Ibiza: In Pictures

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AC Hotel Coslada Aeropuerto
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Ibiza: In Pictures
Air Nostrum Business Class, CRJ1000, IBZ-MAD
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So I must confess, I didn’t see an awful lot of the island of Ibiza itself. Just the town. As my flight arrived at before 10am, I took the bus to the town where my hotel was located and spent the morning taking a look to see what was there. Not an awful lot as it turned out!

Although as the weather wasn’t too bad – sunny but not awfully warm, I was happy enough sitting down by the water with a couple of podcasts.

Being the off season, a lot of placed had closed for the winter. The Hard Rock Cafe included!

Hard Rock Cafe Ibiza

Oh well, that’s one I wont be ticking off the list quite yet. Otherwise, it was a pleasant enough town to spend the morning.


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