Lufthansa Cityline CR9, Business Class, MUC-VIE

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Lufthansa Cityline CR9, Business Class, MUC-VIE
➔ Austrian Airlines A320, Business Class, VIE-LHR


As touched upon in the previous part, the initial plan for this sector was to fly back to London with Lufthansa. Although the previous evening, I was informed that this flight had been cancelled.

I did look online at what my options were, although all it said there was that they would be in touch.

Well, they never were. Therefore I arrived in Munich not really knowing how I would be leaving. My first port of call was one of the many self service machines around. Luckily, rebooking was a very straight forward process.


When studying the options, there was a Lufthansa flight leaving to London, although it was a little bit too close to departure to make that flight comfortably. There was the option of flying British Airways, although that was only on standby. Due to having BA Gold status, it would be likely I’d be towards the top of the standby list. But as this was a Lufthansa ticket, would BA know that I had status with them? Not a chance I was really wanting to take. Besides, I could fly BA any time. The final option was a much later Lufthansa flight back to London. This was what I selected initially.

However, when looking at the Lufthansa app afterwards, a number of further options appeared. There was a confirmed seat on the flight to Vienna, and then onwards with Austrian to London. This worked out better, as it avoided both a 5 hour or so wait in Munich and a late arrival back into Heathrow. Again, rebooking on to this was as complicated as pressing “Select this flight”.

Although getting a boarding pass for my upcoming flight didn’t work. As I was doing all this on the move, by this time I was near to the lounge, so I was able to call into there and they handed me a pair of boarding passes.

All together, this was a very simple process. A far cry from the 3 hours that I had to wait in when I experienced a flight cancellation in Krakow a few years back.

Lufthansa Business Lounge

I made my way up to the lounge. It was your typical Lufthansa lounge really. Basic, but functional. As I didn’t have too long there, there wont be a particularly in depth review!

After a very brief lounge stop, where I quite literally had time to send a couple of emails, it was off to the gate.

It was at this point I realised I only had 30 minutes in which to connect once I got to Vienna. Way too tight for my liking, but never mind. 

Lufthansa Cityline
Munich – Vienna
Bombardier CRJ900 D-ACNE
Seat 1A
March 2020


Despite being advertised as an A320, when I reached the gate, it was quite clear that this flight wouldn’t be operated by an A320. This suited me – anything but an A320 is considered exotic these days! The “Operated by Lufthansa Cityline” printed on my boarding pass was a bit of a giveaway, although they do also operate a couple of Airbus A319’s on behalf of Lufthansa.

Lufthansa Cityline CRJ
Lufthansa Cityline CRJ

Once more I was able to bag seat 1A, meaning a bit of extra space.

Lufthansa Cityline Cabin

Boarding was completed and the door was shut 10 minutes ahead of schedule. A flying time of 40 minutes was given. 


As we were ready to go early, and things weren’t exactly busy, we pushed back 5 minutes ahead of schedule. A non stop taxi to the active runway followed and we made it into the air at more or less the time we were due to leave. 

Lufthansa Cityline Seating

Onboard Service

As is standard on these shorter Lufthansa flights, the lead crew member was handing out light snacks upon boarding.

Lufthansa Cityline Snacks

I assumed that this would be it as far as service went, and that the only perk of flying business class would be a free adjacent seat. Wrong.

Shortly after departure, a tray with a couple of slices of beef, duck and salad was handed to me. Also on the tray was a tasty dessert, although I couldn’t say what it was exactly!

Lufthansa Cityline Catering
Lufthansa Cityline Catering


By the time I had finished eating, descent had begun.

The crew has also finished serving the economy section and were collecting the trays. Further drinks were offered. But after being well and truly fed on the Aegean flight a couple of hours previously, I was somewhat stuffed!

There were some good views of Vienna as we approached.

With the earlier than anticipated start, and the short flight time, we arrived into Vienna nicely ahead of schedule. Although much like when transferring through the airport the previous day, there was a bit of a hold up whilst the ground crew got things sorted.

Lufthansa Cityline cabin

After a few minutes, it was on to a bus and across to the terminal.

Lufthansa Cityline CRJ
Lufthansa Cityline CRJ


A little difficult to summarise this one! It was all a bit rushed. The food was tasty enough, and the crew did a good job of getting everyone served well within the short flight time. In all, the service on Lufthansa Cityline is identical to what is found on Lufthansa themselves. The main difference being the seating. Theres far more padding on the regional jets seating compared to the Airbus fleet.

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