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Continuing on from the previous two parts of my journey:
This report will feature my flights from Singapore, up to Kuala Lumpur for the evening before heading down to Melbourne with Malaysia Airlines. The reasoning behind me going via KUL was mainly because MH is part of One World, but also cost. I didn’t fancy taking three flights of over 6 hours in a row, so an overnight stop was a must. The airport hotel at SIN was £170 a night – way too much. Add into the fact the cheapest direct SIN-MEL was around the £400 mark and that’s a grand total of £570. Malaysia Airlines on the other hand were asking £200 for the SIN-KUL-MEL sectors on a fully flexible ticket (just in case of any delays) and the Sama-Sama hotel at KUL was asking for £90 for the night. So basically half the price of going direct, plus I’d get an extra flight thrown in. There were plenty of flights linking SIN and KUL.
 photo mhsinkulflights.png
And three linking KUL to MEL:
 photo mhkulmelflts.png
I selected a four hour layover in SIN and then the mid morning flight out to Melbourne:
 photo mhitin.png
Unlike my previous flights with MH, I was able to select my seats online at the time of booking. I suspect it was more to do with the fact I was on a flexible ticket rather than the system recognizing my One World status though. Once I had selected my seats, I was unable to change until check in.
 photo mh738seats.png
 photo mh330seats.png
I checked in using the MH app and the Wi-Fi in the lounge at DOH. The seat map showed the aisle seat was taken and the middle seat free. It would remain this way.
 photo IMG_0547.png
So picking up pretty much where I left off then in T3. I’d just arrived at Singapore from Barcelona via Doha, and was on my way over to Singapore T2.
 photo OZ3028.jpg
I headed over to the MH priority line to dump my bag and grab a boarding pass.
 photo OZ3030.jpg
 photo OZ3029.jpg
 photo OZ3001.jpg
The friendly agent advised that I’d have to check my bag all the way through to MEL if I wanted both my boarding passes, however as I’d be stopping the night in KUL, this wouldn’t really work – so I just grabbed my SIN-KUL boarding pass instead. After this, I took a few steps outside to grab a few breaths of fresh air before heading up to the viewing terrace. After a quick glimpse, I figured there would be better views to be had airside.
 photo OZ3002.jpg
I passed through passport control, I was stamped out of Singapore barely an hour after arriving and grabbed a couple of pics from that side instead.
 photo OZ3003.jpg
 photo OZ3004.jpg
 photo OZ3031.jpg
After this I made my way up to the MH Golden lounge.
 photo OZ3032.jpg
 photo OZ3033.jpg
It wasn’t too big but had a decent enough selection of food so that I didn’t have to worry too much about grabbing a bite to eat elsewhere.
 photo OZ3034.jpg
 photo OZ3035.jpg
 photo OZ3005.jpg
Once I had finished eating, I made my way through to the business centre to print off some boarding passes so I could keep the one I had as a souvenir.
 photo OZ3036.jpg
 photo OZ3037.jpg
Around half an hour before the gate was due to open, I made my way downstairs.
 photo OZ3038.jpg
 photo OZ3006.jpg
The gate opened on time and I made my way through security. There was a bit of confusion as to why I’d only checked my bag through to KUL but once I’d explained my reasons they seemed happy enough. Just as I got into the holding pen 9M-MSH was pulling on to stand. Complete with the A380 style Malaysia Airlines logo. This one was just six months old at the time – in fact it was delivered to MH on the day I last flew into KUL.
 photo OZ3007.jpg
Like much of SIN, there were good views from the holding pen too.
 photo OZ3008.jpg
Boarding started, initially for business and status members. For once, it was all rather orderly and I made my way forward.
 photo OZ3039.jpg
 photo MHlogoB.jpg
April 2014
Boeing 737-800 / 9M-MSH
Seat: 20F / Economy
Scheduled: 19:15/20:15
Off Stand: 19:18
On Stand: 20:17

