Japan Airlines, Boeing 787-8 Nagoya – Tokyo Narita


After a good nights sleep, it was back to Tokyo in order to return to Europe from Japan. I checked out of the hotel and made the short walk back to the airport.

Nagoya Chubu is basically split in half. One side for domestic operations and the other for international. 

Security for the domestic sector was quite busy this Monday morning. Although in true Japanese fashion, the actual screening was quite efficient. The main hold up was the queue itself! Much like in Narita, when scanning my mobile boarding pass, a receipt was printed out. No idea what it was for, as nobody asked to see it.

Once through, I took a walk of the terminal. Whilst it was better than the domestic section at Narita, it still wasn’t brilliant. Very few shops and eating options.

There was a third party lounge, but it was absolutely packed and only offered very basic food and beverages.

I grabbed a coffee and then left, as I figured that it would be more comfortable waiting at the gate, seeing as I could actually get a seat there.

This Trip:

Japan Airlines
Nagoya – Tokyo Narita
Boeing 787-8 JA837J
Seat 20K
December 2019


Boarding started at the time advertised. It was the usual orderly affair, with everyone staying sat until called.

Japan Airlines Boarding system

As I suspected, it would be the same aircraft that flew in from Narita last night that would be retuning this morning. In fact, from looking at FlightRadar24, it would appear that this particular 787 is somewhat marooned on the JL3087/3082 service. Wonder why?

Japan Airlines 787

Once more, I was able to select a seat in the premium economy cabin. It was much the same as found on the 787-9 that I flew on the previous day between Helsinki and Narita. 

Japan Airlines premium economy
Japan Airlines premium economy
Japan Airlines premium economy
Japan Airlines premium economy
Japan Airlines premium economy
Japan Airlines premium economy


Pushback came a couple of minutes adrift of schedule. Nothing too serious however. The crew mentioned that there would be quite a bit of turbulence en-route, so everyone should make sure they were strapped in.

During which, the new Japan Airlines safety video was shown, which makes a big point of leaving bags behind in an emergency.

Japan Airlines safety Video

After a fairly quick taxi over to the active runway, we departed into the rain. 

Onboard Service

A few moments after takeoff, and before even clearing the clouds, the crew started the onboard service. An announcement was made that due to the expected turbulence, that only cold drinks would be served. 

In fact, only the first three rows were served before the service had to be suspended completely due to the turbulence. Meaning I ended up with nothing! Oh well. 

Japan Airlines cabin

Although curiously, despite it being more than a little bumpy, the seat belt sign remained off for the duration. 


As on the flight to Nagoya, the IFE and WiFi remained off for this flight. Again, with a flight time of under an hour, this wasn’t an issue for me personally, although it would have been good to at least have the sky map available! I managed to keep myself amused with writing the previous part to this trip report.


After around 20 minutes of being thrown around, the seatbelt sign was illuminated in preparation for landing. 

Like the rest of the flight approach was bumpy and in the clouds for the most part. 

Touchdown came around 10 minutes before we were due to arrive on to stand, but as we were then allocated a stand at the opposite end of terminal 2, the end result was that we arrived a few minutes late.

Whilst I knew I would have to clear passport control on arrival, I wasn’t expecting to have to clear security a second time – especially as I had arrived on a domestic flight. But it was a case of being spat out into the departure hall and starting again…. but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

The routing. Looks like we had to avoid quite a bit of weather


Bit of a tough job trying to summarise this one! There was no service, the flight was in the clouds throughout and everything was on time give or take a couple of minutes.

I still didn’t find the premium economy seat to be overly comfortable though. So unless you’re in dire need to the miles/points I wouldn’t say it was a worthwhile upgrade from economy unless it was an extremely good deal.


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