Norwegian Air Sweden, Boeing 737, Copenhagen – Oslo


Norwegian Air is an airline that whilst the planes may look the same, the airline actually consists of many separate airlines. The separate divisions of the airline consist of:

  • Norwegian Air Shuttle (The original airline, 29 Aircraft operated)
  • International (51 Aircraft operated, registered in Ireland)
  • Norway (Norwegian division, 0 Aircraft operated)
  • Sweden (36 Aircraft operated, registered in Sweden)
  • UK (13 Aircraft operated, registered in the UK)
  • Long Haul (21 Aircraft operated, registered in Norway)

Until December 2019, there was also Norwegian Air Argentina, with a fleet of 3 Boeing 737 aircraft that were registered in Argentina.

There’s no way to really choose which airline you fly on. Everything is done through the main Norwegian website. In Europe, in the case of short haul, it’s pot luck as to whether you get an aircraft operated by Norwegian Air Shuttle, International or Sweden. When I booked this flight however, it was made pretty clear that my flight would be operated by Norwegian Air Sweden however.

Anyway, I digress.

After a few hours looking around Copenhagen, it was time to head back to the airport. The Metro between the city and the airport was fairly regular and reasonably priced.

Being a low cost carrier, you get virtually zero perks with Norwegian unless you pay for them. Therefore it was the regular security line for me. This wasn’t an issue whatsoever though. The fast track at Copenhagen is the type where you just jump the queue – of which there was none, so it made no difference as to whether I was able to use it or not.

One perk I did have though, was lounge access via my bank account. Before this, I took a brief look around the terminal.

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Aspire Lounge, Copenhagen

There were a few lounges I could choose from at Copenhagen. From experience, the one British Airways used to use wasn’t that great. The one they currently use is quite good, but through passport control. Therefore I opted for the Aspire Lounge.

It was a long and narrow room with some furniture that had seen better days and a very basic food selection.

As mentioned, the food options were a little on the basic side. As I had eaten in town earlier though, it wasn’t really an issue.

The one positive was that it wasn’t particularly busy. Whilst it wasn’t the greatest lounge I’ve used, it was a better option than waiting at the gate. And as it was free, I can’t complain too much.

Norwegian Air Sweden
Copenhagen – Oslo
Boeing 737-800 SE-RRC
Seat 3A
December 2019

The allocated gate wasn’t too far from the lounge and I made my way down just as my incoming plane was arriving.

Norwegian air 737


Boarding was your typical LCC style. As in no real announcement or order – just everyone piling forward.

As it turned out, the load tonight was pretty low, meaning a row of three to myself. In fact beyond row 3, the next nearest passengers were in row 7.

Norwegian air cabin
Norwegian air cabin


Due to the light load, boarding was completed fairly quickly. Therefore, we pushed back a couple of minutes ahead of schedule.

Norwegian air 737

A reasonably long taxi followed, over to the runway that I touched down on earlier.

Norwegian air 737

Onboard Service

Being primarily a low cost carrier, Norwegian don’t offer any complimentary food or drinks on board. Being under an hour in duration, I didn’t feel the need to purchase anything either. The selection seemed to be good enough though.

Norwegian air 737


One thing that Norwegian Air does offer is WiFi. Previously, it was completely free. However, these days, whilst there is a free option, there are also two paid packages. How much they cost, I couldn’t say as I wasn’t able to log on to anything. Even the free package.

Norwegian air WiFi


Around 30 minutes after departure, the engines spooled back and descent into Oslo began.

The captain announced the weather – and by the sound of it, the weather didn’t sound anywhere near as good as it was in Copenhagen. With the early departure and some decent schedule padding, we arrived on to stand a good ten minutes ahead of schedule. As it happened this would be the final time on this trip I would arrive anywhere near to on schedule…

Norwegian air 737
Norwegian air 737
Norwegian air 737

Being an arrival from the Schengen area, there were no formalities to complete. Therefore it was following the signs for the exit.


Norwegian Air got the job done just fine on this short sector. Although not having any seat mates certainly helped. The seats seemed a little on the hard side on this particular plane however. I flew between Oslo and Faro with Norwegian Air back in 2014 and don’t recall the seat comfort being a particular issue on that flight – which was a far longer sector.

It was a little frustrating about the WiFi not working. Although I’ve come to expect it if I’m honest. Only once have I actually got it to work over the years!

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