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Picking up almost immediately where the last part left off, outside Muttrah Souk, It was now time to head back to Muscat international. If you missed the previous part, or indeed any of the others in this series, you can catch up here:
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So I made my way to the taxi rank and agreed a price of 10 Rials – once they had finished lunch. It was a little uncomfortable being left in a car that wasn’t moving, without any windows open in 41 degree heat but once the drivers had sorted out who was taking me and finished the last few bites of their sandwich we were off.
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The taxi driver was good enough to throw in a brief tour of the other sights around Muscat too, so there was a bit of a detour along the way – I had plenty of time according to the driver, so was quite glad of this bonus tour. He was actually quite a friendly guy, showing me a photo album he had of the various sites of the Muscat area, giving me a bit of overview to the history and the future of the area and telling me about his family. Turns out he actually had family in England too – although I generally find most people do once you tell them where you’re from…
 photo IMG_0793.jpg
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 photo IMG_0795.jpg
 photo IMG_0797.jpg
 photo IMG_0800.jpg

Glad I got to see this – I’d seen pictures before I left but looked a bit far out to reach.

Arrival at the airport was around thirty minutes later. Almost immediately as you enter, there’s a security check.
 photo IMG_20130509_122621.jpg
It was then around to the Oman air check in to grab my boarding pass.
 photo IMG_20130509_122902.jpg
 photo IMG_20130509_122907.jpg
 photo IMG_20130509_123224.jpg
 photo IMG_20130509_124002.jpg

WY even have good looking boarding passes!

As there didn’t seem to be a huge amount landside, especially after all the security checks, I headed through to passport control and was stamped out of the country. Then it was yet another security check – the third by my count. As usual, it was in to a duty free shop almost immediately.
 photo IMG_20130509_124651.jpg
 photo IMG_20130509_125127.jpg
There were also a few windows around to see what was around.
 photo IMG_0801.jpg
 photo IMG_0804.jpg
After this it was a bit of a wander, however this airport is a world away from DXB!
 photo IMG_20130509_125345.jpg
 photo IMG_20130509_125646.jpg
But for how long?
 photo IMG_20130509_125301.jpg
I then made my way downstairs to gate 17, although it wasn’t actually open. So I just sat and waited in a pretty dreary looking basement.
 photo IMG_20130509_131234.jpg
The gate was opened a few moments later, and I entered the holding pen, seeing something familiar along the way.
 photo IMG_20130509_131807.jpg
 photo IMG_20130509_131839.jpg
In the distance I could see the scheduled E175 being prepared to head over to DXB.
 photo IMG_0808.jpg
 photo IMG_0809.jpg

Guess they weren’t expecting a jet of this size when they built this hangar.

Boarding was called at 16:35, although there wasn’t a bus straight away. So why call for barding?! After a minute or two, one turned up and we made our way over to A40-EB, one of the only jets on this side of the terminal.
 photo IMGA0896.jpg
 photo IMGA0899.jpg
 photo WYlogo.jpg
9th May 2013
Embraer E175 / A4O-EB
Seat: 18A / Economy
Scheduled: 17:20 / 18:20
Off Stand: 17:08
On Stand: 18:12

Once onboard, I was amazed to see seat back TV screens – on a regional jet?! In fact the cabin was pretty clean and modern in general with a colourful scheme, yet still managing to remain subtle in the process. Much better than the Dark leather of the European carriers.
 photo IMG_0810.jpg
 photo IMGA0900.jpg
 photo IMGA0901.jpg
 photo IMGA0903.jpg
Legroom was sufficient too.
 photo IMG_0811.jpg
 photo IMG_20130509_134737.jpg
There were also pillows on each seat. Again, a nice touch on such a short hop. I remember flying with BD many years ago and my mum asked for one as she had a bad back – and was told they don’t even carry them on such short flights.
 photo IMGA0904.jpg
 photo IMG_0812.jpg
 photo IMGA0905.jpg

One of the increasing number of airlines that are doing away with no smoking signs. Although nobody paid any attention.

The American captain came over the PA and announced a flying time of 48 minutes and a cruising altitude of 20,000ft.
The engines were started and pushback came at 17:08 – or should I say we pulled away from stand, and made the taxi out to the runway, quite a few minutes ahead of schedule. We passed some interesting things along the way.
 photo IMGA0907.jpg
 photo IMGA0916.jpg
 photo IMGA0908.jpg
 photo IMGA0909.jpg
 photo IMGA0910.jpg
 photo IMGA0912.jpg
Upon reaching the end of the runway, there was a wait for a few moments for our sister ship to land.
 photo IMG_0813.jpg
 photo IMG_0814.jpg
We took off into the haze at just before 17:20.
 photo IMGA0924.jpg
 photo IMGA0925.jpg
 photo IMGA0927.jpg
 photo IMGA0928.jpg

