Malaysia Airlines Becomes Latest Airline To Drop A380

Malaysia Airlines has become the latest airline to drop the Airbus A380 from its fleet. This follows Thai Airways, Lufthansa, Air France, HiFly and Etihad amongst others to remove the super jumbo.

The move shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise however. The airline has been looking to offload the type for many years now. Since their troubles of the mid 2010’s, and subsequent restructuring, Malaysia Airlines hasn’t had much of a need for the A380. The airline dropped most of its long haul destinations, instead focusing on more regional routes within Asia.

The exception to this was the London Heathrow route. However, the once double daily A380 service was subsequently operated by the smaller and more efficient Airbus A350.

This, and the cancellation of Malaysia Airlines Paris route left the 6 A380’s at somewhat at a loose end. They often found themselves being used on charter missions – either for Hajj or most notably when Thomas Cook collapsed.

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 Fleet
  • 9M-MNA, Delivered May 2012
  • 9M-MNB, Jul 2012
  • 9M-MNC, Oct 2012
  • 9M-MND, Oct 2012
  • 9M-MNE, Feb 2013
  • 9M-MNF, Mar 2013

Of note is that 9M-MNF is the 100th Airbus A380 delivered. And it wears titles to this effect.

From a passenger perspective, the aircraft wasn’t too bad. Back in 2013, I flew on 3 of them in quick succession. Economy class on the main deck where I was sat was about average.

Malaysia Airlines A380 Economy Class

Although the airline was regarded as having one of the weaker business class hard products out there. Especially on what the airline regarded as very much the flagship of their fleet. The 2x2x2 layout is very much a thing of the past, even back in 2012 when the type was introduced.

Malaysia Airlines A380 Business Class

The aircraft also offered a first class cabin previously. From reviews I have seen online, this was considered a fairly strong product. Although in later years, Malaysia Airlines dropped their first class product and sold it as a Business Suite product. First class seating, with a business class service.

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Malaysia Airlines A380 wing view

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