Minneapolis: In Pictures

This Trip

Minneapolis is a city that I hadn’t visited before. In fact, Minnesota was one of the few states that I had yet to visit. So was curious to see what was around.

The city centre itself wasn’t too big, meaning it was fairly easy to walk around. I was lucky with the weather on one of the days. However, the temperatures then plummeted meaning it was more than a little chilly to be walking around!

The city does have an enclosed skyway to counter this problem, but it was only open during limited hours at the weekend. And guess when I was visiting…

Therefore the majority of the pictures featured here are from just one day.

In the area is one of the biggest shopping malls in the United States. I paid a visit there too although there’s not too much to photograph in a shopping mall…

This was the first trip I was able to use the iPhone 11 Pro Max on. Impressive camera, although I found the super wide angle lacking quality in a few areas.


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