Passing the future MCT.
 photo IMGA0929.jpg
 photo IMGA0931.jpg

Around ten minutes after departure the service began, although this time there was a choice of chicken or cheese wrap. I opted for the chicken. It was pretty similar to what was on offer on the outbound flight.
 photo IMG_0822.jpg
 photo IMG_0819.jpg
 photo IMG_0821.jpg
After this it was going between the skymap and the window until descent started at just after 17:45.
 photo IMG_0815.jpg
 photo IMG_0828.jpg
 photo IMG_0830.jpg
 photo IMG_0831.jpg
 photo IMG_0832.jpg
 photo IMGA0936.jpg
As had been the case every time I had flown into DXB this week, it was pretty hazy and murky.
 photo IMG_0836.jpg
 photo IMGA0938.jpg
 photo IMGA0939.jpg
 photo IMG_0839.jpg
 photo IMGA0942.jpg
 photo IMG_0841.jpg
 photo IMG_0848.jpg
 photo IMGA0943.jpg
 photo IMGA0944.jpg
 photo IMGA0945.jpg
 photo IMGA0946.jpg
 photo IMGA0947.jpg
 photo IMGA0949.jpg
 photo IMGA0950.jpg
 photo IMGA0951.jpg
Touchdown was at around 18:05 and we made the long taxi over to terminal 1.
 photo IMGA0952.jpg
 photo IMGA0953.jpg
 photo IMGA0954.jpg
 photo IMGA0956.jpg
 photo IMGA0957.jpg
 photo IMGA0958.jpg
 photo IMGA0960.jpg
 photo IMGA0964.jpg
 photo IMGA0965.jpg
 photo IMG_0850.jpg
Once on stand, there was a bit of a wait to disembark. Once out the door, it was through to passport control. This was much quicker than over in T3 and I was stamped into Dubai for the third time in five days.
 photo IMG_20130509_151827.jpg

Not a bad looking C Class

 photo IMG_20130509_151921.jpg
 photo IMG_20130509_152027.jpg
 photo IMG_20130509_152434.jpg
 photo IMG_20130509_152859.jpg

I got slightly shouted at for taking this picture. That’s about as far as it went though.

It was then up to the metro and on to Deira City Centre for some dinner and a bit of a look around. I was taken back at how many decent sized shopping centers there were around.
 photo IMG_20130509_153614.jpg
 photo IMG_20130509_153824.jpg
 photo IMG_0852.jpg
 photo IMG_0853.jpg
 photo IMG_0854.jpg

I got yet another stare when I took this picture.

 photo IMG_20130509_161606.jpg
 photo 2013-05-09164223.jpg

This was great! I’ve since managed to hunt one down in the UK.

As I hadn’t seen much of the area around my hotel, I decided to take the 30-minute walk back.
 photo IMG_0856.jpg
 photo IMG_0859.jpg
 photo IMG_0864.jpg
The following morning I woke up pretty late for me – around 9AM. I took my time getting ready, as the metro doesn’t start until around 13:00 on a Friday. I took another walk around the local area.
 photo IMG_0866.jpg
 photo IMG_0870.jpg

I like how traditional and modern mix here.

 photo IMG_20130510_075249.jpg

Unhealthy – but good – breakfast.

 photo IMG_0877.jpg
 photo IMG_0880.jpg
 photo IMG_0881.jpg
 photo IMG_0884.jpg

Watching the departures from DXB. Shame my camera was still playing up.

After spending an hour or so walking around, it got a little hot for my liking so I headed back to the hotel to cool off for an hour or so before heading back out again. Once the metro had opened, I went out to the Dubai mall and the Burj Khalifa
 photo IMG_0890.jpg
 photo IMG_0891.jpg
 photo IMG_0892.jpg
 photo IMG_0893.jpg
 photo IMG_0895.jpg
First impressions of this impressive mall.
 photo IMG_0898.jpg
 photo IMG_0899.jpg
Unfortunately, all the tickets for the Burj Kahlifa had sold out. Which was a little annoying as that was the one thing I wanted to do on this trip. Guess that’ll teach me for not booking in advance – something that I nearly always do. Typical that the one time I don’t do it, I get bitten!
 photo IMG_20130510_112846.jpg
So, after looking through the tat in the gift shop, about as close as I could get was having a walk around the base outside. I was in awe at just how tall this building was – one of the most impressive sights I’ve ever seen.
 photo IMG_0902.jpg
 photo IMG_0904.jpg
 photo IMG_0907.jpg
 photo IMG_0913.jpg
 photo IMG_0915.jpg

Hot brakes?

 photo IMG_0920.jpg
 photo IMG_0921.jpg
 photo IMG_0926.jpg


After a good while wandering around – and mostly staring up, I headed back inside.
 photo IMG_0928.jpg
 photo IMG_0930.jpg

More tradition, among the multinational brands.

At least I got to see one of Dubai’s wonders close up.
 photo IMG_0932.jpg
 photo IMG_0935.jpg
 photo IMG_0940.jpg
Continuing my self guided tour.
 photo IMG_0937.jpg
 photo IMG_0938.jpg
After a tiring few hours I headed back to the hotel for the night, via a packed metro and that’s where I’ll leave this part.
 photo IMG_20130510_145441.jpg
Stay tuned for the final part of this series that will tell the story of my final day of this trip and my flight home to London.

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