“New” Livery For American Airlines

American Airlines have introduced a “new” livery.

Sort of.

Think British Airways, who, in 2013 replaced the off white with a brilliant white and added a coat of arms. American announced this week that with the first batch of aircraft to initially wear their current livery needing a repaint shortly, they took the opportunity for a slight refresh.

Whilst the design itself hasn’t changed, the fuselage colour has. Out goes the metallic silver, in comes a lighter, more environmentally friendly and crucially, cheaper shade. Designated Silver Eagle, the new shade doesn’t look too much different from the previous one. Having not seen the “new” livery up close, I couldn’t comment but I suspect that it will be a much flatter look in the real world.

On the Boeing 737, American Airlines will save 62lbs per aircraft by switching to this new paint. Over the course of a year across the 262 members of the Boeing 737-800 fleet, the airline will save 300,000 gallons of fuel.

The first aircraft type to wear the “new” livery is the Boeing 737-800. However, the Boeing 777-300ER was the type that the current design was introduced on back in 2013. So I suspect that these will be the next to wear the Silver Eagle colour scheme.

The previous silver mica livery

American Airlines has greatly reduced the types of aircraft operated over the past year. The Boeing 757, 767, Airbus A330 and Embraer E190 have all gone. American Airlines will concentrate on the Airbus A320 family and Boeing 737 family for domestic and short haul missions going forward. For longer international sectors, only the Boeing 777 family and 787 family remain.

American Airlines "New" Livery
The new Silver Eagle shade

New livery pics © American Airlines

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