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The time had come to make the journey home from my second Asia visit of 2013 and my third adventure outside of Europe of 2013, following on from the previous three parts of this trip:
Asia 1: A Journey Of Epic Proportions LHR-KUL-HKG
Asia 2: Catching a Cathay Pacific 747 to Tokyo in First Class
Asia 3: JAL 767 to Kuala Lumpur NRT-KUL
After leaving the hotel, it was over to KL Sentral to catch the KLIA express train – taking just 25 minutes or so.
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Check in Area at KL Sentral.

 photo ASIA404.jpg

On the train to KUL.

As the train arrives in the basement of the airport it was up just a few flights of stairs to the MH premium check in. The premium check in area was packed – I was amazed at how busy it was.
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Luckily I spotted a check in area that was reserved for frequent flyers with just a couple of people in it and headed over there instead.
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I asked the check in agent if the flight was busy – she said it was completely full. Seems as though MH is putting their A380’s to good use – all three flights I have taken on this trip have been full. As I’d explored KUL enough now, I headed straight through security and over to the satellite where my flight would be departing from.
 photo ASIA407.jpg
Rather than use the MH golden lounge that was featured in part 1 of this series, I decided to check out the CX lounge instead.
 photo ASIA408.jpg
There was a bit of confusion as to weather I should be let in or not, however upon checking with another agent, my FFP details were taken down and I was granted entry. The lounge wasn’t the biggest and there were quite a few people here – so not too many pics.
 photo ASIA409.jpg
 photo ASIA411.jpg

Hmmm, no thanks.

 photo ASIA415.jpg
 photo ASIA410.jpg
 photo ASIA412.jpg
The views were pretty good. Not that there was much going on outside.
 photo ASIA413.jpg
 photo ASIA414.jpg
After around thirty minutes I headed down to the gate, only to stand in a queue for another thirty minutes or so.
 photo ASIA416.jpg
 photo ASIA417.jpg
Once inside the holding pen, I made my way over to the window to find 9M-MNE waiting – the same aircraft that brought me to Malaysia just over a week ago.
 photo ASIA418.jpg
 photo ASIA419.jpg

Glad I caught this one.

Boarding was called for people with children etc. and frequent flyers – I made my way forward and was told no, much like in LHR. I pointed out that he just called for sapphire members to board, and was then told to go ahead – seems as though MH still aren’t used to being in an alliance.
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September 2013
Airbus A380 / 9M-MNE
Seat: 44K / Economy
Scheduled: 10:05/16:15
Off Stand: 10:20
On Stand: 16:46

 photo ASIA457.jpg
I was the first on board, shortly followed by the guy in the aisle of my row.
 photo ASIA420.jpg
 photo ASIA464.jpg


I said that I hoped the middle seat remained free, however he said there was no chance as this flight was always rammed. And as promised, my second seat mate showed up a while later – taking up both armrests, sitting with his legs in the ten to two position and falling asleep pretty much straight away. Why do I always end up next to sleepers?!
 photo ASIA421.jpg
 photo ASIA422.jpg

Inner engine detail

 photo ASIA423.jpg

And of course, the legroom.

The captain welcomed everybody on board and announced a flying time of 12 hours 55 minutes.
 photo ASIA424.jpg

Safety video

We pushed back a little late and made a slow taxi out to the active.
 photo ASIA425.jpg
I counted six aircraft ahead of us – three MH 737’s and three Air Asia jets. We also managed to push in in front of a couple – I guess KUL does get busy from time to time.
 photo ASIA426.jpg
 photo ASIA427.jpg
We made a pretty long roll before making a slow climb out – due to the fact the landing gear staying extended for a good while after departure (I could tell as I didn’t hear the familiar Airbus ping for a good two to three minutes after takeoff).
 photo ASIA428.jpg
 photo ASIA429.jpg
 photo ASIA430.jpg
 photo ASIA432.jpg
 photo ASIA433.jpg

One of many rivers in the area

 photo ASIA431.jpg
The guy in the middle seat remained dead to the world throughout – and he was now working his way even further into my space. I tried asking him to move a bit, but no response. So a gentle nudge was in order and he then moved over to irritate the guy in the aisle instead. After departure he wanted him to shift over a bit, but again, no response. Urgh.
The drinks service started not long after departure.
 photo ASIA434.jpg
 photo ASIA435.jpg
 photo ASIA436.jpg

Guess the Malaysian cleaners aren’t much cop.

Lunch was served around forty five minutes after departure. The choices were chicken or beef. I went with the chicken and to be honest, it wasn’t that great – the meat was a bit on the tough side.
 photo ASIA437.jpg
 photo ASIA438.jpg
The crew followed up with magnum ice creams, which in true airline style were rock hard, despite leaving it a good few minutes to thaw. I was also joined by an elbow in the side from my neighbor. I tried to ask him quite firmly to move, but he didn’t stir. So I had no option but to give him a bit shove out of the way. Yet he still didn’t wake up. What was he on?! He then turned over and quite literally rested his head on the guy in the aisle seats shoulder – lets just say it didn’t go down awfully well. Yet he still continued to snore his head off.
 photo ASIA439.jpg
 photo ASIA440.jpg

The deep A380 windows make for awkward photography.

