LATAM To End Madrid-Frankfurt-Madrid Flights

LATAM are to end their long standing fifth freedom flights between Madrid and Frankfurt. The final rotation of the Madrid-Fankfurt-Madrid sector will take place on 28th June 2020.

Instead they will operate their flight between Santiago and Frankfurt as a stand alone flight three times a week.

The full times of the new flights are as follows:


LA708, Santiago -> Frankfurt
Departs Santiago: 21:20
Arrives Frankfurt: 17:40 the following day
Operates: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Flying Time: 14h20
Operated by: Boeing 787-8

LA709, Frankfurt -> Santiago
Departs Frankfurt: 19:25
Arrives Santiago: 04:40
Operates: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Flying Time: 15h15
Operated By: Boeing 787-8


LA704, Santiago -> Madrid
Departs Santiago: 18:10
Arrives Madrid: 12:50 the following day
Operates: Daily
Flying Time: 12h40
Operated By: Boeing 787-9

LA705, Madrid -> Santiago
Departs Madrid: 23:55
Arrives Santiago: 07:25 the following day
Operates: Daily
Flying Time: 13h30
Operated By: Boeing 787-9

This is a bit of a disappointment for the #AvGeeks. This was by far one of the more popular fifth freedom flights to take within Europe. Whats more, Business Class fares on the flight can often be had for under £100 each way. Which in turn meant that it was a decent way to earn a few BA Avios/Tier points.

However, with LATAM set to leave the OneWorld alliance on 1st May that little earner was set to disappear anyway.

Whilst this is great news for the legitimate passengers wanting to fly from Santiago to Frankfurt, it cant make much economical sense for LATAM themselves. Not only do they now have to send an extra aircraft to Frankfurt, they will also leave one on the ground in Madrid for the best part of 11 hours.

With the departure and arrival times in Santiago, there’s potentially a little bit of room to tweak the flight times in the future to ensure the aircraft spends less time on the ground. But I think they will struggle to get a standard 2.5 hour turnaround without involving some unsociable hours at their home base.

Or who knows, maybe LATAM will open a new fifth freedom route elsewhere in Europe at some point in the near future…

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