for this flight in Singapore, I didn’t have any need to visit the check in desks at Doha. However, as there is a dedicated Business security lane, I made a pass of them anyway. It was probably one of the better Business check in areas I’ve seen, however this doesn’t come as much of a surprise due to the fact the airport is virtually brand new. It seemed as though if I had checked in, it would have been a very relaxed experience.
 photo IMG_6849.jpg
 photo IMG_6851.jpg
 photo IMG_6854.jpg
 photo IMG_6855.jpg
 photo IMG_6856.jpg
As I was the only person at security, I was processed in just a minute or two.
The lounge was the same one that I had previously visited on this trip. Thankfully, it was deserted at this time, meaning I could get a good look around. It was of a decent size and included quite a few separate areas, but in my opinion, despite being visually impressive, it lacked any real wow factor.
 photo IMG_6858.jpg
 photo IMG_6860.jpg
 photo IMG_6862.jpg
 photo IMG_6864.jpg
 photo IMG_6865.jpg
 photo IMG_6866.jpg
 photo IMG_6890.jpg
Upstairs was a restaurant area, complete with manned bar.
 photo IMG_6867.jpg
 photo IMG_6878.jpg
There are menus available, but they aren’t present on any of the tables – you have to approach the podium to get one.
 photo IMG_6868.jpg
 photo IMG_6869.jpg
There was also a pretty sizeable business centre
 photo IMG_6882.jpg
 photo IMG_6884.jpg
As well as a small gaming area.
 photo IMG_6887.jpg
At the opposite end to the main restaurant, there is a “dining resort” where you can get any option of sandwiches made.
 photo IMG_6888.jpg
Boarding / Onboard
As seems to be frequently the case in Doha, Business class was boarded after economy. From what I could see, the boarding order was strictly enforced. Once onboard, I made my way to seat 4A.
 photo IMG_6901.jpg
Ready and waiting was a blanket and pillow.
 photo IMG_6903.jpg
Also this seat features plenty of storage options.
 photo IMG_6904.jpg
 photo IMG_6905.jpg
 photo IMG_6914.jpg
The service started on the ground with welcome drinks and hot towels being handed out.
 photo IMG_6908.jpg
 photo IMG_6909.jpg
However due to push back starting, menus had to wait until we were in the air.
 photo IMG_6910.jpg
Once we were airborne, an initial drinks run took place.
 photo IMG_6932.jpg
Although mine got forgotten, and it was only when distributing the nuts did the crew member in question then remember.
 photo IMG_6935.jpg
Also around this time, the Georgio Armani amenity kits were handed out.
 photo IMG_6930.jpg
Followed shortly after by the meal service, of which I went for the fish option.
 photo IMG_6939.jpg
 photo IMG_6943.jpg
Once everybody had finished eating, the cabin lights were dimmed, the 787’s unique windows were dimmed and that was that. No chocolates after dinner, a drink that I had ordered never turned up (again), a hot towel that was handed out after eating took a good hour to be collected and the on board bar wasn’t even set up.
 photo IMG_6950.jpg
 photo IMG_6953.jpg
Arrival was made around thirty minutes ahead of schedule into a rainy Arlanda. There was quite a wait for a jet bridge to be attached, but once we were released, it was pretty quick to clear passport control. The wait came for the bags – there was just one going round from the flight for quite a while – surely it didn’t travel in a container by itself?! When things did get moving, mine was one of the first out.
 photo IMG_6968.jpg
After two generally decent flights with Qatar on the out bound sectors of this ticket, the return two were a bit of a disappointment. You can read my thoughts on the Singapore – Doha sector in that report. This flight however I felt the crew let things down a bit. As previously mentioned I had asked for a drink, which never turned up and I always feel that when a crew turns the lights down and closes the window blinds on a daytime flight, they generally cant be bothered with the service. How hard could it have been to set the on board bar up? And to forget a drink not once, but twice is very poor.
The positives though: The ground set up in Doha is great. The check in area is very classy and the business lounge is streets ahead of other airlines offerings. The airlines hard product on their long haul aircraft is also very decent – again, it puts a few other airlines to shame really.
It does seem a shame however that both the hard and soft product across the airline lacks consistency.
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