Lufthansa Business Class, Airbus A320neo, FRA-FCO

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Lufthansa Business Class, Airbus A320neo, FRA-FCO
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Following arrival from London, it was through security, passport control, customs and finally into the duty free shop.

Due to the earlier than planned arrival of my incoming flight, I had a little extra time to wander the airport. This makes a change from usual at Frankfurt, where I more often find myself rushing to connect. Don’t go for a less than 2 hour connection at Frankfurt!

After a brief wander of the shops, I made my way to the packed business lounge. I’m led to believe this is one of the only (if not the only) Lufthansa lounge that’s currently open in Frankfurt. With all the social distancing guidelines in place the world over, wouldn’t it be safer to have two half full lounges rather than one completely full one?

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge
Lufthansa Business Class Lounge

But what do I know.

Unlike every other lounge I’ve been in post Covid, there were a few self serve options here. Pretzels, sweets, soft drinks and the like, you could grab yourself.

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge
Lufthansa Business Class Lounge

Where as any spirits, wines and hot food were served in a bar type area. 

After an hour or so in the lounge, I took a slow wander down to the gate.

Frankfurt – Rome
Airbus A320neo D-AINA
Seat 1A
August 2020


The boarding process here was explained much clearer than at Heathrow. The explanation itself was a bit long winded, but it was basically rear to front with the exception of groups 1 and 2, who could board when they wanted.

Therefore I was able to board and get settled reasonably quickly, which is the way I prefer. 

Lufthansa Business Class

The boarding complete call was given 5 minutes prior to our scheduled departure time. During boarding, someone managed to lose their passport… I can sympathise! At least they managed to find it again, and we carried on the procedure without too much fuss.

As per usual these days, an antibacterial wipe was handed out to all upon boarding.


Despite the fact boarding was complete a little early, we were held up a little by two passengers who didn’t turn up, yet had checked baggage.

As such, we left the gate a few minutes adrift of schedule. 

We made a quick taxi over to the active runway, and were given an intersection departure though, so in the end, we weren’t held up too dramatically. 

Onboard Service

The service was a little slow to get going. Once it did, much like the flight from London, there was just the one choice. A couple of slices of meat, with some unidentifiable sauce.

Lufthansa Business Class Catering
Lufthansa Business Class Catering
Lufthansa Business Class Catering
Lufthansa Business Class Catering

This was accompanied by the trademark Lufthansa bottle of beer.

Lufthansa Business Class Catering


Like most short haul Lufthansa flights, there wasn’t any WiFi, drop down screens or anywhere to plug your device in. Despite this aircraft being one of the newer generation of aircraft, this one is very much previous generation on the inside.

As such, I relied upon my own devices.

Second Service

Not too long after the meal trays were cleared away, a second drinks run took place. One thing that could be said about this crew was that they seemed very keen.

Lufthansa Business Class Catering


During descent, the Italian contact tracing forms were collected by the crew. This was by far a lot stricter than both the UK and Spain that I have entered post lockdown. 

The flight had been generally a little bumpy throughout. And this didn’t change all that much once we left out cruising altitude. If anything, it got a little worse, which made for a fun ride in! This didn’t stop someone coming forward and attempting to use the washroom though. He didn’t succeed. 

Arrival came, and there was quite a long walk over to arrivals. The crew did mention that people coming from outside the Schengen area had to fill in another form… but as I didn’t go through passport control, or see any evidence of this form, I carried on my way. 

The new terminal at Fiumicino is a definite improvement over the previous facility.

It was then on to the Leonardo Express for the 30 or so minute journey into Rome.


A very good flight in Lufthansa Business Class this time around. Sure, the service was as basic as ever. But the crew were excellent. The second drinks run was welcome, and every interaction I had with them, they addressed me by name, which always goes a long way with me.

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