Following lunch, I put a movie on – The Internship was my first choice, along wish a treat that I had saved from the meal service.
 photo ASIA441.jpg
 photo ASIA443.jpg
During which the inflight sales were started. I picked up a souvenir…
 photo ASIA442.jpg
Once Mr sleepy had finally woken up – and removed his elbow from my rib cage – I took the opportunity to go for a walk.
 photo ASIA445.jpg
I noticed that my window blind was the only one in the cabin that wasn’t lowered. But as nobody had actually been told by the crew to lower them, I didn’t really care.
 photo ASIA444.jpg
I then put Iron Man 3 on, and true to form, I ended up asleep. When I did wake up, it turns out it was just at the right moment, as we were passing the infinite brown of Afghanistan.
 photo ASIA446.jpg
 photo ASIA447.jpg
Shortly after, an announcement was made over the PA – ‘ladies and gentlemen is there a doctor on board?’ Being seated next to the forward galley, there seemed quite a bit of activity around, before one of the passengers went forward into first class. A few minutes later the passenger came forward an re took their seat, and the crew resumed their service, dishing out the SkySnax boxes, so it would seem it wasn’t anything overly serious.
 photo ASIA450.jpg
 photo ASIA449.jpg
Once more Mr Sleepy decided to get a little familiar – in fact there was only about 20 minutes during the whole flight he wasn’t snoring his head off.
 photo ASIA451.jpg

Yes, that was his foot underneath MY seat.

 photo ASIA452.jpg

Standard IFE remote these days.

Around 2.5 hours prior to arrival, the second meal was dished up. There was a choice of fish and potatoes to chicken and noodles. I went for the chicken. Along with it there was a chicken and apple salad – odd, and a very moist chocolate cake.
 photo ASIA453.jpg
 photo ASIA454.jpg

The advantage of asking for something a little unusual is you get the whole can.

 photo ASIA455.jpg

Edging closer to home.

 photo ASIA456.jpg
Passing a German city – Cant remember which one though.
 photo ASIA458.jpg
 photo ASIA459.jpg
Finally, after an uncomfortable 12+ Hours, the engines spooled back, just as we passed Amsterdam.
 photo ASIA460.jpg
The captain said we were cruising at 38,000ft and that we were due to land at 16:35. Then it was the usual thank you’s.
 photo ASIA461.jpg
 photo ASIA462.jpg
During descent, the crew came around and sprayed the cabin with aerosol – the only flight I’ve been on where they have done this previously was on one to BGI – but I’d never experienced it on arrival into the UK before.
 photo ASIA463.jpg

First sights of mainland UK.

As expected there was a bit of a hold before heading off to the West – so that meant we would be arriving on the 09’s.
 photo ASIA465.jpg
 photo ASIA466.jpg
During descent, the tail camera fired into life again.
 photo ASIA467.jpg
A pretty long spin around to the left confirmed that we would be landing to the East.
 photo ASIA471.jpg
 photo ASIA468.jpg
 photo ASIA469.jpg
 photo ASIA470.jpg
As we progressed down the glide slope, it became apparent that we would be making a rare arrival on to 09R.
 photo ASIA472.jpg
 photo ASIA473.jpg

Overflying the Long Walk.

 photo ASIA474.jpg
 photo ASIA475.jpg
 photo ASIA476.jpg
We touched down at 16:40 and exited to the right in the direction of terminal 4, pulling on to the stand a few moments later.
 photo ASIA477.jpg
 photo ASIA478.jpg
As I was sat right at the front it was only a couple of minutes before I could disembark.
 photo ASIA480.jpg
 photo ASIA479.jpg

At rest after a long day at work

I made my way through arrivals and upon arrival at passport control it was actually pretty busy. However most people had passports from outside the EU and even less had E-passports so I was actually though in just a minute or two. On the way, I noticed Mr Sleepy desperately trying to fill out an arrivals form… If only he had been awake when they gave them put onboard…
As usual I could bypass baggage reclaim. The arrivals hall was packed. It wasn’t helped by people stopping in the exit channel to say hello and people behind failing to see the hold up… Resulting in me being rammed by trolleys a couple of times. Once out of the madness, I made my way down to the Heathrow express for the transfer over to Heathrow which took just a couple of minutes.
 photo ASIA481.jpg
 photo ASIA482.jpg
 photo ASIA483.jpg

Is there ever anybody on this train?!

Once there it was upstairs to the bus station, via the tube station to pick up an Oyster card.
 photo ASIA484.jpg
Luckily there was a coach due to depart just five minutes later so hardly any waiting time – in fact from landing, through T4, over to the central bus station and on to the coach was only 45 minutes so pretty good I though.
 photo ASIA485.jpg
I arrived back into town around 45 minutes later.
 photo ASIA486.jpg
 photo ASIA487.jpg
And that brings an end to this series.
What did I think? Well I was left a little underwhelmed by Malaysia Airlines. After seeing all the 5 Star airline badges proudly displayed on their website I was expecting a lot, but was left a little disappointed. I didn’t find their A380 any more comfortable than any other airliner really. Having said that, I have booked another couple of flights with them down to Australia so they didn’t dent me too much.
Cathay Pacific First Class was great. From the lounges, to the onboard experience to the crew. Their 747-400, despite being in the final months of its career with CX was spotless and didn’t look anywhere near its 20+ years old. I’m glad I have another flight with them in First Class booked for April.
Japan Airlines was a big surprise to me. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much from them but the staff, service and hardware were faultless. The only minor complaint was the lack of selection with the IFE, but that was a really minor point.

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