Despite a pretty full load, the middle seat remained empty. The cabin was pretty decent actually with full sized leather seats, complete with IFE.
 photo OZ3040.jpg
 photo OZ3010.jpg
 photo OZ3009.jpg
The IFE looked similar to what’s on board the airlines A380’s. The seats looked similar too, so good consistency there.
 photo OZ3011.jpg
 photo OZ3013.jpg
 photo OZ3012.jpg
 photo OZ3041.jpg
We pushed back a minute or two behind schedule and made a long but fast taxi over to the active.
 photo OZ3014.jpg
 photo OZ3016.jpg
The captain announced a flying time of just 41 minutes.
 photo OZ3017.jpg
The mood lighting was set for take off.
 photo OZ3015.jpg
We then made a bolt for the humid night sky.
 photo OZ3018.jpg
 photo OZ3019.jpg
 photo OZ3020.jpg
As soon as the seatbelt sign went off, the cabin lights were switched back on and the crew sprang into action, distributing peanuts and juice.
 photo OZ3021.jpg
My entertainment came in the form of watching a developing thunderstorm, before the captain announced that we had just left our cruising altitude of 22,000ft. Barely 20 mins after departure. It was a bit of a bumpy approach into KUL before landing as promised at 20:10.
 photo OZ3042.jpg
 photo OZ3022.jpg
 photo OZ3023.jpg
It was then the 10 minute or so journey over to the main terminal.
 photo OZ3024.jpg
Interestingly, I saw a Malaysia Airlines 747-400 still looking reasonably in tact parked up on a remote stand. I was of the impression they had long gone – or at least had their titles removed?
 photo OZ3025.jpg
It was then the walk down to arrivals to be stamped into the country for the night. On the way to baggage claim, I stopped off at the hotels reception desk to check in.
 photo OZ3043.jpg
By the time I had reached the baggage carousel, my bag was one of the last going around (again).
 photo OZ3044.jpg
It was then downstairs to the golf cart for the hotel.
 photo OZ3045.jpg
 photo OZ3046.jpg
As it turned out, I was given a room on the executive floor. Although the room was identical to the one I’d had previously.
 photo _MG_3745.jpg
 photo OZ3027.jpg
I visited the lounge, but it was all but shut. I was still invited to take a seat though and was offered a drink. Strange how they charge for drinks in the room, yet just a few steps away they give them away.
 photo OZ3047.jpg
After waking up earlier than anticipated the following morning, I made the journey back to the airport. But not before watching a great sunrise from my room.
 photo OZ3048.jpg
As there was a bit of a queue for the shuttles, I took the ten minute or so walk instead.
 photo OZ3073.jpg
As it turned out, the two guys ahead of me in the queue arrived at the same time as I did so I didn’t lose anything by walking. The MH premium check in was nowhere near as busy as it was on my last visit, and my bag was sent on it way within a couple of minutes.
 photo OZ3074.jpg
 photo OZ3075.jpg
 photo OZ3078.jpg
I then took a walk up to the viewing deck to try and get a pic of the MH 744 I saw last night, however it was full of people in red polo shirts (I think they were something to do with security?), all of which were very friendly, but I did feel like I had gate crashed their party somewhat. I stayed for around twenty seconds before making my way back down to departures. Also of note was the memorial/shrine to the missing MH370 in this area. Immigration and security was packed, the whole process taking around 45 minutes to complete. Once through, it was on to the shuttle to the satellite and up to the MH lounge.
 photo OZ3077.jpg

The MH 744 model had been replaced with something more up to date.

I had seen it had been refurbished since I was last here, however it was a subtle refurbishment. In fact, if I hadn’t known, the chances are I probably wouldn’t have even noticed.
 photo OZ3079.jpg
 photo OZ3049.jpg
 photo OZ3050.jpg
 photo OZ3052.jpg
 photo OZ3055.jpg
The F&B options were the same as before.
 photo OZ3081.jpg
 photo OZ3051.jpg
As was the view.
 photo OZ3053.jpg
 photo OZ3054.jpg
Once boarding was near, I made my way downstairs to take a walk in the jungle, however, it was shut. So I made my way down to the gate instead.
 photo OZ3084.jpg
 photo OZ3085.jpg
 photo OZ3086.jpg
 photo OZ3087.jpg
After the second security check of the day there was a bit of a hold in the pen before boarding began. It was a bit of a free for all, despite the ground agents attempting to keep things civilised.
 photo OZ3056.jpg
 photo MHlogoB.jpg
April 2014
Airbus A330-300 / 9M-MTF
Seat: 36A / Economy
Scheduled: 10:30/20:25
Off Stand: 10:37
On Stand: 20:52

