Lufthansa to base a further two A380’s at Munich

09 July 2019
Lufthansa have today announced that they will be sending a further two Airbus A380’s from their Frankfurt hub to Munich for the summer 2020 season. This will allow the airline to offer daily A380 flights to San Francisco and launch new flights to Boston.
Harry Hohmeister, Member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG commented:

“Since last March, the A380 has been operating very successfully from Munich. A few weeks ago, we welcomed the millionth A380 passenger on board in Munich. Our customers and our crews love the A380 experience. The flagship of our fleet is perfect for our 5-Star hub Munich. We will continue growing where quality and costs go hand in hand,”

Initially all of Lufthansa’s Airbus A380 aircraft were based in Frankfurt, however five moved down to Munich for the summer 2018 season to initially operate flights to Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Beijing. Todays announcment will mean that the airlines’ A380 fleet will be equally split between Frankfurt and Munich.
For the winter 2019 season, the A380 will be taken from the Los Angeles and Beijing routes and instead will be placed on to the Miami and San Francisco routes as well as Shanghai from January 2020.
The airline received its first Super Jumbo in 2010 and has since gone on to be the flagship of the airlines’ fleet. The airline has configured their aircraft with 8 First Class seats, 78 in Business, 52 Premium Economy and 371 in Economy carrying a total of 526 passengers over 7000miles.

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