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Hi there, and thanks for taking a look at the second installment from my trip down under in April. If you missed the first part, which saw me position to Barcelona on EasyJet, then it can be seen here:
The focus of this report will be on the following outbound flights:
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Those eagle eyed readers will notice a bit of a difference in equipment from the original itinerary posted in part 1. One of the A330-300’s was subbed for an A330-200, which would be a new sub type, and the 777-300ER scheduled to operate the return from SIN had been swapped out for a 787. Again, this suited me, as it would be by first flight on a 787 that was longer than about 2.5 hours.
Check in was made 48 hours prior to departure.
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Picking up from the last part then – I checked out of my hotel and headed towards the beach and the Olympic village – the plan was to spend the morning walking back to where the bus left in the city centre. Unfortunately it wasn’t as sunny as it was, but at least it was still warm enough.
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After a pleasant walk, it was on to a bus to the airport, arriving around 25 minutes later.
 photo OZ2012.jpg
 photo OZ2013.jpg
 photo OZ2014.jpg
I made my way to the Qatar business check in, which was pretty much right where the bus dropped me.
 photo OZ2016.jpg
The agent was more interested in chatting to her colleague than acknowledging I was there. Black mark against Qatar straight away there, although if this is the worst thing that happens then it will have worked out well. When she did acknowledge me, it was only to inform me that the flight had been delayed by 20 to 30 minutes or so as the aircraft now wouldn’t arrive into BCN until 15:00 local. Somehow, I think it’s going to take some effort to turn an A330 around in an hour and fifteen… She was also so wrapped up in her chat, she forgot to put a burgundy bag tag on my cabin bag. Not a major issue, but still shows a lack of attention.
 photo OZ2018.jpg
Due to the delay, rather than make a bolt through security, I found a bench outside and enjoyed some fresh air – especially as the sun had now put in an appearance.
 photo OZ2021.jpg
Eventually, I submitted and made my way through security.
 photo OZ2023.jpg
Instead of going straight through passport control, I took a wander through the Schengen area for a while.
 photo OZ2024.jpg
 photo OZ2022.jpg
 photo OZ2008.jpg
Although not a huge amount was going on outside, so I made my way up to the lounge.
 photo OZ2028.jpg
Upon reaching the lounge, there was a slight issue with my entry – which slightly confused me as I was both flying business and had OneWorld status – so either ways should have been granted entry without issue. Eventually I was let in and I grabbed a couple of snacks.
 photo OZ2032.jpg
 photo OZ2010.jpg
 photo OZ2034.jpg
A few moments after I sat down, the lounge agent approached me and asked if I was flying with Qatar… Yes. She then asked if I’ve got a boarding pass… Yes, that’s what I just showed you. Do you have a proper boarding pass… I reached into my bag and grabbed the one I was given at check in. She was happy enough, and said that she just needed to see that I had a real one (as this had the lounge entry written on it) and not the home printed one. Strange. I wonder what would have happened if I was flying in Y and wanted entry from my OneWorld status? The lounge was comfortable enough, but it was a little dark and they didn’t seem to offer any Wi-Fi either – just the free airport one for 15 minutes… Which I used up my share of previously.
 photo OZ2030.jpg
 photo OZ2031.jpg
 photo OZ2033.jpg
 photo OZ2029.jpg
 photo OZ2009.jpg
 photo OZ2011.jpg
I amused myself in the lounge with a newspaper, until gate E70 was announced at 14:45.
 photo OZ2038.jpg
Feeling like a change of scenery, I made my way down, only to find there wasn’t an aircraft on stand. At least I could amuse myself with some of the other movements.
 photo OZ2039.jpg
 photo OZ2015.jpg
 photo OZ2017.jpg
 photo OZ2019.jpg
 photo OZ2020.jpg
By 15:30, when there still wasn’t any sign of an aircraft, and the crew were still firmly planted in the waiting area, I figured the 30 minute delay quoted by the check in agent was now looking a little optimistic. A few moments later, the familiar grey and burgundy jet appeared from around the corner and pulled on to stand – ten minutes before scheduled departure time.
 photo OZ2025.jpg
Soon after, an announcement was made saying that boarding would begin at 16:10. Still a little optimistic in my view…
 photo OZ2027.jpg

I had tried to work one of these into the schedule. Flight times weren’t on my side though.

 photo OZ2045.jpg

The plane is here, so everybody seems to think we will be boarding in the next 2 minutes…

Boarding eventually began at 16:15, although it wasn’t actually announced. As it turned out, it was the same gate agent that checked me in, and she insisted that I used the boarding pass she had given me… So no souvenir boarding pass for me today. I made my way down the jet bridge, where it forked. Business passengers to the left, economy to the right. So no left turn for me today.
 photo OZ2048.jpg
 photo QRlogo.jpg
April 2014
A330-200 / A7-BCJ
Seat: 2K / Business
Scheduled: 15:45/23:15
Off Stand: 16:46
On Stand: 23:44

I was welcomed on board and shown to my seat. Ready and waiting was a seat of noise cancelling headphones, pillow and a quilt.
 photo OZ2049.jpg
 photo OZ2035.jpg
 photo OZ2050.jpg
 photo OZ2051.jpg

I always like seeing this sort of thing.

