NoRRA ATR72, Vilnius – Helsinki, Economy


Another flight with NoRRA!

The day started in an Uber back to the airport. I was more than happy to pay the £5 to avoid having to make the walk across town in the cold and wet. Arrival at the airport came just before 08:00.

This Trip:

As most of the check in desks weren’t open, security wasn’t too busy.

There was a fast track, but it was the type that let you jump the queue. As there wasn’t a queue, there was no reason to use it. Although I was still held up by a family taking quite literally everything minus the kitchen sink with them – including two flasks. I can only assume they were empty as they weren’t pulled up over them. I was then held up by the exit too…

After this, it was up to the lounge. I wasn’t expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was bright, spacious and had a decent enough spread of food. And most importantly, other than myself, there was only two other people in there.

After around an hour, I made my way down to the gate.

Vilnius – Helsinki
Seat 1A
December 2019


When it came to boarding, I’d like to say it was a little premature. Although that wouldn’t do it justice. Everyone was piled on to a bus a good ten minutes before the incoming plane had even landed!

Therefore, predictably, we were sat on the bus for a good half an hour. I guess that’s the issue when you have ground handling agents that are used to dealing with the ultra low cost carriers.

Once we did get to board, it was the typical ATR rear entry boarding.

Norra ATR
Norra ATR

I made my way to the front of the aircraft where my seat was located. Upon arrival, the cabin crew member was very pro-active in moving my seat mate elsewhere so I ended up with a spare seat next to me. They also had a row to themselves, so it worked out for both of us.

Norra Cabin
Norra cabin
Norra Cabin


Despite the late arrival of the incoming flight, the engines were started just a couple of minutes adrift of schedule.

Norra Wing view

A flight time of 1h20 was given, which was a good 25 minutes quicker than the flight down from Helsinki. I guess the headwinds what were slowing us previously would be helping us today.

Due to the fact that Vilnius isn’t the biggest or busiest airport in the world, it was only a short taxi before departure.

Norra wing view

Onboard Service

The crew started the service around 20 minutes after departure. Once more, I took advantage of the free drink available to OneWorld Emerald card holders and grabbed a smoothie.

Norra catering

After this, much like the flight between Helsinki and Vilnius, the crew weren’t seen again.

Norra Cabin


The first officer announced our arrival around 25 minutes prior to landing. The weather was mentioned and that we would be arriving ten minutes ahead of schedule.

Norra Wing view

Touchdown came, and we pulled up at the regional area of Helsinki airport.

Norra ATR
Norra ATR

Connecting to a non-Schengen flight, this meant a very long walk to the complete opposite end of the terminal. Although having over 4 hours to connect, there wasn’t any rush.

Norra ATR


Much the same as the previous flight with NoRRA. Although it must be said that the crew on this one were a lot friendlier. Not that the previous crew were bad. Just the crew on this flight seemed a lot more genuine and warm.

To the point where when we arrived on to stand, the crew member seated at the front jumped up and retrieved my jacket and bag from the overhead and brought them to me! Top service!

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