NoRRA Embraer E190, Oslo – Helsinki


The first sector of the ticket to Japan will be with NoRRA, flying between Oslo and Helsinki. Ideally, I would have preferred a slightly later departure and a shorter layover in Helsinki, but this was the only option. Never mind.

This Trip:

After making the short walk across the road to the terminal, it was through security.

Luckily, the fast track worked without any issues, as there was a very long line at regular security. Unfortunately, the fast track here was the type where you jump the queue and go to the X-ray that everyone else is using. I could definitely feel a few eyes on me… including one quite irate Russian. Although a few seconds later, I had backup in the form of an American family where the staff told the masses to wait. That definitely got a few more tuts!

Once that fun was done with, it was up to the lounge.

The OSL Lounge

The OSL lounge is an interesting one. Set in two halves, the premium side is a good lounge area with ok food. The regular side is a little more average with better food. I had planned on using the premium side, but like all but one of my visits here, it was closed. 

Access to the premium side is a little confusing. I’m led to believe that OneWorld Emeralds can access this side. Although there’s not any secondary checks when entering, so who knows. In any case, it didn’t particularly matter this morning as it wasn’t too busy. I grabbed some breakfast and spent the 45 minutes or so waiting for my flight in comfort.

Oslo – Helsinki
Embraer E190 OH-LKP
Seat 9F
December 2019


Boarding was a little delayed, but once it did begin it was fairly well executed. 

Norra E190
Norra E190

The flight seemed reasonably full – which meant that I had a seatmate who just happened to be taking up way too much space for my liking…

Norra E190 Cabin
Norra E190 seating

Despite the slightly late start to boarding and the more than healthy load, the doors were closed with more than a few minutes to spare. Although the same couldn’t be said for the baggage, which was still going on after our SDT.


The flying time today was scheduled to be 1h10. Once we did get going, the captain mentioned that we would have to be de-iced due to the fact it was snowing. 

Pushback came around 5 minutes behind schedule. It was then over to the de-icing pad.

Luckily, this was a lot quicker than my previous de-icing experience in Minneapolis and we were heading over to the runway just a few moments later.

We lifted off around 30 minutes behind schedule. 

Onboard Service

Shortly after departure, the service got started. The service onboard NoRRA is identical to that of Finnair.

Norra Cabin

Standard free options consist of tea, coffee, water or juice. However, OneWorld Emerald card holders are entitled to a premium drink from the menu. 

Norra Service

As I received my drink, we finally cleared the cloud layer. 

Norra Wing View


I spent the majority of the flight reading and listening to music. The next thing I knew, the crew were making their pre-arrival checks and there was just ten minutes to landing. 

Norra Wing View

After a couple of turns and some good views of Helsinki, we touched down on to runway 04R. Almost immediately after leaving the runway, we came to a stop. This was clearly the signal for a guy a few rows ahead to get up and start messing about in the overhead locker. The crew member had to interrupt the welcome speech in order to tell him to sit down. Twice. Eventually he got the message.

With the slightly late start, we pulled on to stand around 20 minutes behind schedule. This didn’t bother me personally though, as I had a good 6 hours until my next flight…

Norra E190


Like most of my flights with NoRRA, and indeed Finnair, this was a pretty good flight. One thing I have noticed with flying with the airline over the past few months is their great consistency. The free drinks are handed over without fuss, the crew are professional and… the flights are more often than not delayed! Although none of the delays have been too major.

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