Lufthansa takes delivery of final A320-200

Lufthansa has taken delivery of its final Airbus A320-200 this afternoon. Registered D-AIWK, it is the 77th A320-200 to join the current fleet.

Lufthansa also has 27 of the smaller A319 and 67 of the larger A321 on its books. This is in addition to 20 A320neo aircraft, where it also has a further two on order.

Lufthansa has some of the oldest A320 aircraft still in operation on its books. Earlier this year, the airline retired its first A320 which first flew in 1989. It still has a number or 1989-1993 builds in operation although the majority of the 77 still in service date from 2009 onwards, with a handful being delivered between 2000-2004.

During the 1990’s Lufthansa had a pretty diverse European fleet. They operated a sizeable fleet of Boeing 737’s of which they were the launch customer. Also present was the larger widebody Airbus A300 and A310, which often turned up on the Frankfurt – Heathrow route. This was in addition to the few A320’s that were in service at this point.

Like most airlines though, having a diverse fleet wasn’t the way to go in modern times. By 2010, the last of the Airbus A300 fleet had left. The Boeing 737’s stuck around until the end of 2016.

These days, like many other airlines the world over, Lufthansa operates only the popular A320 fleet on its short haul network. And bizarrely, an A319 to India. Although off the top of my head I can’t remember if that flight actually happened or not.

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