LOT Polish Airlines, Business Class, Boeing 737-800, WAW – LHR

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LOT Polish Airlines, Business Class, Boeing 737-800, Warsaw – London Heathrow 


After a slow start to Sunday morning, it was a late check out of the hotel and an Uber back to the airport. All for the bargain price of less than £4! In fact if you take out the £31 fine I’d got on the train from the airport, I’d only spent in the region of £10 during my time in Poland. It’s certainly cheap here!

As usual, I had a mobile boarding pass, so I was able to bypass the dedicated business class check in desks and head straight for security.

I was the only person using the fast track and I was airside just a few minutes after being dropped off. 

Following this, it was up to the lounge. There is a new lounge in the non Schengen area of the airport, however, it’s currently closed. It would have been good to see how it compared to the small and often overcrowded Bolero lounge that is normally used.

LOT Polish Lounge

Unlike every other lounge I’ve been in since June, the food and drinks were as they were before. Self service.

I grabbed a couple of snacks and sat down to watch the Russian Grand Prix.

LOT Polish
Warsaw – London
Boeing 737-800 SP-LWG
Seat 1A
September 2020

Once the race was over, I made my way through passport control and to the gate. SP-LWG was ready and waiting.


As I arrived at the gate, an announcement was being made that there would be no priority boarding today. Very inconsistent procedures, seeing as it was the usual in London on the way out.

Remembering the issue I experienced in Spain previously, I took my chances and boarded with the first group. Nobody questioned it! Or the two that were ahead of me that also were sat up front.

LOT Polish 737

Upon boarding, I was a little surprised to see that this particular aircraft had a proper business class set up.

LOT Polish Cabin
LOT Polish 737 cabin

This was due to the fact that it spent its initial days in India with Jet Airways, until their collapse. It was then acquired by LOT in late 2019. Everything looked fresh behind the curtain, however the seats up front had definitely seen better days.

LOT Polish 737 seating

The purser approached me and apologised for the state of the seats. I said it was fine, to which she replied that it wasn’t. From an aesthetic point of view, maybe not. But once I had sat down, it wasn’t noticeable. My main concern was how clean these seats actually were. 

Once boarding had been completed, sanitary wipes were handed out. Which was used on the seat rather than myself. After just a couple of swipes, the wipe was black.

A flying time of 1h50 was given.


Pushback came a few minutes behind schedule. A short taxi followed before heading off into the rain.

LOT Polish Cabin

Onboard Service

As the service got going, I pulled out the table from the arm rest. This is where I received another unwelcome surprise.

LOT Polish Cabin
LOT Polish Cabin

The on board service was identical to what was experienced on the flight between London and Warsaw. A basic box consisting of a sandwich, some salmon and a dessert. Nothing overly spectacular really. And people complain about the BA offering…

LOT Polish Catering
LOT Polish Catering
LOT Polish Catering
LOT Polish Catering
LOT Polish Catering

Accompanying this was a round if drinks. Once more, much like on the outbound flight, full bottles were handed out.

LOT Polish Catering
LOT Polish Catering


As is mostly standard in Europe, there was no IFE. No wifi, no power, no drop down screens. Nothing. Despite the fact that this particular aircraft clearly retains the cabin from its previous owner.

LOT Polish Cabin


Descent began, and as is the norm these days, there wasn’t any holding on approach to Heathrow. Although we did go a little around the houses.

The weather in London wasn’t that much better than in Warsaw.

Despite the slightly late start, landing came well ahead of schedule. Despite a reasonably long journey over to terminal 2 from runway 27R, we still arrived on to stand 35 minutes ahead of schedule.

LOT Polish 737

Being sat in row 1, I was the first to leave the aircraft. Once more, I used the ePassport gates at border control. Therefore, once more, no checks were made as to whether I had actually filled out the UK passenger locator form. Let alone put accurate details on it. (I had by the way).


Probably the most disappointing flight I’ve taken in a long time. Sure, the service can be excused. What can’t be excused however is the state of the plane. Even the crew were embarrassed by the state of it.

The impression I get is that these aircraft are only supposed to be filling in whilst the LOT Polish Airlines 737MAX is out of action. But still, at least make them half presentable. Especially during COVID times.


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