First impressions of the A330 were that the seats looked identical to those on their A380, but a bit narrower. For those of you that remember reading about my flight from KUL- LHR last year, I found the A380 seat wasn’t wide enough…
 photo OZ3057.jpg
The captain announced over the PA that the flying time would be 7 hours and 18 minutes.
 photo OZ3058.jpg

Finally captured the 747!

We pushed back and taxied over to the active.
 photo OZ3088.jpg
The MH A380 headed for London departed just ahead of us, meaning there was quite a wait on the runway for departure. We were finally up in the air around 30 minutes behind schedule.
 photo OZ3062.jpg
 photo OZ3063.jpg
 photo OZ3089.jpg
 photo OZ3090.jpg
 photo OZ3091.jpg
 photo OZ3059.jpg
After take off, I thought I spotted a spare pair of seats a few rows back. I got up to move but it turns out there was somebody asleep across them. I got back and mentioned this to my seat mate, hoping this would spur him into moving to the empty seat across the aisle but it wasn’t to be… A few moments later a juice run was completed.
 photo OZ3092.jpg
The crew mentioned that lunch would be served around thirty minutes into the flight and a snack would be served a little later. Around 30 minutes after departure, the flight crew mentioned that we were due to have pretty bad weather enroute so he would be leaving the seatbelt sign on. Lunch was served as promised, and it was a choice of chicken and rice or fish and potatoes – I suspect the same meal that was dished up on my LHR-KUL flight.
 photo OZ3093.jpg
 photo OZ3094.jpg

Beige in colour, beige in taste…

As soon as I pulled my phone out to take the picture, my increasingly friendly seatmate said ‘ahh, good idea’ and copied what I did. Well, power in numbers I guess.
 photo OZ3061.jpg
Once lunch had finished, I settled down with Shaun of the Dead. A film I’d seen many times but not for a few years.
 photo OZ3060.jpg
 photo OZ3064.jpg
For the first time in a long time, I had a seatmate who didn’t sleep at all during the flight – meaning I was able to get up and explore freely. If anything he seemed a little hyperactive, constantly taking to everybody around him and slightly panicking about his visa.
 photo OZ3096.jpg

Premium (ish) products in the washroom.

 photo OZ3097.jpg
 photo OZ3098.jpg
I happened to glance out of the window, and noticed that Australia was edging its way towards us.
 photo OZ3065.jpg
 photo OZ3066.jpg
 photo OZ3067.jpg