A few moments later the crew member serving my side of the aisle introduced herself and commented on the fact I was heading on to Singapore after this flight. She returned a few moments later with an amenity kit and probably one of the cheapest menus I’ve seen. Followed with some water.
 photo OZ2037.jpg
 photo OZ2036.jpg
 photo OZ2053.jpg
 photo OZ2054.jpg

Is this mine or the crews?

A few moments after this, both hot and cold towels were distributed.
 photo OZ2055.jpg
 photo OZ2059.jpg

Safety video shown whilst still on stand.

Pushback commenced an hour later than scheduled and we made a pretty quick taxi out to the runway.
 photo OZ2061.jpg
 photo OZ2062.jpg

Followed by a private A318

We made a quick takeoff roll before immediately banking to the right, over the sea. Therefore views were limited.
 photo OZ2063.jpg
 photo OZ2064.jpg
 photo OZ2065.jpg
I took the opportunity to see what was in the amenity kit.
 photo OZ2066.jpg
Once the crew was released, they came around taking meal orders – and apologised for the rather naff looking menus. Apparently, this was due to a last minute catering change.
I ordered the noodles and some champagne. A few moments later, the purser came and introduced herself and apologised for the delay. She said we were due to arrive into Doha at 23:40, so around 25 minutes behind schedule.
 photo OZ2041.jpg
I noticed a magazine rack at the back of the cabin – I went and took a look and found the latest edition of T3 to keep me entertained until the meal service began a few minutes later.
 photo OZ2068.jpg
 photo OZ2042.jpg
 photo OZ2043.jpg
 photo OZ2044.jpg
 photo OZ2046.jpg
 photo OZ2047.jpg

Mountain on one of the Italian islands

 photo OZ2040.jpg
It was finished off with a cappuccino, a hot towel, and some chocolates ‘courtesy of Qatar Airways’.
 photo OZ2052.jpg
 photo OZ2069.jpg
Following this, I decided to check out the IFE. To be honest it was pretty poor. There wasn’t any front end to it, so it was a case of flicking through the thirty odd channels, and waiting for the opening credits before you knew what you were watching. At least until I had a look in the IFE guide anyway. Then it all made sense – it was pre set to video mode, when it needed to be set to interactive instead. I went with the secret life of Walter Mitty.
 photo OZ2071.jpg
 photo OZ2056.jpg
 photo OZ2060.jpg
 photo OZ2058.jpg
As the film went on, the light was fast disappearing outside, and the mood lights came on for a little while.
 photo OZ2057.jpg
 photo OZ2067.jpg
Later in the flight, as I was one of the few people still awake, I was handed a survey to fill out. I was glad about this, so I could let the airline know about the poor showing of the contract workers back in BCN.
 photo OZ2070.jpg
 photo OZ2072.jpg
 photo OZ2073.jpg
 photo OZ2078.jpg

Darkness in the cabin

Just as I was filling out the survey, the ever attentive crew member approaches me and asks if I’d like something to drink and some cake before landing. Of course, I couldn’t turn down the cake! And feeling adventurous, I thought I’d try a Cointreau too. Yet another hot towel appeared too.
 photo OZ2074.jpg
Descent started into pretty much darkness. It was out over the water before swinging around into DOH.
 photo OZ2080.jpg

Arrivals video shown on descent

 photo OZ2076.jpg
 photo OZ2077.jpg
 photo OZ2082.jpg
We touched down and made a short taxi on to stand. Upon arrival, there was a bit of a wait before making my way down the stairs on to a waiting bus.
 photo OZ2086.jpg
 photo OZ2087.jpg
 photo OZ2088.jpg
 photo OZ2089.jpg
It was then a tour of DOH – first stopping at the arrivals terminal before heading off in the opposite direction, past the plane that had brought us here to the standard terminal, as an economy passenger had slipped on. It was then on our way to the premium terminal, through a brief security check, and then upstairs into the lounge. I didn’t go too mad in the duty free area as I had more than enough time to explore on my return.
 photo OZ2090.jpg
 photo OZ2091.jpg
As I entered, I noticed the Singapore flight was boarding. Not being quite with it, I thought it was mine – it seemed a little early, so I checked with one of the staff members. As it turned out, it was the earlier flight. Oops.
 photo OZ2092.jpg
The lounge was pretty busy, as it took me an awful lot of searching to find a seat. In the end, I sat in the restaurant area.
 photo OZ2093.jpg
 photo OZ2098.jpg
The food selections were decent enough, but I didn’t go too mad as I planned on eating on board.
 photo OZ2094.jpg
 photo OZ2095.jpg
Within just a short period, the lounge cleared out and I moved to a more comfortable seat.
 photo OZ2081.jpg
Boarding was called at 01:40 and I made my way down to gate 2.
 photo OZ2079.jpg
 photo OZ2099.jpg
It was on to a bus and then over to A7-BAX.
 photo OZ2100.jpg
 photo OZ2101.jpg
 photo QRlogo.jpg
April 2014
Boeing 777-300ER / A7-BAX
Seat: 1A / Business
Scheduled: 02:25/15:15
Off Stand: 02:50
On Stand: 15:18

