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➔ British Airways Club Europe, Airbus A321NEO, LHR-MAD
➔ Iberia Express Business Class, A321 MAD-PMI
Melia Palma Marina
➔ Palma: City Guide
➔ Iberia Express A321, Business Class, PMI-MAD
➔ British Airways Airbus A321NEO, Club Europe, MAD-LHR


If you’ve been following this series, you may have spotted that the Melia Palma Marina wasn’t the hotel I’d initially booked. 

As I had a few thousand Melia points that were due to expire (plus Melia silver status that I never knew I had), this was the way to go. In addition to this, there were more than a few Melia properties around. Where as it was slim pickings when it came to IHG or Bonvoy.

The Hotel Bellver seemed to be in a good enough location. One that I had been to before actually, so no issues with knowing if the area was any good or not.

Hotel Palma Bellver

Around a week prior to departure, I received the following email:

We regret to inform you that the booking with reference number [xxx] has been cancelled as the hotel currently remains closed. Before this message, we have sent you details of your new booking in a hotel of the same or a higher category, for the same dates, with the same conditions and at no additional cost to you. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service team.

Thank you for your trust in Meliá.

Fair enough. I’d actually looked at the Melia Palma Marina when shopping around for a hotel anyway. But as it was a fair bit more than the Hotel Bellver, I decided against it. So as I ended up getting it for the same price, this was actually a bit of a win.

Check In

When I reached check in, it was a little bit of a slow process. There were a couple of people in front of me, and one of them was taking an absolute age. To the point that he was still there after I had been seen to and was on my way. 

I’d now had two flights in a post COVID world. But how was checking into a hotel any different. Well, first of all, face masks were mandatory. 

The next difference was that there was a little bit more paperwork to complete. There was an entire A4 document basically saying that the hotel has done everything it possibly can to keep the virus out and that if I contract it whilst staying, then I won’t hold them responsible. Fair enough I guess. Whether this was specific to this hotel or it’s a more widespread thing, it remains to be seen. I personally have no issue with it though, provided that the hotel in question is making visible steps. Which this one has. More on that later though. 

As I had selected a flexible rate, due to booking before it was absolutely certain that I’d be able to take this trip, payment was needed. As I had used my Curve card, I received an instant notification as to how much had gone through and I was pleased to see that they had taken what was expected. No sneaky pre authorisations here!

As I had booked directly through Melia, I was told that I’d been awarded 6000points to spend at the hotel during my stay. This worked out to €25, so came in useful for a couple of free drinks during my stay.

The Room

Heading upstairs to the room, the enhanced cleaning procedures were immediately apparent, before even entering the room. 

Upon entering, it was immediately into a lobby type area, with the a very decent sized bathroom on the left. 

Melia Palma Marina shower

Provided as usual was a full set of towels and the usual amenities.

Heading into the room, there was a large bed. Although immediately noticeable was the lack of many other amenities.

Melia Palma Marina room
Melia Palma Marina room
Melia Palma Marina room

The phone was still present however. Also, the remote control for the TV was in a sealed plastic bag.

Melia Palma Marina room

Beyond this was an interesting lounge type area. Similar to what I had found previously in Madrid actually. This was in lieu of a desk area. Although I guess this hotel is aimed at leisure travellers rather than business travellers.

Melia Palma Marina room

Opposite this was a rather bare shelving area, complete with mini bar. In a pre arrival email, it was mentioned that a lot of things had been removed from the room in order for there to be less surfaces in the room. Again, fine with me. I generally don’t pay too much attention to that anyway.

I (wrongly) assumed that these were free…

Provided in the room were a pair of towels for the pool area. Normally, these are handed out at the pool, so I can only assume that this is another covid measure.

The wardrobe was completely bare too, with exception of the safe. Not even any hangars, so not much use as a wardrobe really!

Heading outside, there was a good sized balcony overlooking the pool area and marina beyond that. 

Melia Palma Marina balcony

Other Areas

On the ground floor of the hotel, there was a bar and restaurant area. Breakfast was here in the morning, but as far as I could see, it wasn’t in operation for the rest of the day.

Melia Palma Marina restaurant
Melia Palma Marina restaurant

On the first floor, there was a decent sized pool area, complete with a bar and restaurant area. Which is the only place I could find to use my €25 credit. Still, it was a pleasant enough area to spend an hour or so.

Melia Palma Marina pool
Melia Palma Marina pool


All in all, a very pleasant place to stay for a few nights in Mallorca. The measures taken to make the property COVID secure were noticeable. The €25 credit for booking direct was a good touch to welcome people back. However, as I found out upon check out, it wasn’t eligible to be used on the mini-bar. Not that I was aware that the water in the room was part of a mini bar. I guess any form of signage was also considered Covid-unfriendly.

Therefore I had to pay €6 on check out for the two (ish) bottles I drank. Admittedly, I wasn’t keeping count, although neither would they it would appear.

The only minor negative point was that it was a little bit further out of town than the property I had initially booked. However, it wasn’t an impossible walk. 

Melia Palma Marina night view

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