Catching up with Family Guy later in the flight

After reading PalmJets Aussie Transcon report, I was hoping I would be treated to some similar scenery on my flight. I wasn’t disappointed.
 photo OZ3068.jpg
 photo OZ3069.jpg
 photo OZ3071.jpg
It went well with a good soundtrack.
 photo OZ3070.jpg
With just over ninety minutes until landing, the cabin lights came back on and the crew distributed chicken in pastry wraps.
 photo OZ3076.jpg
As this was going on, the shadows outside were getting ever longer.
 photo OZ3080.jpg
 photo OZ3082.jpg
 photo OZ3083.jpg
Descent started but due to the darkness there wasn’t much to be seen. The captain updated us on our progress, and said that due to some low cloud we would have to hold for thirty minutes… What?! Even Heathrow doesn’t shut down for low cloud?
 photo OZ3099.jpg
After around 45 minutes of holding, we were finally ushered on to finals.
 photo OZ3100.jpg
 photo OZ3101.jpg
It was a typical winters LHR approach. Nothing to be seen but a light show outside, pretty much until touchdown.
 photo OZ3102.jpg
We arrived on to stand and there was the usual stampede towards the exit.
 photo OZ3103.jpg
I bid farewell to my seatmate and made my way through the absolute tip of a cabin. I felt sorry for the cleaners. It wasn’t just this row either; pretty much the whole plane was in this state. And why take everything out of the seat pocket too?
 photo OZ3104.jpg
The business cabin was slightly better. I had wondered after how much it would have cost to fly this sector in J. As it turned out, this was the only sector on this trip over about 2 hours in length that I didn’t fly in business.
 photo OZ3105.jpg
I made my way into the terminal and down to immigration.
 photo OZ3106.jpg
 photo OZ3107.jpg
The hordes of Indians on the flight meant immigration was a nightmare. None of them had filled out their immigration cards and they barely spoke any English. One even tried to ask one of the crew members from the flight to fill it out for them, but she said it wasn’t allowed and went on her way. Then it was my turn. Due to a slight issue with my visa, I had to be sent off to see somebody else. He said the issue with my visa was sorted after only a minute or so but there was an issue with my passport. After going over it with a very fine tooth comb and a couple of machines, he disappeared off with it, leaving me sat in limbo for a good ten minutes, with a couple of other guys from the flight. Thankfully, everything was sorted – he said he didn’t quite get the right angle on the machine, and it was only when somebody else did it, was it finally accepted. He gave me a stamp, apologised for the hold up and wished me a good trip.
 photo OZ3108.jpg
Unsurprisingly, my bag was one of the last on the carousel. It was then through customs – once more, the hordes of Indians were holding the process up, each one with a huge trolley of cases boxes bags etc. with one of the customs officers saying quite sternly to one of them that he didn’t speak Hindi. I was one of the few that was sent through the all clear lane, and it was off to find a bus to the city.
 photo OZ3109.jpg
 photo OZ3110.jpg
I arrived at the station at around 10pm, and made my way into the first place I could see to grab something to eat
 photo OZ3111.jpg

Like most things in Oz, it was strangely familiar but still different.

Once I had finished, I made my way across the road to my hotel, the Best Western Atlantis.
 photo OZ3095.jpg
I woke up the following morning, and upon looking out of the window I was less than impressed with the weather.
 photo OZ3112.jpg
Despite this, I ventured out to see the city.
 photo OZ3113.jpg
 photo OZ3114.jpg
 photo OZ3115.jpg
 photo OZ3116.jpg
 photo OZ3117.jpg
Probably the most interesting part for me in Melbourne, was Albert Park where they were packing up from the Australian Grand Prix that had taken place a few weeks earlier. Better still the weather had picked up just a bit.
 photo OZ3118.jpg
 photo OZ3119.jpg
 photo OZ3120.jpg
 photo OZ3121.jpg
 photo OZ3122.jpg
 photo OZ3123.jpg
 photo OZ3124.jpg
Apart from the GP track, it was also quite a nice walk around the lake.
 photo OZ3125.jpg
 photo OZ3126.jpg
Waiting at a pretty abandoned station for the tram
 photo OZ3127.jpg
Seeing what was around in St. Kilda. I must admit, it reminded me of a run down beach town in the UK, but the miserable weather probably played a big part in that.
 photo OZ3128.jpg
 photo OZ3129.jpg

Bournemouth or Melbourne?

I eventually got fed up with sitting on a cold wet and windy beach and made my way back to the hotel for a brief nap. Later on, I took a look at the city centre of Melbourne.
 photo OZ3130.jpg
Followed by a walk along the South Bank. As there was a football match on in town, there was a pretty good atmosphere around.
 photo OZ3131.jpg
 photo OZ3132.jpg

Arts Centre

 photo OZ3133.jpg
 photo OZ3134.jpg
What did I think of Malaysia Airlines on this occasion then? Well, much like my last encounter with them, I thought they were OK, although I’m still struggling to see how they got their 5 star status. Don’t get me wrong, they’re far from an awful airline, and I’d fly them again but they just don’t seem to have that little bit extra that makes them a great airline. They got the job done though and the pair of newer jets were comfortable enough – and for a very reasonable price too.
I’ll leave this part here. Look out for my next report, which will feature a pair of Australian domestic flights up to Brisbane with Virgin Australia.

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