Upon making my way up the stairs, it was immediately apparent that QR had put the extra space on this jet to much better use.
 photo OZ2083.jpg
There was a lot more legroom.
 photo OZ2084.jpg
Almost immediately, I was offered a welcome drink. A very refreshing lime and mint. A pair of PJ’s also showed up.
 photo OZ2102.jpg
 photo OZ2085.jpg
The menu on this flight was a lot more professional.
 photo OZ2103.jpg
 photo OZ2104.jpg
Boarding was completed and for the second time I didn’t have a seatmate – the only spare seat in this business class cabin! Although I hadn’t lucked out for long. Somebody who was sat further back wanted the bassinet. Oh well. Pushback was a little delayed, but it wasn’t really announced as to why. When we did get going, it was over to the active for a bumpy take off, followed by a pretty good view of downtown Doha. Much like the previous flight though, it was straight out over the water and that was it for the views.
 photo OZ2105.jpg
 photo OZ2106.jpg
Once the seatbelt sign was switched off, I made my way to the washroom and changed into my PJ’s. There was a stack of toothbrushes and razors as well as the slightly higher quality soaps and lotions.
 photo OZ2107.jpg
 photo OZ2108.jpg
When I returned to my seat, the crew took my food options. I took the salmon palette pleaser followed by the cookies for the moment, followed by the omelette a little later in the flight.
 photo OZ2109.jpg
 photo OZ2111.jpg
As the food turned up, there were some decent views of the UAE.
 photo OZ2096.jpg
 photo OZ2097.jpg

Dubai in the distance

Shortly after departure, the crew came and attached the babies bassinet to the bulkhead, which completely blocked my escape path. Despite the fact that both mother and baby were fully reclined in their seat and fast asleep. Surely common sense would say that if they both seemed fine, leave it as it was until requested? Ironic how I had so much space in front of me, yet I was still marooned in my seat.
 photo OZ2110.jpg
Although it didn’t matter anyway. Soon afterwards, I decided to put the seat into bed mode and the next thing I knew the sun had come up, we had passed India and there were only a few hours until landing.
 photo OZ2112.jpg
I drifted off for another hour or so until the cabin lights came up and breakfast was served.
 photo OZ2115.jpg
 photo OZ2114.jpg
 photo OZ2113.jpg
 photo OZ2116.jpg
 photo OZ2117.jpg
 photo OZ2118.jpg
Some nasty clouds over Kuala Lumpur.
 photo OZ2121.jpg
 photo OZ2122.jpg
 photo OZ2123.jpg

Can I be dropped off here?!

Not long after I’d finished a very tasty breakfast, descent started. Luckily, the bassinet had vanished overnight, and I was able to escape to the washroom to freshen up unhindered – despite my seatmate still being fully reclined. Descent was a pretty cloudy affair.
 photo OZ2129.jpg
 photo OZ2120.jpg
 photo OZ2119.jpg
 photo OZ2124.jpg
Once we had cleared the quite turbulent clouds, there was a thud as the gear came down
 photo OZ2125.jpg
 photo OZ2126.jpg
 photo OZ2127.jpg
 photo OZ2130.jpg
 photo OZ2131.jpg
 photo OZ2132.jpg
we well and truly hit the deck at Singapore, along with some heavy braking action and full reverse. The 77W can be a noisy thing when it wants to be…
 photo OZ2133.jpg
As I’d spotted the QR 787 on stand at the far end of the airport, I figured we would be going to join it. Instead though, we pulled on to stand just a short time after exiting the runway.
 photo OZ2128.jpg

One of the locals

There was a bit of wait whilst the dual jet bridge was attached, and then it was off through T3.
 photo OZ2134.jpg
 photo OZ2135.jpg
 photo OZ2136.jpg
 photo OZ2137.jpg

Another stamp for the collection

Immigration was a bit slow, but by the time I had cleared it, my bag was ready and waiting for me – in fact it was one of the last going around the carousel. I’ve always wondered who that bag belongs to which comes out first and then you see doing lap after lap whilst you’re waiting hours for yours… turns out its me on this occasion!
 photo OZ2138.jpg
 photo OZ2139.jpg
 photo OZ2140.jpg

Made it safe and sound all the way from BCN via DOH.

Following this, it was over to T2 to catch my connecting flight… But that story will have to wait for another day!

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