Qantas Unveils 100th Anniversary Livery

The latest Boeing 787 for Qantas Airlines has rolled out of the Boeing manufacturing plant wearing a special livery.

The airline will celebrate its 99th birthday in November 2019 and has unveiled the commemorative livery to celebrate its 100th year of operations.

Featuring every logo of the airline dating back to its formation in 1920, it also features the new centenary logo. The belly of the aircraft features a Qantas red that emerges near the forward door and sweeps backwards to join the familiar red tail.

The special livery is applied to VH-ZNJ. Named Longreach, which is coincidentally the name applied by the airline to their recently retired Boeing 747-400’s.

Undergoing its final checks at Boeing, the aircraft will be handed over to Qantas in November 2019. Before entering normal service, this particular aircraft will operate to London on the second of two Project Sunrise test flights.

Qantas is currently evaluating the feasibility of launching non-stop flights from Sydney to New York and London. As a part of this, it will use its existing 787 Dreamliner aircraft for test flights. The airline will then evaluate whether the Airbus A350ULR or upcoming Boeing 777X will be the best fit for the potential routes.

It was announced earlier in the year that Qantas will be launching direct flights from Brisbane to both San Francisco and Chicago in April 2020, where it will also utilise its 787 aircraft.

Qantas is the latest airline to commemorate an anniversary with a special livery applied to its aircraft. Dutch airline KLM celebrated their 100th anniversary in October with a 787 in a commemorative livery. Colombian airline Avianca have painted an Airbus A319 in a retro livery to celebrate their 100th anniversary.

And finally, British Airways has painted three of their Boeing 747 and a single Airbus A319 aircraft into retro liveries to celebrate their…45th anniversary. Although they are somewhat loosely also celebrating their 100th anniversary.

Images of the special livery applied to the Qantas 787:

(click each picture to view full size)

The history of the Qantas logo:

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