No, BA Haven’t Cancelled the 747 Domestic Flights…

…They just changed the type of aircraft operating the flights.
By now, I’m guessing you would have seen that the planned British Airways domestic 747 flights have been subbed for the more standard A320 series. Whilst this has understandably caused a lot of disappointment to those who have booked tickets, it’s important to remember that there was never any official word from the airline that these flights would indeed be operated by the 747, or that there was anything special about them. Sure, a few people have been told by the social media team, or the reservations staff that they would be operating, but the chances are they only knew as much as we do about the flights – the reservation staff probably saw the 747 loaded into the booking system and that’s about it. The social media team probably saw the speculation from the community.
There’s probably going to be a lot of talk as to why these flights have been subbed, but these things happen all the time. The difference is, it’s not as obvious. With British Airways alone, I’ve been changed from a 777 on to a 747, and through a multitude of A319/A320/A321 changes – on one occasion, a flight was changed from an A321 to an A320 after I’d checked in. The main difference here is that it was a more obvious change.
If the airline had officially announced that these were special flights, and then canned them, fine. I could understand why there would be people annoyed by that. But let’s remember, they didn’t. They simply loaded a few 747’s into the system and it was picked up on.
There is already plenty of speculation on social media as to why these flights have been changed. We will never know. It could be that the 747’s were loaded into the system in error. It could be the airline felt the three planes would be better used elsewhere. It could be the airline is planning something else entirely – a genuine special flight so as not to disrupt the general travelling public on the three flights where the 747’s were scheduled. As mentioned, we will never know.
The airline has announced that they would be refunding anyone that had booked on to these flights with the assumption that they would be operated by the 747, which is over and above what they’re entitled to do. Once again, these were standard scheduled flights, so there is no obligation for the airline to bend the rules regarding refunds. Especially seeing as the flights haven’t been cancelled.
Or why not just take the A320 flights? Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle and London are all great cities so you’ll have a great day out.
One thing to remember: Never expect a flight to be operated by a specific type on a scheduled flight until you’re sat on the plane!
Views above are entirely my own. Please respect the fact that I’m entitled to my opinion before flaming me on social media. I can understand the disappointment having been the victim of substitutions before.

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